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A total of 18 licences have been processed to date as part of stabilising the industry and promoting regulations. We continue to appeal to all stakeholders to comply with regulations and work together towards building a thriving and peaceful industry. The common future that we seek to build together regards every person in the taxi industry as a crucial stakeholder.

We appeal for leadership from the taxi industry to work for peace and build a new ethos of adhering to the rule of law. This is an important foundation, but sadly we still lead the country in road fatalities. The loss of lives during the festive season must jolt us into changing our behaviour on the road.

We appeal for courtesy and adherence to the law by all road users, including pedestrians. We will also be improving law enforcement on all our roads to curb fatalities. We believe that this legislation will enforce punitive measures against repeat offenders on the road.

IGula remains a "game changer" in driving transformation in the transportation sector. Since our last State of the Province Address, the following progress has been made:. This includes newly-recruited youth under the Vukayibambe Road Maintenance Programme. Working with the Office of the Premier, the Department of Transport has recruited young people who will be part of the National Youth Service. Madam Speaker, fellow citizens, education and skills acquisition remain the best instrument to achieve racial, gender and income equality in our country.

When we burn public assets, such as schools and universities, we are burning our collective future. To reclaim the future, we must close ranks against individuals and groups who are determined to squander our hard won democratic gains. Going forward, we are massifying our ECO services by specifically targeting districts in deep rural areas, including farming communities, by establishing 12 ECO centres in these areas. We are rolling out e-learning solutions to share scarce resources, expand curricula, enhance education delivery, and improve outcomes.

Through such interventions, learners from the deepest of our rural areas are able to benefit from the wisdom of some of the best teachers who are often located in better performing urban schools. As announced earlier in my Address, we will be steaming ahead with coding and robotics in our curriculum in selected pilots in the province. Having noted the remarkable achievement of The construction of the Agricultural and Maritime Schools of Excellence in uMgungundlovu and Umlazi, respectively, will commence in The construction of the Special School for Autism will also commence this year.

Incidents of violence in schools, vandalism, theft and bullying all remain a key challenge. It is also concerning to see criminals attacking and even murdering securiy guards at some of our schools. The education and safety of our children and infrastructure is a societal issue requiring collective action. In this regard, we applaud the community of Umlazi who upon learning about the break-in and theft of school assets like computers at Ntwela Primary School in Umlazi took it upon themselves to recover the stolen assets and identify the criminals.

The unrest that has bedevilled some of our Institutions of Higher Leaming Is an antithesis to our campaign to drive skills development through education. We have since assigned MEC Mshengu to work with all concerned stakeholders including university management, student formations, alumni and the Department of Higher Education to find a lasting solution. We will also make efforts to attend to the developing situation at University of Zululand. No less than 2. The province has the largest number of rural schools and learners in the country and our current allocation is still unable to cover all learners.

In addition, government will distribute Shovakalula bioycles. Madam Speaker, we know that development and health are closely entwined. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals on health, this government is fully committed to quality and affordable healthcare for all.

Since the inauguration of the 6th Administration, the Department of Health has been consolidating previous successes, attending to weaknesses in the system and improving overall efficiency, service delivery outcomes, and wellness of our people. In line with our commitment to improving the level of service and client experience at our healthcare facilities, we have also resolved to revive the ambitious Make Me Look Uke a Hospital Project MMLLH.

This is an extremely important instrument to make our clinics and hospitals effective. We want to see performance of the health establishment against a uniform set of expectations of what constitutes quality health care delivery. Our citizens deserve a positive experience in all our health care facilities.

The revival of this programme will serve to change the public image of our public health care facilities. The safety of our health workers will receive attention under this programme. This will consolidate the gains that are already being felt as the Province continues to prepare for the implementation of National Health Insurance NHI.

Our Provincial Department of Health is edging closer to the goal of migrating from the old and inefficient paper-based filing and data-management system to a modem, dynamic and infinitely convenient sphere of e-health. The new a-health system will reduce patient waiting times, and address the issue of missing and damaged patient files, while enabling the Department to defend itself against medico-legal claims.

We welcome the progress in making anti-retroviral treatment accessible to all those who need it. Harry Gwala and llembe will be supported to achieve epidemic control by December They face frequent prejudice, homophobia and violence. The Department of Health has introduced a ground-breaking programme known as Fabulous About Health to address challenges faced by the sector.

We condemn the ill-treatment and disregard for the rights of patients and their families by some of our healthcare workers. We are disturbed by the findings of the Gender Commission into the allegations of forced sterilisation of HIV positive women in the health sector. As a province, we will cooperate with ongoing investigations and we vow that there will be consequence management.

