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Chemistry Enhanced Scope Sequence. Stock Option Trading Strategy - Pictogrammeinfo. Pour about 60 mL of hot water into the graduated cylinder, They notice that density is a good indicator of boiling point name binary and ionic compounds.

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Faced with slower car sales at home, Hyundai, along with other South Korean carmakers. Although exports are expec- ted to relieve some domestic pressure, overseas shipments are also predicted to slow to 10 per cent this year from 45 per cent to as the Korean cur- rency appreciates. Among the main car compa- nies, Hyundai, the largest pro- ducer, had the smallest inven- tory, equivalent to 9. Foreign car imports rose 79 per cent to 6, units last year in South Korea, spurred by eased import barriers and unproved consumer percep- tion.

However, they represent only 0. The Caribbean power sector has long been under state con- trol, but several administra- tions are inviting foreign par- ticipation to the sector. Despite a protracted debate over the merits of a private power sec- tor, the Dominican Republic has finally opted to privatise the state-owned company, CDE.

CDE is currently struggling to produce MW to meet national demand of 1. The sdl-off is expected to be com- pleted this year, but the new owners will be freed with the unpopular task of Increasing rates. The purchaser of Jamaica's Public Service Company will also have to increase rates, according to Mr Lee W wn g yn , chief executive of Houston Industries Energy, one of the companies interested in buying it.

The Jamaican yw w nTnpnt last granted the utility a rate Increase in , and there is reluctance to make further adjustments because of politi- cal concerns. Both have cre- ated consortiums with local insurance companies and banks. The government favours local participation in the privatisation. Southern Electric to not a stranger to the Caribbean. The company bought a 49 per cent stake to the Trinidad and. Tobago Elec- tricity Commission to The plant, similar to nuc lear stations in Finland, to planned with a capacity of MW.

Cuba needs generating capac- ity of 4JMW. The country has installed capacity of 8J90QMW, mostly oil-fired, but only an estimated 35 per cent of this is being used. Investors will hope that their forays into the Caribbean power market are less compli- cated than that of WRB Enter- prise of Miami which thought it had completed tire purchase of half of the Grenada Electric- ity Company last year.

The government announced an agreement with WRB, and had said that another 40 per cent of the company was being sold to local institutional and individ- ual investors. The agreement was criticised by trade unions and the political opposition which later took avis govern- ment after an election and to contesting the privatisation to court Meanwhile, a change to the US federal energy legislation four years ago to presenting the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Prespa with a chal- lenge to its monopoly on the Island Rnrfosa nf S pain plans a 75MW diesel plant, and will sen electricity directly to con- sumers.

Before the change to legislation, utilities such as Prepa had total control of all generation, transmtosfon and distribution. UDI initially will hold 50 per cent equity in the new enterprise, but there are plans to include additional foreign investors. Among possi bi lities is Glecim of France which may supply the ro lling mffl Chinese partners include China National Non-Ferrous Metals Industry, the provincial government of Heilongjiang and the dty of Harbin.

UDI said the project would involve renovation of a plant in Haitata. Production facilities for al umini um alloy high precisian sheets, strips and plates, including can body stock, would be the first of their kind in china. Foreign partners will invest about JI50m to the new facility. The Chinese contribution will come largely in the form of plant and land.

The balance of investment will come from bank fi na n ci n g, backed partly by western credit agencies. The plant will account for about 25 per cent of China's present annual requirements for processed al uminumi products which total about , tonnes. Tony Walker. US company wfll have 55 per cent stake in Dalian Walker Gfliet Muffler, whose initial production win be 60, units annua ll y rising to , units by It stands for Global System for Mobile Communica- tions - and Deutsche Teiekom played a big part in its develop- ment.

We developed GSM with our partners in Europe - and it rep- resents a major step in the quest for genuinely worldwide mo- bile communications. Developed inEurope. Designed for the world. It has taken just five years for GSM to establish itself as the world- wide benchmark for digital mobile communications. In over 80 countries, across four continents, people depend on GSM networks - and the market is growing all the time.

With our European partners, Deutsche Telekom has also opened the way for unlimited mobile communications between Europe and North America for the very first time, translating European- based GSM technology into a new global telecommunications language. Our pioneering work does not stop there. We operate the most closely-woven fibre-optics network in the world - 1 00, kilometres of it.

Our cable network is the largest in the world, and our ISDN network the most ex-. We were also the first company to use ATM: a new and much more sophisticated information transmission Are we talking your language? Deutsche Telekom is the No. In the race to develop telecommunications technology, few others can keep up with us. Our connections move the world. The Egyptian ministry of interior said the shoot-out took place during a dawn raid on the sugar ca ne plantations of Ashmouneen village.

Police forces have sealed the village in an attempt to capture the third gunman. Shahim Idriss, Cairo Ceasefire In Sierra Leone The Sierra Leone government and its rebel foes agreed a ceasefire yesterday in their five-year civil war and appointed joint groups to work on a peace accord and disarmament. The ceasefire was announced in a joint statement issued alter the first talks between Mr Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, Sierra Leone's new civilian president and rebel leader Mr Foday Sankoh in the Ivorian capital Yamoussoukro.

The statement said the two rides agreed to establish three joint working parties to deal with a peace accord, encampment and disarmamen t of combatan ts and demobilisation and resettlement of combatants.

The appointments helped provide the necessary quorum for the crucial vote, but critics accused Mr Arafat of unfair behaviour by padding the PNC with his supporters. The ftmd Is trying to find a way to put the gftetfag Esaf mechanism on a permanent footing by finding finance for the five years running up to 2X5, after which the repayment of past loans will make it self-financing.

These include the length of the policy record demanded of beneficiaries, criteria tor eligibility, costs, the. Movement cm the debt initiative is important to the heads of the bank and the Fund. Mr Wolfensohn. Editorial Comment, Pap 13 S African unions to strike over constitution By Mark Ashurst in Johannesburg The Congress of South African Trade Unions has called a one day national strike next week to bolster its demands for changes to the new constitu- tion, which is expected to become law an May 8.

Business groups wanted it would damage investor con- fidence and spark a further col- lapse of the ailing rand. But this was tempered by a later qtfltpmprj t that the party hart not reached a decision on. Cosatu is also caffing for the removal of clauses guarantee- ing the right to life and the right to ownership of property. It argues that parliament should have jurisdiction to reintroduce the death penalty, and to legislate on the restitu- tion of land to victims of forced renovate during the apartheid era.

Constitutional rights can only be overturned by the con- stitutional court, and are there- fore perceived as undermining the autonomy of parliament, where many former trade unionists are MPs. Its insertion in the interim con- stitution was the basis for the abolition of the death penalty by the constitutional court last year.

However, analysts said the dispute ova: the lock-out danse was a continuation of last year's dispute over the drafting of the Labour Rela- tions Act. Unless there were changes to the act. The toll has been accompanied by increasingly acrimonious exchanges between business and nrn'nnc Over the diranHo n erf economic policy. A subsequent cg btngt reshuf- fle. HERE'S data on other exhibitions.

The one thread most obvi- ously linking these develop- ments is the role and ambi- tions of Mr Mbeki. His selection by Mr Mandela two years ago as deputy president made him the immediate front- runner for the succession in The past month has seal him consolidate that position, while strengthening his ability to influence policy in key areas.

Whether by design, or through astute manoeuvring, one of the main concerns affecting the value of the rand - who follows Mr Mandela - appears to have been answered. By implica- tion. Mr Mandela will continue to promote the former, and Mr Mbeki the latter. They argue that his rise within the ANC, which embraces a wide range of polit- ical views, owes much to his ability to appear sympathetic to all sections. So one day he appears to be siding with the more radical tactions, and the next with those moving towards a more tree-market view of economic management.

But he seems to dodge from one issue to the next and will not commit himself to seeing any- thing through. For example, we do not doubt that he is in tovaur of privatisation, but he is not delivering. But it means fun- damentally different things to different people, and Mr Mbeki knows that choices court unpopularity. The pressure on the rand may be a reminder for him that international markets may be as perceptive, and cer- tainly much less patient than many ANC supporters.

Splits are reported among Commonwealth members on whether harsh measures should be imposed, and whether they would be sup- ported by the US and the Euro- pean Union. Som e EU members have returned their ambassadors, who were recalled after the November executions, and expressed a desire for closer ties with Nigeria.

Can- ada, Ghana. Jamaica, Malaysia and South Africa. Iraqi and UN officials oaTlpfl off a meeting tentatively sched- uled for yesterday but were expected to return to negotia- tions today in a new attempt to resolve their differences. If this third round faffe in a series of talks that began in February, Iraq will certainly seek to blame the west for the plight of Iraqi civilians hard, hit by UN-imposed sanctions.

Mr Boutros Ghali, who is an account to handle 0 eScrow from tel sales. These countries arc home to some iso million people, hut base long been stifled hy destruc- tive economic and fxilirical regimes. Now the borders are open, and the rest of the world is welcome once again. The sixteen of you are captains ufindusrry.

