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Online soccer betting

Over in the UK, soccer betting sites often offer hundreds of individual wagers for any single game — they take wagers before the game, during the game and on all manner of possibilities. Fans can bet on who will win, who will score the first goal, what the outcome will be of the next penalty kick, how many corners there will be and much more.

With some of the same betting companies that manage sports betting in the UK now coming to the US, our options as far as how to bet on the game are about to grow a whole lot more numerous. Major League Soccer foreshadowed the position it would take on sports betting a full year before the Supreme Court issued its impactful decision. Back in March of , MLS Commissioner Don Garber told GeekWire the league was already actively investigating the potential impacts sports betting would have and what opportunities it may present:.

That statement made it clear early on that Major League Soccer recognized the reality of the situation: sports betting was already happening despite prohibition, so it might as well be regulated. The Supreme Court overturned the prohibition the following year and MLS issued this statement in response:. We look forward to being a part of that process. MLS has not been as vocal as some of the other sports leagues in terms of legislative details, but we do know the league is interested in capitalizing on legal sports betting with the assistance of clear, uniform rules.

To that end, Major League Soccer has already started down the path of forming partnerships with betting companies. Apparently, these talks have included stadium naming rights. It seems likely at this point that MLS will eventually form partnerships with gaming companies.

After all, Major League Soccer signed DraftKings as its exclusive fantasy sports partner way back in The legalization of sports betting has made it significantly easier to identify the best soccer betting sites thanks to the high standards of conduct demanded by state-level regulatory commissions. In general, any online sportsbook licensed in the US tends to be a decent place to bet on sports at the very least. Some of the most well-financed gaming companies in the world have entered the US market and bring with them decades of experience.

When it comes to making deposits, being treated fairly and fast cashouts, almost any licensed betting site will do the job. When it comes to soccer betting in particular, there are some additional considerations worth keeping in mind. Rush Street Interactive is a relatively young operator based in the United States, but Kambi has been involved in international sports betting for years and now serves betting operations in six continents.

Leveraging its prior experience in other markets, Kambi provides SugarHouse with an extensive array of soccer betting options. On a random Saturday afternoon when this page was written, SugarHouse Sportsbook had exactly 31, individual soccer wagers on offer. This type of coverage is not limited to just one sportsbook, either. A number of other licensed betting sites in the US offer comparable levels of coverage.

You can see our recommendations at the top of this page, but one more thing you can do is simply visit a few licensed betting sites yourself to check the odds. Most online sportsbooks allow visitors to see all wagers on offer and the latest odds without registering, so you can easily sneak a peek at what types of wagers they offer before you sign up. In short, there are the two big things to look for when choosing a soccer betting site: an active license in the USA and sufficient coverage of international soccer leagues.

From there, you can break it down even further according to your own personal preferences regarding ease-of-use, promotions, rewards programs and so on. If you have any experience placing wagers on other sports, the mechanics of online soccer betting will resemble what you already know.

Soccer wagers do have a couple of peculiarities due to the frequencies of draws, but nothing too extreme. To begin, the vast majority of soccer wagers in the USA are posted in the moneyline odds format. This means nearly every wager you encounter will come with a three-digit price that represents the payout odds.

If you have a wager with Sporting KC priced at , you know they are the favorites due to the negative price. So far, this is all similar to how wagers on other sports work. Where soccer differs is that most moneyline wagers include a third option: the draw.

This is important to note because if the draw option is included in a soccer moneyline, that means your bet is not graded a push if you bet on either team and the result is a draw. In other sports, a draw simply results in a refund. In soccer, a draw results in wagers on either team to be lost. It is also not uncommon to see soccer wagers in which all three possible outcomes are priced with positive odds.

We could call Paris SG the favorite in this match, but wagers on them are still given a positive price because the combined chances of the other two outcomes are that high. No matter which way you go with this wager, you stand to win more than your original wager. The inclusion of the tie outcome gives you better odds in soccer, but at a cost of having to pick between one of three outcomes rather than one of two outcomes as you commonly see in other sports.

Point spreads are not super common in soccer due to the low-scoring nature of the game. However, you will occasionally see point spreads in matches featuring a heavy favorite versus a heavy underdog. Likewise, any wagers on Germany would only be graded winners if Germany wins by 2 or more goals. Double chance wagers allow you to take two of the three possible outcomes in a soccer match.

Basically, double chance results eliminate the possibility of a draw messing up your wager. There are three basic ways you can book a double chance bet:. Soccer totals give you a number representing the total number of goals to be scored in the game. Your objective is to predict whether the actual number of goals scored will be greater than or less than that number.

For example, imagine a game between Sporting KC and Atlanta United with your sportsbook setting the total at 2. If you take the over and the final score is Sporting KC 2 Atlanta United 1, you would win because the combined score of 3 goals is greater than the total 2. Prop bets can take many different forms in soccer with the one major thing they have in common being not easily categorized among the other types of wagers discussed so far.

Props typically deal with things other than predicting the winning team. Some examples of soccer props include wagers on things such as the first player to score a goal, how many corners will be kicked, whether or not both teams will score a goal during the match and much more.

Some soccer props are clearly designed for fun only while others do include an element of strategy. Soccer parlays combine multiple bets into one with bigger payouts. The advantage of parlays is they pay more than standard wagers on a single team. The disadvantage is that you have to get every single prediction correct. Continuing the above example, your three-team parlay would only win if all three of your selections win their matches.