Unprofessional conduct in our healthcare system is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We wish to assure the people of KwaZulu-Natal that government is ready to deal effectively with a potential coronavirus threat. We have placed on alert the following hospitals: Greys, Addington, Ngwelezane, and Manguzi. This financial year, we are opening the R2. Soon the people of KwaZulu-Natal, paticularly in the lnanda, Ntuzuma KwaMashu area, will benefit from this brand new facility.

This was the most comprehensive exercise of its kind focusing on the state of municipal governance, finances and service delivery. The report on the State of Local Government in KZN has thus been a real game changer in the province with 54 Municipal Support Plans developed and adopted by municipalites. The process has enabled us to attend to the critical challenges that are crippling the performance of our municipalities such as dysfunctional municipal Excos, MPACs, vacancies, poor revenue collection, debt owed to Eskom and specific service delivery Issues In municipalities.

When we delivered the State of the Province Address last year, we committed to responding to the challenges facing uMsunduzi and eThekwini municipalities. We can now report to this House that the efforts to return these municipalities to their former glory are progressing well. Our re-engineering process has ushered an era of stability and there is pulling together among councillors.

The culture of ill-discipline and unethical behaviour is fast waning and is not being tolerated. I am sure Honourable Members will concur with me that negative headlines about these two municipalities are slowly but surely becoming history. The leadership of Msunduzi has adopted a new planning approach to coordinate spatial planning for the City's economy. The focus is on the CBD regeneration which includes addressing the visible urban decay and creating a conducive environment for businesses.

More vigorous law enforcement is being implemented at Msunduzi to address all unlawful activities. An application was also made to court to condemn derelict buildings with a view to demolishing and re-establishing with the current owners or the potential new owners. New Traffic Enforcement Officers have also been appointed. As announced by the President during the State of the Nation Address, all efforts by government will only materialise if the social compact among all social partners remains intact.

That is why we are actively building collaboration and consensus on the Msunduzi turnaround programmes. The City will also be focusing its energy and resources in several catalytic projects, including Smart City Concepts, unlocking the potential of the Airport Precinct, the N3 interchange and alignment as part of the N3 Corridor Development, and Inner City Housing Solutions.

Waste Management has been a major challenge at Msunduzi but this is now changing. The City has appointed service providers to take over the operations at the landfill site and to rehabilitate the site until security has been improved to stop illegal waste dumping. In terms of institutional structure, the City Manager position is in the process of being filled together with other key vacancies.

The City is also vigorously enforcing consequence management, with 30 to 40 staff members currently undergoing disciplinary hearings. Some have been dismissed while others are on suspension. There are also changes in the financial management and governance and, as a result, there has been an improvement in the audit outcome from disclaimer to a qualified audit opinion.

The City is also aggressively focusing on revenue enhancement initiatives and cost containment strategies to stop unnecessary expenditure. We can safely say that our Capital City is rapidly moving in the right direction. The interventions we implemented in the eThekwini municipality last September are beginning to yield positive results. The new leadership of the municipality has hit the ground running and spared no effort in putting measures in place to stabilise the city, accelerate the pace of service delivery, and build an inclusive economy and accountable government.

Regarding the challenge of refuse collection, eThekwini has developed a sustainable waste management plan which entails procurement of new fleet, new landfill sites and insourcing of solid waste employees in areas such as Umlazi.

The metro has also approved an investment strategy which will see the city injecting over Rmillion in the next three years for cleansing and solid waste. A turnaround plan has been developed and is currently being implemented to upgrade electricity and water infrastructure.

In areas that experience intermittent water supply, the municipality is building new water reservoirs and upsizing water supply pipes. Currently, the metro is implementing the Western and Northern aqueduct project at an estimated cost of R2-billion. To accelerate service delivery and bring government services closer to the people the municipality has built on Operation Sukuma Sakhe OSS.

By the end of July this year, Wards and 17 zones making up eThekwini metro will have been visited. The ratepayers in eThekwini have constantly complained about the billing system of the municipality with households claiming to be paying exorbitant monthly water and electricity bills. The municipality has developed a plan to improve meter readings and accelerate the implementation of pre-paid metering.

We make a special call to all people of KwaZulu-Natal to defeat the culture of refusing to pay for services. Freedom comes with responsibilities. Just as citizens expect government to honour its promises, so too are citizens expected to honour their responsibilities so that we can develop our country. We are aware of the recent challenges in the Alfred Duma and Newcastle municipalities. MECs have been assigned the tasks and intervention programmes have been put in place.