Rur you also know that much more will be needed to realize mir vision for the Baltic Sea region: competence and contacts, commercial networks and well-developed infrasrnicturc. Experience of trading with eastern Europe is another important ingredient, facili- tating cooperation and streamlining the start-up process. What is needed is a cross- roads through which people can pass comfortably from one culture to another. You have understood these matters. Here, you will find everything you need to ensure that your efforts in the Baltic Sea region - and rhose of other companies as well - meet with success.

You are the guests of Dr. We arc firmly convinced chat this meeting of minds is a step towards achieving our goal in rhe Baltic Sea region - the goal of creating here the kind of dynamic, expansive business region these countries have every opportunity to become. Welcome to Stockholm! We can also pur you in contact with our representatives in the capitals of the Baltic states and in St.

Thousands of demonstrators yesterday rallied In front rvftho presidential palace in the capi- tal, Asuncion, to back Mir Was- mosy's decree to drop Gen Oviedo as army chief. That decision, due to t ake effect late yesterday, had prompted the general to retreat to barracks on Monday and demand Mr The president, who had gone into hiding mi Monday ni ght was joined in a show of sup- port at the presidential pninno by Congress members from all parties and by Mr Robert Ser- vice, US ambassador to Para- guay.

Since its return to civilian rule in , after 34 years under the dictatorship of General Alfredo Stroessner, toe country has been poised for a coup. Paraguay is one of four foun- ding members of the Mercosur customs union with Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. As such, it is slowly coming under pres- sure to legitimise Its national Dole unlikely to secure sufficient majority in Senate for popular cause Push for term limits stumbles By Jurek Martin, US Editor, in Washing ton The US Senate yesterday moved towards a vote on term limits for members of Congress, a mostly symbolic gesture designed to reinforce the credentials of Senator Bob Dole, the Senate majority leader and presumptive Repub- lican rurtftidatp for the presi- dential election in November, with conserva tiv e and Indepen- dent voters.

There seemed little chance that the Senate would approve, by the necessary two-thirds majority, the constitutional amendment that would confine senators to two terms of six years each and members of the House of Representatives to six terms of two years apiece, it was not even clear yesterday whether supporters of the amendment could muster the 60 votes needed to end debate and force a division.

The outcome would be aca- demic. But Mr Dole, aware that polls show most Americans in foVOUT of term limits, swallowed his own reservations an the issue and put it on toe calendar. Democrats, likely to vote overwhelmingly against, have spoken little in the Senate debate, which began on Mon- day, except to argue that fair- ness would require term limit s for present members of Con- gress.

The amendment would only affect new members. This is the latest pitch by the majority leader to opinions strongly held by both conser- vatives and by supporters of Mr Ross Perot, the inde- pendent presidential candidate. Last week the senator was humiliated in failing to get Senate approval of medical savings accounts as part of health insurance reform. On Monday Mr Dote urged Mr Clinton, in a Senate floor speech, to withdraw the nomi- nation of a Miami trial lawyer to an appeals court judgeship on the grounds that the appointee in question was legally unqualified for the post and was a s ubs tantial financial contributor to the president's election cam p ai g n.

This followed his assault last month on a New York judge appointed by Mr Clinton The economic activities. This includes two to the US Supreme Court. The majority leader's fumbl- ing on Capitol Hill is now attracting Republican criti- cism.

Mr Carlos Martini, professor at toe Catholic University in Asuncion, said yesterday that strong international support for Mr Wasmosy had probably been sufficient to head oS any attempt at a coup. Messages in support of Paraguay's fledgling democracy from follow Latin American leadens poured in mi Monday night, while the US embassy issued a statement demanding that Gen Oviedo obey the presidential decree.

Mr Cdsar Gaviria, secretary- general of the Organisation of American States, flew to Para- guay yesterday to give his per- sonal support to tiie president Officials from other Merco- sur countries said Paraguay's continued membership of the body depended on it remaining a democracy. The Clinton adminis tration, with its trade policies bound to come under attack in election year, will take little comfort from the monthly fig- ures.

Crude oil imports fell, mostly as the result of reduced volumes rather than lower prices. The im provement was also powered by a surge in trade in services, particularly in foreign travel to the US. The politically sensitive trade deficit with Japan rose by 2. The US bought more computers, electrical machinery and power generating machinery from Japan in February. Japan bought more fish, air- craft and computers from the US.

US prosecutor attacks bank secrecy laws By Ctey Harris A US federal prosecutor yesterday told banks that they are no better than prostitutes if they transmit money with- out knowing their customers or the purpose of the transac : tion. Mr John Moscow, assis- tant district attorney for Man- hattan, speaking at a conference in Lisbon on money laundering, also attacked bank secrecy laws and warned of tough US action.

At least they are If yon are- dealing with the dollar. A prudent banker would have asked what business his customers were in. But they are not needed by honest folks engaged in honest transac- tions. I do not care what they do among themselves, so long as the y an consenting adults. Mr Rowan Bosworth-Davies.

The duty to report suspected money laundering applied only to cases involving drugs or ter- roriam, he argued. The two-day conference was organised by International Conference Group. Baiter reports from Washington. NAM president Jerry Jasi- nowski said. The survey found manufac- turers expected slow growth in- sales, wages, employment, investment and profits. In , more than 40 per cent of those surveyed expected to increase full-time jobs; 12 per cent planned to reduce employment Some per cent of respon- dents expected sales to rise by 10 per cent; 22 per cent expec- ted sales up by per cent; and Some 66B per cent expected to hold inventories at or near present levels this year.

Recalling tons of mer- Inns. As a leading global insurance group, we concentrate on selected industries, regularly talking to and - more important - listening to them. Our first priority is to help them avoid liability claims. But just in case, we also assist in designing recall plans to limit damage. The decisions highlight how a single big foreign investment can attract other projects In its wake, increasing the numbers of jobs created.

They also indi- cate Samsung's commitment to usin g UK-made components at its British factory. Now all those in the region. Companies will also be asked what foreign languages they would use and bow easy or difficult it is to fi n d recruitment. The company Is also establishing a new European headquarters in west London, which will employ Three more companies are baflding plants in South York- shire. They are Poong Jeon, makfng wires and re fr igera t or parts. While the com- panies will initially supply only Samsung, they plan to expand to serve European elec- tronics and motor component makers.

These investments follow the pattern of many Japanese investments in the UK. For example, Nissan Motor, Toyota Motor and Honda Motor, the carmakers, have all encour- aged Japanese parts makers to Rritniu The government hopes that at least two other major Korean industrial groups will follow Samsung in investing in the UK.

LG group is looking at the west of England as a possible site for a Slbn semiconductor plant and Daewoo has linked up with Texas Instruments of the US for a possible semicon- ductor factory in Northern Ireland. The Confederation of British Industry, Britain's largest employers' lobby, said in Its latest industrial trends survey that weakness In the UK's overseas markets meant manu- facturers now faced the slow- est growth in exports since the autumn of Con- sumer spending, for instance, is growing strongly.

As a result, the CBI said it was not looking for interest rate cuts to stimulate the economy, but Mr Buxton added that rates should not rise either. The CBI said 16, people had lost their jobs in the man- ufacturing sector in the first three months of this year, with the biggest mrnpanfuq making the largest job cuts. It expected a further 11, jobs to be lost in the second quarte r. The resulting net bal- ance of zero was the first time there has been no growth in output since October The opposition Labour party seized on the survey as con- firming the downbeat forecast contained in a leaked letter from Mr Ian Lang, toe trade and industry secretary.

The beet in 2. He said the government's offer to. The International Meat Trade Association, which organised the protest, told angry beef traders at a meeting in the House of Commons set up by sympathetic MPs, that the export ban "has more to do with promoting export oppor- tunities for our European com- petitors than ft does with any discernible health risk. Hampshire, an tune. National Air Traffic Services Nats , a subsidiary of toe CAA, said in February that toe Swanwick centre, which was due to open in December, would not open untfi December because of computer software problems.

Balding work was completed last year. The system is being installed by a consortium led by Loral Systems of the US. The centre was designed to handle air traffic over En gland and Wales, which is increasing by 6 per cent a year.

The CAA said yesterday that, in the absence of Swanwick, further investments would be made in the existing London Area and Terminal Control Centre at West Drayton, near London, so that staff there can handle the expected increase in air traffic. Although control- lers at West Drayton are highly regarded internationally, their equip- ment is seen as outdated. A delay of at least a month now seems likely. Lloyd's annual meeting on July 15, could also be post- poned. Problems have arisen calcu- lating the cost to Names of Equitas, a giant reinsurance company which Lloyd's plans to take responsibility for bil- lions of pounds of outstanding US pollution and asbestos related liabilities.

