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Cs go betting blogs

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Betting on esports has been an enormous topic within the gambling industry in Both companies partner to develop an esports wagering solution. Esports betting has enjoyed a well-documented rise to prominence over the last few months. Arena of Valor and the potential of mobile esports Will the Asian success on mobile esports expand to the western countries?

Esports betting and the second wave of coronavirus The second wave of coronavirus will affect esports betting. How to engage millennials with betting on esports Betting on esports has been an enormous topic within the gambling industry in However, it is easily accessible to everyone, and it sparks curiosity not only in gamers.

Screenshot from a professional CS:GO game. According to Newzoo, esports attracted 43 million viewers within the region in Players like coldzera, fer, or FalleN are among the most successful players over the last years in the competitive scene. Their success is followed by a massive fanbase in the country.

Brazilian fans are known in traditional sports for their excitement towards their biggest stars, and CS:GO esports athletes are not an exception. Organizations are following the trend and investing in the Brazilian local scene. The Brazilian Counter-Strike Championship was created in with the objective to professionalize their local teams. The tournament is sponsored by major companies such as Lenovo or Banco do Brasil.

Counter-Strike is already an established and popular game in Latin America, with tournaments like La Liga Pro Trust being played among all the countries in the region. Not only in Brazil but in countries like Mexico, Argentina, or Peru the interest is also rising. While the bookmakers offering varies from country to country, there is a common trend: esports offering is very weak. From the millennial who grew up playing Counter-Strike with their friends on LAN to the Gen-Z guy who is an expert on everything related to online games, both need a proper esports offering to engage with their favorite games.

Only through the use of official data and a team of traders and data scientists who understand the game you can achieve a competent odds feed that can bring engagement to punters. To achieve this, the betting experience should provide crucial aspects: live-streaming, wide coverage of tournaments, multiple live betting opportunities, and high uptime. Oddin odds feed covering a CS:GO live game.

At Oddin, you can find up to 16 different live markets in any game.


The first thing many people think of when they hear gaming, it is gambling. But are there reasons that lead to such thoughts? With this post, we will learn w Is Gaming Necessary for Children? Let's Check This Out! Today, many individuals get involved in gaming activities. For the older generation, most of them would assume that gaming is for gambling and nothing more.

Today, we will take a look at how gaming can facilitate the growth of a child. Besides, we will look at What events will please esports fans at the end of ? According to the esports tradition, a row of spectacular events will be hosted in December A great number of fans gathered at LAN events and were watching tough battles attentively. But everything has changed radically in Due to health security rea Anytime you are doing money transactions online, you want to make sure they are happening securely.

Financial transactions are prime candidates for fraud and theft. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can make sur Esports Coaches Banned from Future Events. If you are able to predict the correct maps that are going to be played in the best-of-3 series, you will be one step ahead of us, CS:GO bookmakers.

If you are not familiar with how the map veto works, we got you covered. As we mentioned above, there are a lot of format variations. These are the ones that are mostly on the CS:GO professional scene:.

This format is most popular in CS:GO leagues. Furthermore, it is commonly used in a lot of CS:GO tournaments, but only for the group stage. Not only that, but sometimes it can also be used just for the opening matches. As you can see from the above, one team is going to ban three maps while the other only gets to ban two. To make this right, a lot of tournaments will let Team 2 choose the side on which they want to start the match.

We have not seen this format for a while now. However, a lot of tier 2 and tier 3 tournaments and qualifiers will use this format simply because they want to allow teams to qualify even if they are not winning all of their matches.

Even though you will barely ever see this format used, it should still be mentioned. When it comes to the CS:GO betting perspective, this format can cause you a headache. With regular BO1, BO3 or even BO5 format, there are only two outcomes, but with this one, a draw is an option as well.

Remember, BO2 the favorite should be a more reliable bet, however a draw is possible. This is definitely the most popular match format in CS:GO. It is widely used by almost every professional CS:GO tournament out there. Math is pretty simple in this one.

If a team has a weakness when it comes to maps they play or in this case, they do not play , this format can be heavily abused. This is why the best-of-3 format is the best. While you are doing your analysis, you definitely want to try and predict map veto for this format. Not only will this give you an edge against CS:GO and eSports bookmakers, it will also give you an insight about maps that certain teams do and do not like. Remember, BO3 in most cases the favorite should be able to recover but upsets are always possible.

This CS:GO format is used only for the grand finals of certain tournaments. So do not be surprised if you do not stumble upon this one for a while. If you are wondering why would there need to be a pick section in this once, do not skip this part. Not every team is good on a total of 5 maps. That is why every team will go for one pick at the time. This will greatly increase the level of competition in this match. Remember, BO5 a true test for any team to be consistent across multiple maps.

The best teams should win this. Look to see if the lineup is consistent or does the team win with certain players but not others. See if there are any standings for the match. Research recent travels for the teams. Have the teams traveled far? This is a pretty clear indicator of how much work they are putting in.

You should be seeing above 40 hours for the past two weeks, anything below is pretty low for a professional player and they could be rusty. Make sure to note the teams form to see if they are currently slumping, or perhaps on a hot streak of form.

Look at what predictors are saying about the match.