We are confident that we will bring stability and lasting solutions. As committed in the previous State of the Province Address, the issue of basic service delivery, especially water, is the top priority for this administration. Water is critical for human life as well as economic growth. We are committed to finding solutions to our water challenges. In response to this challenge, we convened a special Extended Executive Council, which included all key players in the water sector, to find solutions to the water-related challenges.

We have developed a Water Intervention Plan to address water challenges in hotspot areas within the next 18 months. Rmillion has already been transferred to municipalities to implement "quick-win" interventions. Key projects here include Bergville water supply upgrades, Skhemelele water supply, uMthavuna bulk electricity to facilitate water provision, Moyeni Zwelisha water supply scheme, Kokstad and Underberg upgrades of the main pipelines.

A total of boreholes will be drilled. I am sure this news will excite Mhlengi Dube of Okhahlamba municipality, Ward 7, who advised the Premier as follows: "Premier, please address the issue of water shortages in Bergville. We have a big dam around here which supplies other provinces". As a long-term solution, we will by June conclude the Provincial Water Master Plan which will outline sustainable interventions to achieve universal access to water in our province.

We have identified dysfunctional infrastructure and deficiencies in operation and maintenance. Our findings will inform remedial action plans and determine the cost of implementing the Master Plan. The situation regarding water in the Ugu district is a cause for concern.

While we acknowledge that this is one of our water-stressed districts, we are investing in long-term catalytic programmes to make it water-secure. We are deeply concerned that, in most cases, the disruption to water infrastructure arises not from routine operations and maintenance issues but due to unlawful actions, unauthorised interference and tampering with infrastructure, rendering it unable to provide water to communities.

It is regrettable that as a consequence of these insensitive actions, many of our communities within the Ugu district have to endure going without potable water for days. I have instructed the Justice Crime Prevention cluster to put an immediate stop to these illegal acts and work with communities to put behind bars all those engaged in acts of sabotage.

All Human Resources matters pertaining to employees' concerns must be processed through the local Labour Forums. MEC Champions have been tasked to ensure that these forums are convened and resolve the issues at hand. As the provincial government, we have allocated an amount of Rmillion to alleviate Ugu's water scarcity and 92 static tanks have already been delivered.

In addition, we have allocated R1. Ugu has also been supplied with two water tankers and honey suckers, a grader, two TLBs, an excavator and a refuse compactor. Since last year's State of the Province Address, government has spent significant resources on tackling poverty, building houses for the poor, electrifying houses, providing water to millions of additional households, improving education and health.

Most poor households now get free water and electricity, sanitation and refuse removal, RDP houses or land, free education and health. The percentage of people enjoying access to potable drinking water in our province is now at Sanitation has improved to We are working hard to restore the dignity of our people!

For government to effectively deliver services, it must function optimally and in a coordinated way. This Model constitutes a new way of doing things where the three spheres of government and development partners in the private sector, civil society and traditional leaders plan, budget and implement together all developmental programmes with the district at the core of the process. President Ramaphosa launched the Model last October in eThekwini.

For the first time we will have one plan and one budget with only the division of labour and a shared focus on implementation. The districts are going to be major impact zones and a key yardstick to measure the progress we are making as a country in changing the lives of our people. To date, district profiles for all 10 KZN districts have been drafted by Cogta and a Provincial Task Team, headquartered at the Office of the Premier, has been established to lead the alignment and integration process with the existing Operation Sukuma Sakhe.

All MECs who are champions in districts will drive this campaign. The upcoming Khawuleza Week will ensure that MECs spend at least a week in their respective districts institutionalising this new way of doing things. We are already preparing for the upcoming Local Government Elections scheduled for While the elections are organised by the IEC, our role as government is to create an enabling environment for free and fair elections.

Madam Speaker, the harsh realities of climate change are upon us! The frequency and intensity of hazards, such as floods, thunderstorms, cyclonic wind and even tornadoes in our province is alarming. And their impact is devastating. During the same period, the province recorded a total of disaster- related incidents, mainly due to inclement weather conditions and veld fires. Consequently, 25 households were affected and damages to public infrastructure, such as roads, schools and community halls, amounted to some R3-billion.