The full case is due to be heard by May 6. Privatisation regulators in line for budget boost BAe faces row over shareholder rights By Stefan Wagstyt, Industrial Editor The government is considering boosting the budgets of the regulators of privatised indus- tries In an effort to assuage public concerns about the reg- ulatory regime. Ministers are worried that what they see as the achieve- ments of privatisation have been obscured by the recent rows over the newly privatised utility companies, including arguments about water price increases, water shortages and "fat cat", or excessive, pay awards for top executives.

Ministers hope that by boost- ing the regulators' role, they hiti rebuff Labour claims that regulation has been weak and promote privatisation as a suc- cess story in the next general election campaign. Senior officials say the review is examining' giving the regulators the tn-jns to hire experienced and M qualified staff to improve their effectiveness. In contrast to some critics of the British regulatory regime, the government does not believe that fundamental changes are needed, far exam- ple in unifying the regulators into a single body or replacing the individual regulators with panels.

Ministers accept regulators cannot be seen to be overtly promoting privatisation or any other Conservative policy. But they believe that regulators have a rote in explaining their work andTJiicing formula. The Treasury review follows discussion in Whitehall about the future of privatisation.

The company wants to end shareholders' right to propose amendments to resolutions at its annual meeting and also wants to scrap votes on a show of hands. Institutional investors said that they had expressed con- cern to BAe over its plans and there was speculation last night that the company would be forced to back down on some of its proposed reforms. The company had wanted its share- holders to pass a new rule at its annual meeting on Thurs- day which would have excluded the chairman and executive directors from retire- ment by rotation.

We have taken the decision to go back. The corporate governance season is currently at its peak with numerous companies now holding their annnal meetings. The publication of the long-awaited government consulta- tion paper on transport policy and a policy paper on London will end a long hiatus in transport planning which began when Mr Brian Mawhinney, then the transport secretary, launched a public transport debate nearly IS months ago.

It will also allow the government to set out its thinking on rail transport In advance of the publication of the fin. This will mean that investors are in possession of all the information they need to decide whether or not to buy any shares. The transport consultation paper, which is expected tomorrow, is the first for 20 years and will include the government's response to the report by the Royal Commis- sion on Environmental Pollution published in October, Charles Batchelor, Transport Correspondent Exchange warned on trading The Office of Fair Trading yesterday warned the London Stock Exchange that it would not tolerate an indefinite delay in toe Introduction of order-driven trading.

Mr John Bridge man, the director general of the OFT, said he acknowledged that the Exchange faced a heavy workload with the Introduction of the Crest electronic settlement system Ibis summer, but said he was anxious that order-driven trading should start "as soon os is practically possible. The committee's inquiry began after the Exchange's sudden dismissal of its ; chief executive, Mr Michael Lawrence.

MPs questioned whether a cartel of large market-making companies had engi- neered Mr Lawrence's ousting in order to block the introduc- tion of order-driven trading in place of their traditional quote- driven system. In the new system, likely to be introduced next year, orders will be entered on a central electronic order book, and auto- matically executed when buyers and sellers match.

Mr Bridge man also warned toe Exchange that be would examine the rules of the new trading system carefully to see if they hindered competition. George Graham, London Labour condemns mine move Labour yesterday denounced the government's commitment to a worldwide ban on landmines, after it emerged that the Ministry of Defence is planning to buy a new batch of "safer" mines. The Foreign Office yesterday confirmed that Britain would argue for a ban on a weapon which has been blamed for killing or seriously maiming around 25, civilians a year.

As a first step, the MoD announced yesterday that it would destroy 44 per cent of its stockpile of landmines at the earliest opportunity. But Labour was astonished when officials confirmed that toe remaining mines would be replaced by a new-style "smart mine", which self-destructs after a period of time.

The Foreign Office said Britain would not press ahead with the proposed replacement of its existing stockpile if an inter- national ban was agreed first But officials insist that older weapons must be replaced by newer versions in the interests of safety George Parker, Political Staff Choice for power consumers Domestic electricity consumers will be able to choose their suppliers under the terms of new supply licences proposed by the electricity regulator for Suppliers would be obliged to offer terms and supply any domestic customer on request There would also be a code of practice.

The draft licences, which are out for comment by June 7, are a key stage of the shift to full competition in David LasceUes. Resources Editor Eurosceptic vote defeated Tory Eurosceptics underlined government divisions over Europe yesterday, as a significant group of Conservatives voted to exempt toe UK from European Court of Justice decisions.

The vote in defiance of government policy was defeated in the Commons, but highlighted the number of senior Tories who have joined the Eurosceptic wing of the party. Earlier, Mr John Major, the prime minister, refused to give any further ground to opponents of European integration as demanded by Sir James Goldsmith, the financier and sponsor of the Referendum party. The bill, which would have amended the European Communities Act to enable the disappli cation in the UK of ECJ judgments, was defeated by 83 votes to James Harding.

That ensures VAT is not paid on more than the full value of the finished product The impact of the blocking order on cars bought by leas- ing companies for leasing pur- poses - until it was lifted last year - was dramatic. That figure was then divided by 36 to give the monthly charge - on which a further The rise in costs meant UK fleet hirers were at a disad- vantage to other EU states.

According to Mr Dominic Taylor, a tax expert at Ashurst Morris Crisp, lawyers for two of the three companies, the process represented a form of double taxation which is con- trary to the principles of the European directives.

If the case does go to Luxem- bourg. The companies remain qui- etly confident, however, bol- stered by the news that the European Commission has just taken France to the Court over a sfrnflflr VAT measure. Western safety experts also continue to stress to dangers posed by some of the nuclear reactors in the former Soviet union. The 10th anniversary on Friday of the Chernobyl unclear Occident in Ukraine win hi ghlig h t these concerns. Should ano ther s i writer inri.

However, although eastern Europe's nuclear plant safety still fells a long way short of the west's, much Is being done to i mpr ove ftp Si action. The gamma cur tain is simi- lar to systems already used in the west However, It is a new approach to nuclear safety in the former Soviet Union coun- tries and has been modified to suit their needs.

It will also give western Europe an early warning of any accidental Ten years after Chernobyl, Dinah Greek explores a nuclear detection network Gamma curtain drawn releases of radiation. The system is a detection network, with radiation moni- tors sited around the nuclear stations connected by radio link to local response centres which collect and process the data. Duplicated computer systems at each centre enable operators to monitor the situa- tion continually. However, an alarm is automatically raised if preset thresholds are breached or any systems malfunctions are detected.

AH data are sent automati- cally to two national response centres, one in Kiev and the other in Minsk, via dedicated phone lines. Summary data will also be sent to western Europe via e-man on a routine basis and Immediately if the situation warrants it Cambridge-based PA Con- sulting Group has beau work- ing on the project to establish its feasibility and the outline design for implementation.

The pilot project involves monitors at three nuclear stations, Ignal- ma in Belarus and RJvne and Zaporozhye in Ukraine. Cherno- byl was not chosen because the severe contamination In the area would have presented additional complexities for the pilot system. TTw pilot prefect Imohvs monftors at Zaparizfya pictured and Rfcns fci Strains, and Ignaftw in Botanic The technology involved is straightforward, but it has been modified to take account of a number of factors - the terrain, density of population, weather trends, accessibility and lessons learnt from Cher- nobyl.

Around each of the nuclear sites, a fully integrated set of high-density gamma-dose rate high but less dangerous than alpha-beta doses auto- matic detectors will be placed within the perimeter of the plant. These detectors have been modified to use dupli- cated Geiger Muller detection tubes to improve reliability. Detec- tors placed at ground level immediately around the plant are not e no ugh as plumes may rise above them and travel large distances without detec- tion.

In the event, the 42, inhabitants ware evacuated safely - as far as the limited monitoring equipment available showed - by relatively unconiamtoated routes. Detectors have been placed high up on buildings for secu- rity. This pattern provides the high- est probability of protection. Radiation contamination may also enter the water sys- tem because of leakage.

To cope with this, gamma water sensors wzQ be used! Weather stations which will monitor r ainfall and wind direction will also aid in detecting the direction In which a plume Is travelling. In addition to gamma-dose monitoring, equipment to mon- itor alpha-beta radiation has been included. Imagine a world small enough For you to work closely with colleagues from several countries, exchanging text, images and data at will, without moving From where you are.

This is the world oF multimedia. To companies only just jumping on the bandwagon, perhaps. Our twelve research Facilities across three continents are where many oF the building blocks of tomorrow's Global Information Society were First developed. Projects like the NEC Global College are showing that distance need be no barrier to learning about and experiencing each others cultures.

As the world shrinks, the possibilities For mankind multiply. And no-one is better placed to help than NEC. After all, we have evolved the technologies to make them happen, step by step. Minato-ku, Tokyo , Japan. To achieve this, a number of ultra-sensitive alpha-beta monitors have been sited In populated areas around the nuclear plants. A difficult dilemma for FA was whether to use vehicles rwamfy for mobile plume trac- ing or response and support It decided on the latter, largely because of cost and the diffi- culty vehicles would have trav- elling around in the event of an emergency.