If a single one of your predictions is wrong, your wager is lost. Parlays are basically the same as betting on one team at a time, taking the winnings, betting on another team, taking the winnings again, betting all of that on the next game and so on. However, it would be impossible to do this manually if any of those games were scheduled to happen at the same time. A parlay can be placed even if every match starts at the same time. You can add as many selections as you want to build parlays with impressive odds, but keep in mind that every additional leg makes your parlay that much more difficult to win.

Even so, people do occasionally hit longshot parlays for huge payouts. In-play soccer betting takes traditional wagering, turns the dial up a few notches and provides fans with a whole new way to interact with the sport. The basic idea behind in-play betting is that you can watch games in real time and place wagers during the game. Consumers are tired of dealing with bookmakers who charge exorbitant fees and stack the odds in their favor. Who wants to place bets like that anymore?

ZenSports is a mobile peer to peer sports betting marketplace that eliminates the need for a central bookmaker. By creating a true peer to peer marketplace that is trustworthy, transparent, and fun. Wait… rules? You just want to place bets! We will never get in the middle of resolving your bets or outcomes. At ZenSports we believe that sports betting is a social activity.

You can post videos, photos, and stories about your online betting experiences. On top of that, you can instant message and create group chats, and share your bets to social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. ZenSports has truly upped the game , making sports betting less about losing and more about being social and entertained in a new way. We believe in a seamless betting experience.

Cryptocurrency is basically digital money, secured by cryptography which makes it virtually impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Not only is cryptocurrency super fast and reliable, but it also allows us to pass on savings to our users.

Sports betting apps and sites are legal, however, they may not be legally allowed in your corner of the world. Traditional sportsbooks forced lawmakers to take action and implement laws that protect the consumer from a one-sided betting experience where the bookmaker only wins if their customer loses.

Your best option is to determine if online betting is legal in your area, then research which sites are legitimately operating before signing on. The first step is to check your local laws. Gone are the days of carrying huge wads of cash to the sportsbook, and suspiciously eyeing the folks around you to determine if one of them could be a thief. Now, that being said, not all betting sites are created equal, and this is why you have to do your research.

Some things to look for when finding the best sports betting app or site for your needs include:. With a little legwork, you can find plenty of legit ways to wager on sports online. Randy runs the risk of losing his humble savings, which can lead to psychological devastation.

We want you to win. Our peer to peer model is designed to eliminate the middleman so that all bets placed or accepted are in your hands. Follow these online soccer betting tips, not only to improve your experience but also to give you the best chances for a win. When looking for the best place for online soccer betting, there are a few things to consider.

Known as the beautiful game , soccer is a lot of fun to watch and even more fun to bet on. ZenSports offers a unique opportunity to bet on the game like never before. With no middleman, every bet has a maker and a taker. Our peer to peer betting platform means that you can make or accept literally any bet possible. How cool is that? Think back to when Messi scored the first goal of the season with Barcelona on a free kick in a win over Sevilla. Could you have guessed that might happen?

If so, you might be a bet maker. Would you have taken that wager? With ZenSports the possibilities are endless , and online soccer betting has never been as fun. Blog Home All Posts. You bet! What Exactly Is ZenSports? How Does ZenSports Work? Bet Online With ZenSports. With ZenSports you can create or accept bets on any soccer match.


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Winners know when to stop. National Responsible Gambling Programme: Warning: Gambling involves risk. By gambling on this website, you run the risk that you may lose. Please login to view our special offers.

Quick Links. Language: Zulu English Sesotho Xhosa. Odds Format: Decimal Fractional. Loading Content Highlights Search Top Live Games. Live Games. Jika Sports. Lucky Numbers. Money Back Boost. Betway TV. Advanced Search. Top Live Games. Curico Unido v Uni. Betway comes to South Africa soccer betting Betway has arrived in South Africa for all the online soccer betting you could wish for, Soccer - or football - is the most popular and prevalent sport in the world.

Place your soccer bets now! Place your sports bets online with Betway South Africa Back in , a group of sports fanatics got together and created something amazing: a new way for you to place sports bets how you like, when you want and wherever you are. Click here to place your soccer bets. Go mobile with the Betway sports betting app Betway South Africa mobile app is easy to use and hassle-free.

Betway South Africa online sports betting promotions Betway South Africa often runs fantastic weekly or monthly promotions that offering customer rewards that can range from Extra Bets, televisions and smartphones to massive prizes like trips to the United Kingdom to watch Premier League football.

Open Bets Settled Bets. Single Bets Multi Bets. Select All. There are conflicting matches in your betslip, please revise. Total Pot. Return R. Bet Amount. Potential Return. Win Boost. Limits may be applicable on your winnings. A minimum bet of R1. Bet Now. Betslip is currently empty.

However, that can be challenging for some players. Besides learning how to analyze different games and use the data available to make accurate predictions, you must learn how to avoid basic mistakes. Skip to content. General Football News Premier League. By Ojo Olayiwola A. Feb 8, West Ham keen on signing Man Utd ace. Related Post. Manchester United Premier League Transfers.

Jan 26, Ojo Olayiwola A. Chelsea Premier League. Jan 25, Ojo Olayiwola A. Jan 15, Ojo Olayiwola A.

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