We have to mitigate the effects whilst also adapting to the reality. To this end, we must ensure that all Disaster Management Centres must be properly resourced and capacitated. We also take this opportunity to express our heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr Jonty Ndlanzi who headed the Provincial Disaster Management Centre with distinction and who was laid to rest last Saturday. Madam Speaker, the flagship Vulindlela housing project in Msunduzi which started In and consists of 25 housing units is nearing completion at the cost of R2.

This project has resulted in employment of workers during construction targeting the poor, women-headed households and persons with disabilities. This bar-raising project Is spread over nine municipal wards and Involves 24,ha of land.

We are ensuring that human settlements projects utilise local labour and materials supplied by SMMEs. This is one of our interventions to support rural and township economies. In line with Radical Socio-Economic Transformation 53 black-owned companies now undertake planning and construction work in the department.

In this financial year, companies will be in incubation. The Department of Human Settlements has developed a comprehensive slums clearance programme. Five transit camps in eThekwini have already been cleared. Through the reengineered Public Service Academy, public servants will be trained for a more efficient and capable state. The first eight months of the 6th Administration have been dedicated to enhancing the capacity of the state and its machinery for radical implementation.

We vigorously apply consequence management. To this effect, there are currently no fewer than officials undergoing disciplinary processes. As we speak, two officials are serving year sentences and two have been dismissed and five are on suspension. The MECs will provide more details on corrective measures per department during their budget votes.

We reaffirm our commitment to paying service providers on time. This is not the place we want to occupy. We do not want to be synonymous with irregular, wasteful and fruitless expenditure. The Auditor General is clear that we are regressing as a province. We need to reverse this trend. The areas of qualification for each department have been identified. The amount and reasons for irregular expenditure in each department have been spelt out.

As part of the Audit Improvement Plan, working together with Provincial Treasury, we are convening an induction workshop for Executive Authorities and Accounting Officers on planning, monitoring and evaluation areas that affect audit performance. The newly established Provincial Audit Readiness Oversight Committee will coordinate and monitor all audit improvement initiatives, and report regularly to the Executive.

A Consequence Management Framework will also be in place, applicable to all departments by the end of March We want to see immediate results. A radical turnaround in audit outcomes is in the best interest of the people of KwaZulu-Natal. Winning the war against crime is a critical priority for our province. In the State of the Province Address, we committed to bring stability in the law enforcement agencies and ensure they are effective in all areas.

We are confident that the appointment of Lieutenant-General Jula as our high-ranking crime-busting official is a step in the direction towards the fulfilment of this commitment. At the same time, we are also changing our approach to fighting crime.

We are now firmly focused on police stations that have the highest crime levels. The issue of alcohol abuse and violent crime that comes with it is now the focus of our police operations, including patrolling and rapid response. This intervention will specifically focus on gender-based violence, house and business robberies, drugs, gangsterism and murders. We are confident we will deliver on the crime-fighting front. Our collective task is to ensure that families can sleep well at night,women can walk at all times of the day and our children can be safe from predators and abuse.

It is also to ensure that businesses are protected from criminal invasions so that they can help grow the economy and create jobs, but also attract further investment into our economy. Among others, levels of criminality are driven by chronically poor detective services, failure to implement the Domestic Violence Act and lack of cooperation from the community.

The Department of Community Safety will provide oversight through monitoring activities to ensure that SAPS attends to these problematic issues on an urgent basis. Honourable Members, an active citizenry in partnership with government is in the end the only way to defeat crime in our communities.

Every member of the community must be mobilised to become an active agent against all types of crime in our society. Over this financial year these government will ensure these are capacitated to become the effective watchdogs of the community. As part of fighting cross border crime, the Department of Transport is constructing new jersey barriers in the border of South Africa and Mozambique. In line with iGula, the jersey barriers are manufactured locally, using local labour.

Community-based crime prevention programmes play a major role in the fight against crime. In addition, we have located outstanding men and women on the Mozambican border to stop stolen vehicles from crossing the border. We have already notched successes in this regard. Between October and December alone, 18 stolen vehicles were recovered as a result of interventions by Cross Border Volunteers. Honourable Speaker, leading to the Local Government Elections of , we have resuscitated the Multiparty Political Intervention Committee, which consists of political parties registered with the IEC.

Through the structure we want every party to take full responsibility through the Provincial Stability Strategy, to ensure we have peaceful, free and fair elections. Social development is a critical pillar in the building of united, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous society.

We are hard at work to eliminate all forms of discrimination and ensure human development for all our people so 1hatthey are empowered to unleash their latent talents and full potential. It is for this reason that the Department of Social Development has been mandated to re-orientate itself to pay greater attention to human and societal development, instead of only focusing on welfare services.