Sweden is among those that have made some progress, despite the enormous public hostility that exists to nuclear power. But even for the Swedes, the ultimate goal of a deep permanent store for spent tael is proving elusive. At Forsmark, a former iron-making community two hours drive to the north of Stockholm that is now the site of a nuclear power station, the Swedes have hewn a mile-long tunnel out under the sea.

At the end are a number of brightly-lit caverns which are gradually being filled with large metal containers of radioactive waste brought in by huge transporters. There is room enough here for 60, enmof waste, about a third of which has been taken up, although the facility will probably be extended with a second set of caverns at the end of the decade.

The modi more challenging task of handling highly radioactive waste, such as spent fuel, is being addressed at Oskarshamn, another nuclear site about km south Stockholm. Officially, tire tunnel is an experiment rather than an actual repos ito ry, and the nuclear industry is keen to emphasise tills fact to avoid upsetting tire local Oskarshamn c o mmun it y, ant ft has shown the Swedes that it can be done.

We have the concept and the design. But since the waste will have to be stored for thousands of years before it becomes safe, the repository will also have to be built on the assumption that future generations, ignorant of its existence, might drill into it So the site would have to be some distance from exploitable mineral deposits. The waste itself will be stored in stainless steel containers and encased in copper to resist corrosion.

At the Oskarshamn site, the engineers have on display a copper cannon recovered from a year-old wreck. The seawater had barely left a mark on it, proving that the canisters could be immersed safely for a long enough period for the worst of the radioactivity to decay. The nuclear industry, which is largely governmentowned, has set up a specialised company, SKB, to deal with radioactive waste. SKB' s activities are funded by a levy an electricity bills.

Last year a town in the far north, Stflnman, looked interested, hut the city fathers later turned It down, and so. If there is any pressure, he says, it is the moral obligation cm the nation not to dump the problem on future gemmations. And the industry does have a temporary alternative, a facility known as Clab at Osk arshamn.

This Is a huge underground water tank, also hewn out of granite, where containers of spent fuel are left to cooL It has enough storage space to hold fuel until about , when a. So there is likely to be growing as the power stations have to be kept naming. He spent the final months of his life in an extraordinary race against death, swigging morphine and writ- ing through the night, in a fight to complete an ast onishing pair of dra- mas the second.

Cold Lazarus, begins on Channel 4 an May 26 which you realise with joy but also sadness as you watch, could not conceivably have been written by anyone else. Early immersion in Christianity and socialism wwc to have given him an inescapable sense of duty and, however far human foibles may have caused him to deviate from Christian and socialist principles in some respects, be never abandoned televi- sion for long.

There were sorties into books, theatre and ctnama but he always amg back to the small screen pretty quickly. His relation- ship with those who run television was often difficult, and his final demand s - that Karaoke be pro- duced by the BBC with repeats an Channel 4, and Cold Lazarus be pro- duced by Channel 4 with repeats an file BBC - were characteristically mischievous. In each case repeats will be on the competitor channel; Ken Trodd who was responsible for much of Potter's greatest work including Pennies From Heaven and The Singing Detective but who had famously fallen out with the writer, returns as one of the two producers the other is Rosemarie Whitman ; and even though everyone in the industry knows that Trodd did not initially want Renny Rye as direc- tor.

Potter did. A nd the results? Wonder- ful. Karaoke, in which a successful television writer. Daniel Feeld, is itiagnnsAd as more and more seriously ill, dives straight into that area which Potter made his own, where reality, fan- tasy and memory meet in the mind of the hospitalised patient Are our lives the sum total of our memo- ries? If so. How do you ten the difference between me m ory fantasy? The waking, conscious writer is clearly a puppet- master, but are not we all puppet- masters inside our heads?

As Feeld's health deteriorates his own fiction seems to come to life around him. Pimps and p r o s titu tes, crooners and karaoke singers, begin to recite the lines which Feeld wrote for his characters and which we see being edited on a Steenbeck machine by a bickering team of pro- ducers and editors. Is Potter paying off final scores?

Always the last to notice - well, almost I nearly for- got the critics". It is familiar Potter territory, and there are signs of harry, yet it is superbly well done. Before viewing I had doubts about Albert Finney as Feeld; he is not my favourite actor. Yet here, when it really matters, be comes through and delivers a sock- ing great performance which keeps on thumping you in the chest sometimes the.

The cast - which also includes Richard E. There is less agonising here than in The Singing Detective, and also less complexity. With time, and life, literally running out. But, magnificently, it is not the end. Astonishingly with Cold Laza- rus we find Potter making a final death defying dash into new terri- tory: into the year and the world of Blade Rurmer. This is no mere superficial switch of venue: Potter gives us a fully realised futuristic story in which the fight is on to get back to real reality after the move into virtual reality.

A shark-like media figure wants to exploit this for the sake of a paying audience. Thus Potter's underlying con- cerns are the same as ever - the exploitation of the writer's experi- ence. In this play - yon may well know the film, with Henry Fonda - the 12 members of a jury move from an initial vote of 11 guilty versus one innocent to an eventual unanimous vote of not guilty.

That is all. We do not know whether the not guilty vote is correct We never see the accused, or the victim, or the judge, or the prosecution, or the defence. Sometimes, tears are just a soft- and-easy response to melodrama, for ' there are several passages when this play becomes just a juicy tale of good versus bad, or right versus wrong, and It is hard to resist a sniff at its neat twists when the bad or wrong are shown up for precisely what they are.

Mainly, how- ever, they are tears of gratitude. For Twelve Angry Men is, at base, not about gnflt and innocence but about democracy. And it moves ns most deeply when it shows ns that men - not least these jurymen — should be allowed to have their own lifestyles and opinions without being bnllled or persecuted for having them. Women too, by implication.

Bat this is a man-only jury. Some of these 12 men reveal a great deal about themselves during their deliberations, while others reveal lit- tle; and- this too is part of the play's point, for ft gives honour to privacy and self-display alike. It is often those who are most busi- nesslike and most guarded aboat themselves who make the most valu- able contribution to the drama.

No wondc it appeals to Pinter. Its dra- matic method is little like his own plays, bat its values are those to be found at the heart of all Pinterism. Often enough, however, it transcends that level It is never dull expounds the facts of its case with exemplar; pacing, and is often ftmny. Just a complex sense of humanity left hang in g in the air. V ictor Hugo's play Le Roi s 'amuse is best known as the basis far Verdi's clas- sic opera Rigoletto But censorship obliged Verdi and his librettist Piave to relocate their opera to Mantua.

It has enough detail to per- suade us that its royal anti-hero dif- fers from the future Edward VH but too little to make us believe in this story, either as history or as fiction. This is the best laugh of the night" like Canio, who, in Pagtiacd, kills his wife. But the result is all stagey, synthetic, unbe- lievable. The nocturnal scenes are so brightly lit by Jean Kalman that char- acters might read books on stage.

In general, however, the acting is pro-American because it is pro-human; and it is pro-human because it is detailed, individualised, felt. London WC2 The rhymes cripple the drama like fetters. Arlene Cock- burn speaks Becky in a uniform whimper. David Westhead, as HRH, has neither glamour nor breeding enough to make his role impressive. June Watson is a good dnenna, tough, venal and credible. Even though it is a year since I last listened to Rigoletto, the voices of Pas- quale Amato and Tito Gobbi in the title role kept entering my head unbidden throughout The Prince's Play, expressing Hugo's story with a heroic force and human urgency that were utterly missing at the National Theatre.

Michael Tilson Thomas, rejoined them last week at the Barbican Hall to conduct an enticing pair of matched programmes. In each, the first half offered a pungent selection of shorter, less familiar pieces by Stravinsky early, middle and late. In the second halves we got one of Ravel's two piano concert! I heard the first concert, which found Tilson Thomas in his best form. For the elegiac Ode, rarely heard because difficult to programme, the conductor drew tender shadings from the LSO players, exquisitely balanced.

Agon crackled brightly. The "Huxley" Variations of , short but extremely dense, were especially welcome In this translucent performance. Conducted by Rerte Jacobs and performed by the Staatsoper unter den Unden. Soloists include. Strauss and Mozart; 7.

Conducted by Edoardo Muller and performed by the Metropolitan Opera. Soloists include Robert Tear and Eric Halfvarson; 7. Between and architects, designers and artists were commissioned to create products for this company. Few of us can have heard this knotty, near-experimental piece so well played. The conductor brought the same musicianly exactitude to Ravel's 2-hand piano concerto and La Valse. Both these familiar pieces revealed succulent details that one had almost forgotten were there.

The soloist Jean -Yves Thibaudet deserved no less; his impeccably stylish reading set a standard. In tempi, touch, pedalling and manners, everything was brilliantly right. And bis account of the long, unaccompanied solo that begins the slow movement was a kind of revelation. He proved that it is possible both to keep strictly to Ravel's austere tempo, and to make something grandly eloquent of the winding melody - not just a suave exercise in French lyricism, but a soliloquy of remarkable breadth and power.

Constant Lambert's jibe at this movement in Music Ho as being a cold, artificial construct, seemed more wrong-headed than ever. He will point out to Britain's Rouse of Lords that Sino-westem trade is as much a Chinese interest as a west- on one. He will also mention the possibility of admitting Taiwan to the United Nations, if China sticks to its avowed intention of dismantling Hong Kong's elected legislative council as soon as the Bri tish colony reverts to Chinese sov- ereignty next year.

In other words, he will be talking about sanctions. I endorsed his sceptical conclu- sions but qualified them by pointing out some recent cases where sanctions can be said to have worked. They did not bring the country to its knees, but they proved to the govern- ment and its supporters that white South Africa had very few friends in the world - and forced them to pay more attention to the advice of their few friends, such as Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. However, the human cost has been very high- it is argu- able that more could have beat achieved, and at a lower cost in human suffering, if military force had been used to liberate the whole of Iraq instead of being confined to the Kurdish north.

The scepticism which Ski- delsky and I share concerns the effectiveness of sanctions The best we can hope is that the example made of countries which have caused conflict will deter others from behaving similarly as a tool of conflict preven- tion; our paper was prepared for a symposium on preven- tive diplomacy. The fact is that sanctions are always applied punitively - as tools of conflict resolution rather than prevention. Of the success stories, only South Africa and Haiti are cases where large-scale violence was actually avoided.

And even there, military fence was far from absent In Haiti, it was clearly the decisive element: the junta stepped down only when an overwhelmingly superior US intervention force was liter- ally on its way. In South Africa, the most important reason for the negotiated set- tlement was surely not sanc- tions but both sides' vision of the alternative - an escalation of violence with no foresee- able end. What South Africa and Haiti also have in common is that in both cases the main issue was the domestic character, not the external behaviour, of the sanctioned regime.

For sanctions to be used p revent iv ely, the international community needs to make a judgment about the kind of regime likely to cause conflict, and to act on that judgment before conflict has actually occurred The world was prepared to make such a judgment in South Africa because there is a consensus that systematic monopoly of power by a racial minority or a white one, any- way is unacceptable.

In Haiti, the judgment was made for two reasons: the coup ousted a president whose election had been monitored and certified free and fair, by the UN General Assembly; and Haiti's close proximity to the US gave the most power- ful member of the United Nations a strong interest In preventing civil war there - in order to avoid a mass influx of refugees into Florida.

Bed sanctions by themselves actually made this problem worse, by giving Haitians eco- nomic as well as political motives for fleeing the coun- try; and thus made US mili- tary intervention more likely. The two factors in Haiti are not likely to coincide often elsewhere. None of this augurs very well fra: Skidelsky's proposal to threaten China with sanc- tions if it does not relent over democracy in Hong Kong.

And the threat of trade sanctions is not much better following the U-turn two years ago by the Clinton administra- tion , which meant that Amer- ican trade with China was no longer conditional on improvements in human rights there. If anything should give Chinn pause for thought, it is toe example of South Africa.

The most effective sanction there was disinvestment, which was applied less for moral reasons, or by the deci- sion of governments, than because investors perceived a mounting security risk. For similar reasons, most western investors remain very reluctant to incur major expo- sure in Russia. They are not confident about political sta- bility there, or about being protected by the rule of law. They may well come to feel the same about Hong Kong, and perhaps about China more generally, if China insists on violating the terms of the Sino-British joint declaration and flouting the freely-expressed wishes of the people of Hong Kong.

Richmond Station B gildings. Kew Road. Irvins Stnuv li. WUcUwsky-Bargar Europe. Alter dm dam. Until then, any reports about negotiations are speculative. Zygmunt Tyszkiewics, secretary-general. How does that wort?

Non-blacks have been able to play a role in South African government partly because of the real wold business skills and experience they bring to their appointments. As you rightly pointed out Hamaphosa is still young at 42; 10 years added to that puts him at the MTiw age as current African National Congress deputy president Thabo Mbeki Is now. That js more than enough time to make a difference in the loan, a black South African politician who will have spent time gaining practical exposure to business issues and making contacts in the South African private sector.

Perhaps on his visits to Hong Kong assuming be has stayed here he ham managed to avoid seeing the street sleepers and beggars around toe colony. In every society they persist to varying degrees, none less so than here. Hong Kong thrives from a generation of people and thair rfflgwwrfanta who came from China with nothing and had the will to survive and build a future for themselves. That same will runs through the veins of Hong Kong today.

People in glass houses. K is not impossible that Hamaphosa could come back into South African politics probably better equipped than any black leader in his ap group. Should we expect the acquisition to be financed by a one-for-five rights issue? The latter economics were in need of much more drastic downsizing of lossmaking heavy industry, and a much more rapid shift to services.

Shock therapy socalled has proved, by for, to be the most effective, least-cost way to bring about these chang es in eastern Europe and the farmer Soviet Union. It is simplistic to compare economic outcomes of reform of labour-abundant, coastal countries such as Vietnam, with labour-scarce, land-locked countries of central Asia, since tiie latter have fewer opportunities far labour-intensive, export-led growth. After six years, the record of rapid reforms in eastern Europe speaks far itself.

Poland's reforms, which I helped to design in , have marfp Poland the fastest growing country in eastern Europe. Indeed, this year, per capita gross domestic product growth in Poland may outstrip the growth in east Asia. Other fast reformers, such as Estonia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, are also achieving rapid growth.

The new material is not the first time it has been used in dothin? Go re-Tex. L Gore, consists of a fine network of Teflon. Lnsms eamv. In i,, fc. Nif Pc-vaal L-vim iij. Krgdcivd a Engbnj No. Ministers were non-committal yesterday over plans to give the gram, saying they would keep a close watch on court proceedings in Taiwan. The Government has come under strong pressure from the British textile industry, which has taken its case to the European Court of Justice, claiming that the subsidy mil give the Taiwanese company an unfair advantage.

As government officials prepare for exploratory talks next month with Sinn Fein and loyalist groups. But although the issue of arms w31 be important the Government accepts that the surrender of weapons will not be a pre-condition of formal talks.

The Labour Party, meanwhile, revealed that it had held its own exploratory talks with Sinn Fein and planned meetings with loyalist paramilitary groups. The talks are seen as another tactic to marginalise the Democratic Unionist Party in the run-up to the next general election.

There ia also a stock clearance at very low prices. Call free on for more details money had changed hands. Baroness Denton, the Northern Ireland industry minister, has asked to be kept informed of developments in the scheme under which Hualon promised to generate 1. John Spell ar. Labours Northern Ireland industry spokesman, said the fraud charges were simply the latest of a series of question marks to be raised over the Hualon proposal.

More than 3. Passengers trapped on the top deck of one bus had to escape by climbing down a ladder. The accident happened as James Watson, driver of a Routemaster No 12 bus. The bus behind. No The back of his bus and the front of the other were crushed. Much of the impact was taken by the front bus's staircase. Mr Watson, The bade window smashed in. We were all hurled forward and fell into the aisle. Everyone was screaming. Everything was just hanging and there was glass all over.

Eight women and six men. He said of the Government "They have feeble leadership. They have run out of ideas for the future. Each problem they face is now to be measured only in terms of the effect on Tory factions. This is no way to govern. Their philosophy has failed. Our way can win. The Labour leader said policy development would be concentrated on the economy, getting people off benefits and into work, tackling crime, homelessness and soda!

Michael Howard, the Home Secretary, plans to increase the maximum payouts in both cash and tokens. He is also ro allow all-cash fruit machines to be put in public houses, bingo dubs, betting shops and amusement arcades. Everyone would be happier with cash. UK near to South African navy deal Britain is dose to winning an order the South African navy to upgrade a 5S badly run down daring decades of an internati onal ar ms embargo.

Arascor, SoiUh Africa's slate ariKprocormcto agency, has announced that only Yarrow Shfpballdeisof Scotland or the state-owned Baran yard in Spam are stfll being considered for the contract Armscor said. Flood waters abate ,. Eight red alerts warning of possible serious flooding were still in force y est erday on three rivers — the Upper Severn at Shrewsbury, the Lower Ere, lower Torridge, and Mole in Devon — and oh three stretches of the Riverin Wales.

The liberal Democrat leader said a strong EU must be upheld to combat the rise of nationalism awl external threats. Pointing to Tory divisions. Donald Beer, chairman of the development control and waste regulation committee, said be saw no reason for the application try Canuk Exploration Ltd to be refused. It says sndrschemes. Mercury makes peace Mercury OneOne said ft had compensated hun dred s of enstomers who were unable to take fufl advantage of a free Christmas Day csdls promotion.

It admitted nuspidgiiienis but said operators had not been deluged with complaints. Mercury said eight in ten customers who qualified used the service on December Fewer than L people bad complained: some were unhappy because they had sot. Christopher West, right. He was found by bis wife on Wednesday morning in the garage of their home in Chichester, West Sussex.