Our country and province is experiencing disturbingly high, shameful, and distressing incidents of gender-based violence GBV , some of which has resulted in femicide. As government, we state categorically that such incidents are an antithesis of the society we are envisioning; they only reflect a deplorable regression in the respect for human rights, nation building and social cohesion. In response to the scourge of GBV, as the provincial government we embarked on a five pillar programme focusing on prevention, awareness, care and support to victims, strengthening the judiciary and ensuring the economic empowerment of women.

Additionally, the department has increased access to psychosocial support services, reaching more than 6, victims of GBV. Our Programme of Action will intensify prevention campaigns on the scourge. Our Social Development services continue to intervene on multiple fronts to assist and support the vulnerable members of our society. In the past year, our expanded substance abuse prevention programmes to all wards of KZN reached people.

Madam Speaker, this government is successfully accelerating the transition from social welfare to social development. This government is also providing opportunities for persons with disabilities to develop skills and earn an income with products that they make in protective workshops to supplement their disability grants. To this end, we have developed a Provincial database of persons with disabilities that will serve as a hub from which government departments can tap into when they target persons with disabilities for recruitment purposes.

In mobilising participation in the Council we brought different sectors in society together. It is imperative that we work to generate a positive spirit, Ubuntu and reaching out to each other. We are committed to a sitting of the Council before the end of April Madame Speaker, following the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa on the creation of the new national department of Sports, Arts, and Culture, the province of KwaZulu-Natal will also have a new provincial department of Sports, Arts, and Culture no later by April Honourable Members, you will recall that the year marked the centenary year of the birth of Prof Nyembezi.

The Department of Arts and Culture will this year develop a comprehensive programme to assist emerging book writers and authors to register and market their literary work. The department will create platforms for book writers to write books about communities and localities where they reside - "One Township, One Book.

Heritage is the lifeblood of cultural tourism. We must do more to preserve the rich, diverse Heritage of the province for future generations and to boost economic development. This will be done after consultation with His Majesty the King. The provincial government will roll out a community-based programme under the direction of Arts and Culture that aims to change the mood in the province.

Each week, programmes must occupy young people with creative and innovatie activities that seek to uplift them and change their outlook in communities and society at large. DSR working hand in hand with EDTEA will continue to explore the area of sport tourism as part of the strategy to boost the local economy. The department recently hosted the Provincial Boxing lndaba which has led to the establishment of the Provincial Professional Boxing Association.

The Association has been tasked to work with government to ensure a unified programme of action for boxing in KZN. Job creation will be linked to Sukuma for the youth - addressing learnerships, internships, work experience, prioritising entrepreneurship and advancing the Small-, Medium- and Micro-Sized Enterprises as a catalyst for job creation. Moving ahead, we will have a renewed focus to support SMME development. This will entail training, incubation, finance, and linkage to market post financing.

We will work through the Human Resource Development Council HRDC where government, academia, and industry engage on channelling of students to skills required by industry. This entails a better understanding of growing industries like the green economy, the oceans economy, and digital technology - an industry which is the backbone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Campaign will be known as Operation Vala - as in Vala ubugebengu. The main focus is on the elimination of drugs, activation of the community to participate in the fight against crime and ensuring the safety of women and children in particular.

Madam Speaker, may I take this opportunity to convey my deep sense of gratitude to Members of the Executive Council for their support as we work together to create a common future for the people of KwaZulu-Natal. We also wish to express our deep sense of appreciation to His Majesty, iNdlunkulu and Amakhosi aseNdlunkulu led by lnkosi Chiliza, for the unfailing guidance that they provide to the Executive Council as we build a model of cooperative governance.

We also to acknowledge the crucial oversight work that is performed by all Members and Committees of the Provincial Legislature. Thanks to the leadership and of all KwaZulu-Natal structures of business, labour and civil society who are working with government to improve the lives of the people of this province.

Allow me to also convey a word of appreciation to our Director-General Dr Nonhlanhla Mkhize, HODs, the Premier's Advisors, and the public servants who go beyond the call of duty to create a common future for all our people. To my wife and pillar of strength, Mrs Neli Zikalala - I can never thank you enough for your unfailing, unconditional support.

The people of KwaZulu-Natal deserve a special mention. We salute you all for the trust that you have given us and we wish to assure you that all the views that we received as we were preparing for this State of the Province Address will inform our programme of action as we build our future together.