Police say there are no suspicious circumstances- Assault widens search The search for Paul MarshalL who escaped from Rampton Hospital a week ago, was widened to Essex yesterday after a woman was sexually assaulted in her home at Benfleet The 6am attack happened a mile from the home of a housewife Marshall terrorised in', for which he was given a life custody sentence under a hospital order at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Essex Police said they were keeping an open mind about the attacker s Identity. Submarine captain dies Rear-Admiral Godfrey Place, who won the VC after be captained a midget submarine that helped to cripple the German battleship Tirpitz in , has died aged During the Lmile journey from Scotland to Norway!

He was taken prisoner during tire raid, winch captured the public imagination. Obituary, page 19 Environment survey Public concern about the environment remains high, with anxiety about traffic fumes and water pollution topping peoples'wornes. The Sfrhigh painting, typical of its period, is of a huntsman with hounds stalking a stag, executed on a wooden mantel. Above it, painted directly on to the plaster and probably the work of a different hand, is a frieze of fantastical foliage and details of classical architecture.

Experts believe the work is in such good condition because it has been covered up for years. Mike Brackenbuiy. The council hopes it will eventually be able to put the painting on public display. Walsingham has been a religious centre since the 12th century, and in medieval times thrived as one of the most important places Of pilgrimage in England, visited by kings and commoners.

Although now no more than a village, it may well contain many further treasures hidden behind the Dulux. She is understood to have suffered a cut to her face and bruising to her fingers and wrists. Russell Mishcon. Lady Mishcon is fine. A spokeswoman at the Ann said there would be no statem en t. Detectives investigating foe raid bdieve it was an opportunist robbery in an area which is home to several wealthy members of foe aristocracy, businessmen and rich Arabs.

At Eanr hour he does not come cheap, but his old world style, courtesy and charm conceals a shrewd, dear-thinking mind. He stood down as senior partner at Mishcon de Reya in , and has settled into the role of consultant with a fist of high-profile clients. It is only in the last few months that his position as legal adviser to foe Princess of Wales has thrust him into the media spotlight. Lord Mishcon has spent a lifetime immersed in Labonr Party politics, and it was politics that first brought him to foe attention of foe public Born in Brixton.

But success at parliamentary level proved elusive and he failed to win four seats at general elections between and He eventually made it to Westminster in when be was made a life peer fay James fafiaghan. His first wife died in ; his second marriage ended in when he was granted a divorce on the ground of his wife's adultery; his third marriage ended after five years in on the ground of irretrievable breakdown.

He married his fourth wife, Mrs Joan Conrad, in He has two sons and a daughter. The wife of Ian Lumb. Terry Lewis. Labour MPfor. It seem5 a crazy and totally inexcusable decision. Mr Lumb. Mr Lumb appeared relaxed and waved ai his wife Susan, who was in the public gallery.

A police spokeswoman said Mr Lumb had made contact with officers before arriving at the station. After Mr Lumb disappeared his wife made a number of appeals for her husband to contact her and their two children, aged 13 and It is believed that Mr Lumb spent a number of months in France. Mr Lumb was given bail until February Police said foe driver sounded his bora and braked but foe two died too late to jump out of foe way.

The accident took place at Los Pafmerales where foe trade runs dose to the coast road. Mr Everitt said that Mr Darfow. His body was discovered the next morning, last moitih. Let us show you how. Available until 7th January One Clarins Beauty Care Collection per customer while stocks last.

The first of these has already appeared. Individual advice and support to smokers wanting to give up will be available from a Baroness Cumberlege launching the campaign Quitiine MOO and local activities will be organised in the run-up to no- smoking day in March The authority' has carried out research which shows that parents are ignorant of the effects of smoking in the home. Of those parents questioned. They quit during the eight- week run of the programme and have not smoked since.

Gina Jennings, who is 45, had smoked for 31 years. Her husband Clifford. Mandy Jennings. He said that it had not been easy, and that the atmosphere in the house had at times been so fraught that the parents and children were unable to eat together. But after a few weeks the tension eased and now they feel happier and healthier, have more money and as a result, fewer worries.

The John Cleese TV advertisements aim to inform and support smokers taking this difficult step and convince them that they can stop. Your local Vauxhal! Health chiefs are studying the fatal cases of viral myocarditis. Karen Burden. Mid Glamorgan, where she lived with her husband Mark and their children aged eight, six and four.

Shirley Gareeb,. Miss Gareeb, 37, was found dead in bed by her fianefc David Davies, It was the first step towards our new life together. Year-old Sorcha. Her raanth-old cousin Ashley Cunningham, who had been admitted to, hospital suspected of suffering from the disease, was given the all-clear.

Brian Cunningham, the 5. The next morning, we took her to hospital and they said it was meningitis. Alexandra Yates, of Rotting- dean. All the children who attended a carol concert in Rottingdean where they might have come into contact with the infection have been traced. Those who still mourn the passing of the tot, the daily rum ration. Admiral Blake introduced a free daily liquor issue to sailors in He gave them brandy but it was replaced with rum after the conquest of Jamaica.

It was said dial thirsty sentries had tapped the cask. Wrens serving at sea mi g ht also prefer to drink wine rather than beer. Allowances differ for other ranks. Petty officers are allowed two pints of beer or. There are no set allowances for officers, but navy roles forbid drunkenness among afl ranks. Navy News, thr navy news- poper that announced the changes in the latest edition, reports that the rules on alcohol differ between navies of different countries.

The United States navy has dry skips where all alcohol is prohibited. French matelote are. The bottom line was that Kasparov would support Campomanes in his attempt to become Fide president once more, while Campomanes. Kasparov heads the new Fide list with points ahead of Karpov Russia on Fide has.

With temperatures well above freezing on the lower slopes, rain early in the week and strong winds blowing away snow, conditions have so far been patchy at best. A tow pressure area west of Britain is about to bring cold air and snowfalls as far south as the tip of Italy. Temperatures, which reached IOC in Switzerland yesterday, will fall sharply and be followed, probably on Sunday, by snow showers.

The prediction will bring relief to the large number of families skiing this year. Peter Dyer, managing director of Crystal Holidays, said that chalets with nannies have proved so popular that his company has had to employ an additional six. But many holidaymakers appear to be waiting until the last moment to book their ski package to ensure that there will be snow when they arrive at their destination. Travel agents are. All they had in common was the attentions of the gossip industry.

She was photographed wearing red ski jacket black tights and sunglasses yesterday, on a ski lift with a local instructor. Less fortuitous for tire Princess was the Uniting of her name with that of Teddy Forstmann, a wealthy financier and Republican party supporter. Mr Forstmann. Vail, 8. Most paparazzi found them- setvesfrukratingly stack in Klosters with the Duchess of York and her children Princess Beatrice. Several days of ram, and temperatures at an unseasonal 10C have meant that skiing conditions are poor except on the highest slopes, with no snow in tire village at all.

The Duchess, in purple ski suit and green tartan baseball cap. By some mischance, he has found himself and his party booked into the same luxury hold as the Duchess. The boy was at the wheels of a Jaguar XJ12 with three passengers when police tried to stop him in Walthamstow, east London, at about lain. The Jaguar smashed into two police cars causing extensive damage. A third patrol car was damaged in the chase. The joyriders were finally cornered in a garage and four youths were arrested. Lottery charge James Madel.

Cab men in court Three taxi drivers appeared at Luton Magistrates' Court over a fatal incident at a rank on Tuesday. Suleman Khan was accused of murdering Shabir Khan and wounding two men. Alqub Hussain was charged with unlawfiil violence and wounding; Aurangzeb Kiani with unlawful violence.

For a limited time only there are significant savings to be made on our men's and women's end of line clothing and footwear. For further information please telephone TELECOM ITALIA has a worldwide presence with 18 representative offices with a large number of other corporate entities, it also has a wide-spread commercial network geared to provide, even abroad a speedy, integrated and innovative answer to the communications requirements of people and companies.

Lawrie Haynes, the chief executive of the new Highways Agency, has said. Eve after helping patients in the Welsh valleys for more than years. The society, which will be formally wound up in March, was founded in Che IS 70s when members paid 3d in the pound from their wages to receive free medical and dental treatment. Norah CMds, The people of Tredegar already received all foe health service benefits before It is because all foe pits have dosed down.

But at least it was there. Call Admiral free on Open 8 a. Please only call If renewing in next 30 days. The bees are coaled with a virus that is harmless to them but deadly to crop-damaging insects. At foe heart development is a tray attached to the hive. Morale, which has not been particularly high in the Civil Service for years, has hit rock bottom. Mr Haynes is putting his hopes in research to boost the efficiency of the motorway network.

Merseyside had 5. The average rate for England and Wales was 4. The county had accidents for every 1. Police chiefs there could not explain the figure. We certainly get our share of accidents we could do without" The five areas with the worst road accident rate for the population were London 5. Cambridgeshire 5. The safest five counties were Mid Glamorgan , Tyne and Wear Avon 3. Gwent 3. It features a superb solid oak square frame with raised veneer centre panels and for that typical touch of Schreiber style, beautiful antiqued metal handles and backpfates.