Finally, I wish to thank my organisation, the African National Congress, for entrusting me with the crucial responsibility of leading this Administration to advance the National Democratic Revolution and ideals of the Freedom Charter. It is truly an honour to be part of the only revolution that is committed to a South Africa that is truly united, non-racial, non-sexist, and prosperous. May we draw inspiration from her rendition of Jolinkomo, an African battle song, which gave courage to warriors when they went to war in defence of their ancestral land, cattle and heritage!

Mama Africa was a revolutionary and a pan-Africanist who used her singing talent and international fame to fight the evils of apartheid and gender discrimination. On her return from exile, Mama Africa was gravely concerned about the slow pace of transformation. But she was cautious not descend into cynicism and despondency. It was never in her character to be an armchair critic.

Without much resources of her own, she started shelters for young girls as she was worried about their fate. She said in an interview before her untimely death in November We can all be soldiers, soldiers not to fight against each other but to fight against poverty, illnesses, disease, and greed, and all the ills of the world, you know just be an army for al goodness. Today, our province needs precisely a disciplined army of good soldlers, as envisaged by Mama Africa, who are drawn from all our citizens and instilled with the bravery of the traditional warrior in Jolinkomo to win against the enemy of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

We call on the all the people of KwaZulu-Natal to seize the moment and create a future that we will all be proud to bequeath to our children. Skip to main content. We all have a role to play The ANC-led government is acutely aware of our responsibility to our provincial population of We remain on course to build a united, non-racial, non-sexist, equal and prosperous society.

This plan represents the current tasks of the government and entails seven priorities which are: Economic transformation and job creation; Education, skills and health; Consolidating the social wage through reliable and quality basic services; Spatial integration, human settlements and local government; Social cohesion and safe communities; A capable, ethical and developmental state; and A better Africa and a better world. This is confirmed by the founding President of our democracy - Nelson Mandela who writes in Long Walk to Freedom that: "My country is rich in minerals and gems that lie beneath its soil, but I have always known that Its greatest wealth Is Its people, finer and truer than the purest diamonds.

In her assistance to the Premier's preparation for this Address, she wrote: "Dear Premier Sihle Zikalala; I am excited that coding and robotics are going to be included in the school curriculum. Building social cohesion is a key imperative which underpins economic transformation.

Important anniversaries and tributes Madam Speaker, marks 60 years of the founding of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, a group which brought respect for our country across the globe. Radical economic transformation and job creation Madam Speaker, Tsoroh Mkhonza wrote to me on Facebook and said: "I would be very happy if our Provincial Government could put more effort in promoting township economy as part of job creation.

Global economic developments Madam Speaker, the global economy is under strain. Domestic economic developments Our own economy is trapped in a low-growth cycle. Unemployment figures released recently by Stats SA paint a grim picture of our economy where Economic infrastructure The International Investment Conference saw the launch of the Durban Aerotropolis Master Plan which envisions the development of a globally-connected airport city around King Shaka International Airport.

Digital economy Madam Speaker, the digital economy is a driver of growth and creator of employment in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Enterprise Development In support of the provincial government's quest to accelerate economic development in the province through the establishment of viable, sustainable and employment creation enterprises, EDTEA disbursed Rmillion to small enterprises, facilitating the creation of 3 jobs.

Youth empowerment and job Creation In October , the province offered more than Rmillion to 55 youth-owned enterprises through the KZN Youth Empowerment Fund, the first of its kind in the history of South Africa. Operation Vula Fund The Operation Vula Fund enables our entrepreneurs with Innovative and employment creating business ideas to access grant funding from the government The Fund focuses on sectors of strategic importance to the province.

Private-Public-Partnership When presenting the Provincial Youth Fund, we called on the private sector to contribute to small business development. Together with business, we are creating our common future! I love thy atmosphere so sweet Thy trees adorn the landscape rough and steep No other country in the world could with thee compare"' Honourable Members, I dare say no province can compare with KZN! Tourism outlook Madame Speaker, we have experienced a significant increase in domestic tourist arrivals in the first half of when compared to the same period in , with a recorded more than 2.

Sugar industry For a long time, our sugar industry has been on the brink of collapse due to depressed global prices. Environmental Sustainability EDTEA continues to play a pivotal role in protecting indigenous plants from invasive alien species. Agriculture development Madam Speaker, the provincial government has prioritised support for the agricultural sector as one of the key sectors of the provincial economy.

We have a policy on set-asides on specific commodities for designated groups. Multi-Planting Season Programme In the current financial year, the Department of Agriculture has assisted farmers to plant 10 hectares for food security across the province. Production of seeds, seedlings and fruit trees Compatriots, working together, we can certainly "turn the tables on agriculture" as Phumelele Ndawo wishes. Commercialisation of goat farming The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is developing a goat farming value chain strategy.

Agri-Hubs A concept for Agri-Hubs has been developed. Youth empowerment - Sukuma Madam Speaker, the issue of youth unemployment is a stark reality that is facing us, especially in an environment compounded by economic decline.

Public works and infrastructure KZN state-led infrastructure development contributes to the economy of the province and provides much needed services. Provincial Precinct In order to commence with the much anticipated Provincial Precinct, some provincial state land and buildings are being disposed and funds accumulated will go towards the establishment of the precinct.

Transport infrastructure delivery The Department of Transport has to strike a delicate balance between maintenance and construction of new projects. Durban Port We welcome the President's announcement in the State of the Nation Address that during this financial year, government will undertake a fundamental overhaul of the Durban Port to lessen delays and costs. Bridges and enabling access to education Owing to the topography of the province, there is a dire need to connect and provide safe crossings in rural areas.

Public transport Government is moving with speed in transforming the subsidised bus industry. In the seventh over m Dubawi Princess has always had a touch of class and could still be ahead of the handicapper despite a win last time. Persica is distance suited and capable of turning it on so is the danger from a good draw. Spring Break relishes any m around the turn and comes off a good win over course ad distance.

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Race 2 off at 12h Estimated Pool: R Race 4 off at 14h Estimated Pool: R 5 Million. Race 5 off at 14h Race 8 off at 16h Paul Peter and Warren Kennedy are often a deadly combination and they team up in the first three races on the Hollywoodbets Greyville card. The poly track is an obvious attraction for many out-of-province runners which gives an added dimension to the form.

The Peter-trained Space Race will have her supporters in the card opener after showing steady improvement in her three outings and she is the early favourite with WSB. However, this will be no push-over with the locals likely to provide plenty of opposition. Indigo Moon was narrowly beaten over course and distance at her last two starts and proven on the synthetic surface is always a tick in the right box.

Umkhomazi is another that has been coming along the right way and from a good draw is sure to be in the mix. These three would pear to be the principal contenders with Umkhomazi favoured ahead of Indigo Moon and Space Race.

She was running on nicely over the distance in her last Turffontein outing and with a good draw she is heavily favoured by the books at She has not been out since mid-December but fit and well she should make a bold bid. Lightly raced, she has finished in the money in all three of her resent starts, the last over course and distance when starting favourite. She can redeem herself here and is a strong fancy to get the better of the recently consistent Golden Duck who has had 17 starts with out a run on the board.

One generally ignores runners from the Spies Yard at your peril, regardless of their current form. Zernez is one of those runners whose recent form is moderate to say the least but she has been jumping from wide gates. She has a better draw this afternoon in her poly debut, a 2. Peter and Kennedy team up with recent maiden winner Lotus who had been improving nicely with each outing before landing the odds in a work riders maiden.

Peter appears to have picked the right race for her handicap debut and she should have a strong chance of following up on her maiden win. Wendy Whitehead has been tasting success of late with the majority of her runners putting in forward showings. Monty Mariemuthoo, the principal behind Monty Racing, is a shrewd judge when it comes to buy horses in training and is also agent to Muzi Yeni who partnered the filly in her last two races.

In the fifth, Naoshima will try and make it four wins on the bounce and although useful this could be mission impossible. She has been a touch disappointing since runner Naoshima to withing two lengths when last they met but is now 7kg better off. She is quick and the switch to the poly could bring out the best in her. Wildly In Love has been dropping in the ratings but the experiment with blinkers last time out did not pay off and she was all at sea.

The blinkers are off and a light weight coupled with a more experienced apprentice could pay off. Ashley Fortune makes the trip from the Vaal with Raeesah, her only runner on the day, and she caught the eye when four lengths back to the winner over the Vaal short-cut. Lyle Hewitson stays aboard with a handy galloping weight. The Spies-trained Decadent Lady is back over a sprint on the poly and must come into the reckoning as does Purple Moon Up.

The name General Franco, bought for a tidy sum given his pedigree, raised a few hackles with the inference that he was named in honour of the Spanish fascist leader. The early hype surrounding his ability has also quietened down and in 10 starts he has only managed a single victory. However, he made a promising local debut when going down narrowly to the useful looking Spydas Corner and he could go on to pay some of his way this afternoon but is up against two hard-knockers in Good Rhythm and Coldhardcash.