AD Hems subed to amflekitity. Scottish stores dosed New Year's Day. THUR5 5th P-i. But he has survived to lead his party and the country into what he must hope will be a better tomorrow. Tim Yeo was forced out after admitting he had fathered a child by a Tory councillor in Hackney, prompting an exodus by other figures entangled in sexual or financial misconduct and making a mockery of what Tory activists had applauded as the Prime Minister's moral crusade.

Jungle drums were beating the rhythm of a leadership challenge with Kenneth Clarke, Michael Heseitine and Michael Portillo the putative contestants. The noises off were never entirely to die. Only Ireland offered a ray of hope. But early in the year, the high hopes of the Downing Street declaration of December were mired in Sinn Fein intransigence.

February made things worse. William Waldegrave. The low point in Mr Major's year was not faraway. By the end of the month, amid intense speculation over his leadership, he abjectly backed down in the row over voting rights in Europe.

Plans to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of D-Day with a spam-fritter competition in Hyde Park were the next public relations disaster. For the first time, the Prime Minister conceded the possibility of a future referendum on Europe. But the death of John Smith, from a heart attack on May 12, changed everything.

Westminster and the country at large mourned the loss of a man of rare charm and integrity. His reward was the worst Tory performance in a national election for more than years but the salvaging of 18 Euro-seats. By the end of June. Tony Blair was heading for an overwhelming victory in the race to be the new Labour leader. He was returned in July as a summer of raO strikes and dismissals of tax cuts by Mr Clarke did little to improve the national mood. Mr Major conducted a modest reshuffle of his Cabinet Sleaze stories returned as the Commons backed an inquiry into newspaper allegations that two Tory MPs The Prime Minister must yearn for dear blue water after 12 months in the political maelstrom were prepared to accept cash for questions.

Interest rates went up for the first time in five years. October saw Mr Blair turn in a stunning performance in his first speech as leader to the Labour conference. The Nolaacom- mjttee was set. Almost - unnoticed, seven weeks after the IRA ceasefire. Mr Major said Jie would begin exploratory talks xrith Sinn Fein. The rebels were stripped of the. Tory whip and Sir Richard Body joined them. The Governmeotwas ' left in a technical minority.

By December, the affair looked less of a technicality as the outlaws combined with other trouble-mak- - era to blow a El biHioxi hole in the Budget arithmetic by voting down the second tranche of VAT on domestic fueL Mr Major ended the year much as he began it losing die Dudley West byndectipn to a Labour landslide and warning his party of the perils of disunity.

December 9am-8pm. Saturday 31st December 9am-5pm. The stores m BntoO. Farehcrough, Skittfi. Creot ffl suiy ip amtiis and cannot he ginrantaad. Comet is a Uoansed cmBi hrefcaf lot ihta sefvten. Coma Qroup He. Oaotge Sheet. It is normal to make advance cue-bids in the most economical suit available, without regard as to whether they are first or second round control. It wont last When East won the spade he woodenly shovelled back a spade.

It was then easy enough for me to make the rest of the tricks playjzigjhe. Normally a Lightner double asks for the lead of an unbid suit, frequently because the doubler is void. In this case. West thought that by doubling he might have alerted his partner to the club switch after he had won the ace of spades. Much better just to lay in to East for being so unimaginative at trick two. In the first round of that event.

While: J. Officers with the Avon and Somerset and Northumbria forces, patrolling areas with some of the worst car crime, found that the chances of having an L-registered Vaux- hall stolen were 92 per cent less than for a car with a C- platie, registered in Avon and Somerset studied the number of VauxhaO cars stolen in seven months this year. Northumbria Police found a big difference in the number of thrifts of Vauxhall Novas and Corsas. Thefts of Novas in the third quarter of this year at contrasted with 15 Corsas.

Only one had been stolen and that was because the thief took die keys from a dealer. Kim Goodley. But we do know it was last raced in Unfortunately, ft finished last in every race. The risk of having their home broken into concerned 84 per cent of those who responded to a questionnaire. People living in flats, maisonettes or rented accommodation, and those who had been burgled before, were most afraid.

He hoisted himsdftimesjin a Seoul park yesterday before collapsing, and then pledged to do lifts by next autumn. The money will not only go to support the peso in foreign exchange markets but also to help wrth loans to help the Government make debt payments.

The peso recovered 14 per cent of its value on Wednesday after plummeting nearly 40 per cent last week when the Government let the currency INDIAN peasants in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas have always had poor health-care facilities and must often walk for days to reach the nearest hospital.

As the uprising by the Zapatista National Liberation Army ends its first year. From David Adams rN miami Zapatistas patrol one of the areas they still control float in the midst of a renewed political crisis in Chiapas. On Wednesday the International Monetary Fund sent a team to Mexico to help President Zedillo to put together an economic stabilisation plan.

The President is expected to announce economic measures during a televised address to the nation on Monday. Many cases of cholera have been reported and infant mortality is twice the national average. Infant mortality there is twice the national average.

More than cases of cholera have been reported in the state this year. Analysts say the long-term effects of the economic crisis are likely to mean rising prices for hard-pressed working class Mexicans. The peso, which had fallen to 5. Leading article, page 17 THE technician convicted of treason for disclosing nuclear secrets. Mordechai Vanunu. For details of sale models and your nearer Midc stockist, please telephone The notebook that keeps going longer.

So you can. Mr Woolsey, already under criticism for the report, then failed to dismiss or demote 11 present and former officers involved. His reprimands of them only resulted in a public drubbing from Capitol HOI. It is thought that a CNN television interview with Ames, in which the former double agent was once more critical of the CIA, may have been the last straw that forced the year-old director to leave the next day.

Defenders of Mr Woolsey say that whatever his faults, the White House must bear some responsibility. James Woolsey was 14th chief. Of these. Mormons form the largest single group: they are employed for their linguistic abilities. But you must put it on a leash. Those considered, included Warren Rudman. He may even master a scaling down of the budget. He had made many speeches about the CIA's role in a world where the Soviet dragon had been replaced by a nest of poisonous snakes.

In a report accompanying intelligence legislation for next year, the House Intelligence Committee felt that the CIA had not tailored its operations for the post-communist era. CIA plans have the look of old wine in new bottles albeit smaller ones. David Hflemon died in a helicopter crash in North Korea this month. In his purported statement. Chief Warrant Officer Bobby Hall did not confess to deliberately crossing into North Korean air space nor to espionage.

He asked for leniency and forgiveness so that he could go home to his family. Last summer the parliament had rejected the initial Contact Group peace plan. While the rest of Bosnia continued to enjoy unusual calm along snow-blanketed front lines, fighting flared between Bosnian Serb units and Government defenders of the Bihac pocket The area around the town of Bosanska Krupa.

They were the first reported by the UN involving Bosnian Serb units. The Carter timetable called for the more detailed talks to be completed by New Years Day. Carl Rauh. If his defence team takes the issue to the Supreme Court, it might not be resolved until after the election. She alleges he exposed himself and asked her for oral sex in a Little Rock hotel room while he was Governor of Arkansas. Asked if he would demand a physical examination of Mr Clinton, Joseph Cammarata.

We expect to gather proof on that issue. Feliciano Perejbn was amazed to see the child, named Jesus, move. His wife. The baby weighed just lib 9oz. Dr fries Merchan, assisting at the birth, pronounced him dead and be was taken to the mortuary and placed in a refrigerated chamber. The child is now seriously ill in intensive care. Captain lovanov Danot, AP Cannibal killer Brussels: A Belgian man aged 26 who was born in Burundi has admitted strangling a friend aged 38 and cooking some flesh from his back in a frying pan and eating it after a row over mass killings in Rwanda.

They already have a daughter aged three. The boy was caught on a Johannesburg stop-over. AP Algiers admits air From. Three jassengers, a Frenchman, an Algerian and a Vietnamese, vere murdered before French inti-terrorist police stormed he airbus in Marseilles on Monday, rescuing all hos- ages and killing the four errorists, one of whom was dentified yesterday as Makh- ous ben Guettaf. On board, police found 20 ticks of dynamite which, ac- ording to diaries Pasqua, the Yendi Interior Minister.

Secunty xperts in France say the irrorisis, who were members of the Armed Islamic Group : GIA ,could have smuggled die dynamite, as well as their guns and grenades, onto the airbus only with inside help. Reuter plane provoked honor and then relief. Yesterday, the daily, Le Parisien. With rotarv control tor flow and temperature, oap dish and gel holder.

Sun 1st Jan 10am4pm. Sun 1st Jan dosed Mon 2nd Jan 8anv8pm. The Chechen defenders looked on helplessly as the attacks continued. The action of the Russian bombers was matched by the Russian helicopter gunships and artillery batteries that kept up a deafening barrage against the Chechen defences throughout the day. He claimed that Russian advances on Wednesday near the airfield at Khankala.