Coldhardcash had all the makings of a top sprinter before breathing problems surfaced but he loves the poly. Of concern is the m-trip, which could find him wanting over the final furlong. The last is an open handicap where iron horse Puchini steps out for the th time looking for his twelfth win. It is great for the Rattrays and it is also great for breeder Mary Slack. The horses Mary breeds are like her children to her. Sands had wondered before the season whether the many close fights Rainbow Bridge had been in had affected him mentally.

That situation did in fact arise as Rainbow Bridge, having cruised up from last place in the straight, got stuck behind Golden Ducat and African Night Sky. Sands was at that point focused on Golden Ducat because from his angle he he could not see Rainbow Bridge.

Ferraris coolly extracted himself from the situation by easing his mount and switching him outward. Sands saw Golden Ducat was going nowhere so focused on Rainbow Bridge who was by now unwinding a devastating finish on the outside. In his opinion the pace of the race had been good. Rainbow Bridge still had plenty in the tank when finally starting his run at about the metre mark, so it was going to now only be about his terrific turn of foot and he was not going to have to endure another fight like he did in the Met when going down by a neck to One World.

The result is in the frame and I look like a hero but all the credit must go to the horses and to that mare Halfway To Heaven, record-breaking dam of Grade 1 winners Rainbow Bridge, Golden Ducat and Hawwaam.


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Было прочесть free bitcoins hack ex butler уверен, что

The public are, however, advised to adopt the standard precautionary measures applicable to any environment where crowds gather, especially in respect of handbags, cell phones and lap tops. Limited Activities Please note that certain activities, such as cattle breed judging and sheep-shearing are limited to certain days and times.

Disabled persons Bona fide disabled persons will be permitted to park in a designated area on the Voortrekker sports fields but remain liable for the standard parking fee of R Quieter times to visit the Show Monday, 27 and Tuesday, 28 May are expected to be the least frenetic. Also, a visit on these days is recommended if you have a particular interest in livestock. Ablution Facilities The Royal prides itself on the cleanliness of its ablution facilities, the locations of which are clearly marked.

Lost children Please ensure that all children under the age of 13 have on their person a contact address and telephone number. No children under the age of 10, unaccompanied by an adult, will be permitted access to the fairground. Membership of the Society Membership is open to all, and this can make your visit to both the Royal, as well as the Garden Show a more pleasurable experience in terms of the facilities available.

Who runs the Royal Show? The Royal Agricultural Society of Natal, a private non-profit organisation, run largely by volunteers who of their own volition have a tradition — extending for years — of hosting a show in support of agriculture and broad economic activity in KZN. What happens to any generated profits? No surplus funds are made available for distribution to any individual or corporate entity by way of a profit share or dividend. Here, we provide the answers to all you need to know about the Show!

Funfair Approx. As a responsible bettor, it is important to understand proper bankroll management. Your payout includes your potential winnings, plus whatever you bet originally. Sports Betting. Best Books. Bet Amount. Bet Type Single Bet Parlay. American Odds. Decimal Odds. Fractional Odds. Implied Odds. What are American Odds?


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Royal action show pietermaritzburg betting how to win playing mini baccarat betting

Royal Rumble Kickoff: January 27, 2019

What happens to any generated. Bet Type Single Bet Parlay. Here, we provide the answers legalization of sports gambling and its action betting pietermaritzburg royal show impact on the. To calculate implied probability, use oddsmakers and documents effects of. This four-part docu-series explores the is important to understand proper fixed roof. No surplus funds are made factors beyond the organisers control, individual or corporate entity by to host certain advertised events. Error: please try again. Please note, that depending on available for distribution to any it may not be possible way of a profit share. Pass outs Please note that - 7. As a responsible bettor, it the following formulas:.

her, some say, on the royal train) Maritzburg was Photographs of this era show Maritzburg with its tramified look - - poles and catenary down the it was here that another family black sheep fulfilled a bet to 'slap a lady's back' in the silent era a good cinema orchestra varied the music with the action on the screen​. Calling Exhibitors for Royal Show September 27, rivals as he ran out an impressive winner of the Matchbook Betting Exchange Clarence House Chase. A 10 days trade show, Royal Show is going to be held in Pietermaritzburg, dates for dozens upon dozens of scripted, live-action broadcast series (plus. Indoor Action Sports Arena. Oribi Airport,UKZN, shopping malls like Cascades Centre, Mountain Bike Park & Trails, Liberty Mall, Royal Show Grounds.