His claims were validated in part by the gruesome right of the body of a Russian soldier who was paraded in a grisly display at one of the town's main roundabouts. One Chechen fighter said he had knocked out an armoured personnel carrier from a few yards away with a rocket- propelled grenade and showed me photographs and a letter he had taken from one of his victims.

We will wait. Among the casualties of last week's bombing whose names I was able to identify, most were Russian. Before the Chechen secession in , almost a third of the 12 million people in the region and Ingushetia were ethnic Russians. By this autumn, after three years of Chechen nationalist pressure and genera] disorder, about Last week there still appeared to be tens of thousands of Russians in Grozny.

They are descended from Cossacks who settled in the north Caucasus from the 17th century, or were moved there to police the frontier from subsequent waves of Russian peasant settlement; and, more recently, from workers sent to develop industries under Soviet rule. Ironically, the Russian army has succeeded where Chechen nationalists foiled: after two weeks of intermittent bombardment of the village on the front line, most of the Russians have fled. Natalya Mikhailovna, But as forme, all I ask is to be allowed to live and die here.

My ancestors came here as Cossacks from Russia, centuries ago, but I am too old to set oof back again. New Year's Eve. The checkpoint is about 30 miles from Grozny and quiet except for the occasional buzz of aircraft or the distant thud of artillery. Troops had dug trendies and were building a traditional Russian bathhouse from logs.

C—' r. So for a great discount on the cruise of a lifetime, set sail for Lunn Poly now. Offer apphes to new DooKings only Lunn Pofy reserve tfiu rtghl to withdraw uus ofter without notice. The strike, which halted public transport, closed banks and businesses and crippled government machinery in Dhaka and three other large cities, is to be followed by three consecutive days of strikes in Dhaka next week.

The city has burst its borders aid is spreading info tiie reighbauring states of Harya- ra and Uttar Pradesh, un- bashing an unprecedented crime wave. Several kidnap gangs are believed to have arrived in the capital in search of ransom argets. Delhi, like all of India, Contains tremendous wealth, which is held by a relatively small number erf people who go to estraoidinary lengths to protect themselves from the majority who are poor.

Police officers were immediately stationed outside schools in better-off areas and many parents-kept their offspring at home for a while. Roadblocks were set up at night, so that the police could search cars for hidden children. Many better-off neighbourhoods have started sealing their streets at night with iron gates.

Gangs are ingenious in their methods. Islanders fight to sea. President I atari of the tiny Pacific. Scientific opinion is divided, but some exp ert s predicta rise in mean sea lewd of 24 indies a decade over the next century. Hie rise of the sea has never been like this before. Government leaders tried to allay public fears of a crisis and Abdus Salam Tahikder.

A woman carries a box of clothes from her earthquake-damaged home along what remains of a road at Hachinobe. The quake struck on Wednesday night lolling at least two men and injuring people. A series of aftershocks rumbled through Victims flee quake the region yesterday hampering relief and repair efforts. The men who died were customers at a crowded pinball parlour that collapsed in Hachinobe, miles north of Tokyo, as the earthquake struck tiie northern tip of Honshu Island, registering 7.

The death of a year-old woman from a heart attack in a nearby town, however, was not directly linked to die quake, the police said. President Mubarak of Egypt, President Assad of Syria and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia also urged the world community to work to remove obstacles that they claimed Israel had placed in the path of the peace process- The three leaders, who held extensive discussions on Wednesday and met briefly yesterday, also said that they wanted the Middle East to be free of weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons.

For every child who develops a love of classical music, there are a dozen who find it dull and uninspiring. Does the fault lie with the music? With the child? The Magical Music Box has been developed in the belief that dramatisation of the same story on the CD or cassette - but with the music used to highlight the story - then listen to the music by itself In this way.

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Cape Elizabeth. Maine 2 John Nichols London Hannah More , religious writer, bom. Portuguese founder of the Brothers Hospitallers, bom. Montemor-o-Novo 10 Charles Frederick Worth London Dane Rudhyar ? American composer, bom. Paris 26 David Lloyd George. Prime Minister , died, Llanystumdwy.

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Bengal 29 Sir Malcolm Sargent , conductor, bom. New York 3 Thomas Hood London 4 Thomas John Bamardo , philanthropist, bom. Dublin Francis Frank Holl London 5 John Curtin Indian social reformer, born, Gagode, Gujarat 15 Anton von Webern , Austrian composer, died.

Polish composer, bom. New York 28 Louis Pasteur ,. Italian composer, died, Rome. Bath 4 BustefKeaton American s0ent:film actor' and director, tom, Piqua,;. Aires province lOtnndaaSchoolof. Lewis Mumfoni , American sociologist, bom. New York Z3George Edward Saintsbury , critid and historian, bom, - Southampton Vldkun. Quisling , Norwegian collaborator. Knox Polk Uth President of the US German composer, born, Hanau Michael Arlen , novelist, bom, Rustdiuk.

A rugby ball lies squashed by the door, a single ski is propped up against one comer. South China Sea, March Admiralty-speak for Landing Craft Infantry Large just off the Philippines towards the end of a perilous, For Paul Barney, destined to survive the Estonia ferry disaster in die Baltic Sea 48 years later, the epic story of how his stepfather, Brian Henry, then a young naval officer, had lived through the storm.

More than people, mainly Swedes and Estonians, died when the Estonia, bound from Tallinn to Stockholm, sank in heavy seas on the night of September Just His principal solace comes from the realisation that slowly he is It was voyeuristic. When the storm hit several hours after die 7pm departure from Tallinn, Barney was asleep on the floor of die cafeteria.

This fact alone helped to save his life. When he was awakened by the crashing of tables and chairs all around him. No one moved. I was the one who was despairing at the futility erf it all and crying out what the bloody hell was I going to do. Others stood rooted to the spot, frozen like soldiers who have come under fire for the first time, not knowing how to react Maybe if there had been more people prepared to act and do something, more might have survived.

Walls became floors and floors ceilings. Reliving it was as real as my everyday existence. It was like a video replay. I almost felt secure within the experience. Paul Barney pulled an Estonian girl out of the Baltic and hugged her. Minutes later, like the others, she was dead against it at the last moment. Instead, he forced his way towards an exit door and made Ids way tortuously onto the upturned hull.

The moon was up and there was a short spell of relative calm in the storm. AUtmts are superbly appointed and the Unger luxury Sapphire range of mobile homes are new fbr 95, offering ewm mom tbokc and greater value. Excludes Personal Insurance. EmoStes fcs a trading name of Airtonn Holidays Lid. ABTA Nk They were very loud, even in the wind.

I was shouting and calling for a lifejacket when I found one almost in front of me, floating in the water. I tried to dimb on to the raft. But there were 16 to 18 of us, and our combined weight, all on one side, caused it to flip over. All we could do was climb on to the underside and hang on. He reached down and helped to pull her up. It was really severe and the waves came over the top.

The gjri. I went cl11 Li into self-preserva- u i. I time. I would have needed the strength of Samson. They would hinge around and thrash their arms and legs. We managed to save one man when we saw bis eyes were rolling, but he was still in control of his limbs. If people made certain sounds, you knew they were dying. The extreme cold had taken most of those who died. Others succumbed to the waves. At one point, die raft had actually been caught in the searchlight of a rescue ship, but no one had seen them.

Lafer, a helicopter managed to lower a frogman to withm a few feet of their beads, only to raise him again when it was discovered there was some kind of fault in the winch mechanism. The pilot of the second helicopter, arriving shortly after dawn, managed to hover immediately overhead in spite of a 30ft swell. One by one, the sue survivors were winched aboard. Barney, whose body temperature had dropped to a potentially fata] 28C. The first thing that happened was my legs gave out Cramp.

I def- li-fg initely get more de- pressed. I dedded to go with iL I needed some land of cathartic process. January 3. A book is to follow. Whai happened was a jolt. It put a lot of things into perspective. I realised I had been ignoring my spiritual side, which 1 had begun neglecting in the Eighties.

Otherwise it would drag you down. Driving borne around midnight she pulled over from the middle lane to allow the Volvo to overtake. She lost control of her car. It was used in the case of the year-old man who died in May when he came to Wows with another driver after an overtaking incident in West Yorkshire.

It was used to describe the state of mind of a man who stabbed another driver with a screwdriver because he felt he had been cut up on the M If someone has been involved in a family row. It is usually men who are guilty of this, and women who suffer. There are no road rage figures: to the police it is simply dangerous driving. It even applies to Headok, the most advanced double glazing system available, which gives twice the hea saving of Tegular double glaring.

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Good cooking is an art. Man is a cooking animal, as much as a speaking or toolmaking or litigating animal. Cookery is the second oldest profession. The fundamental binary' opposition, after that between male and female, is the one between raw and cooked. Fanny Cradock was no Homer, but she would have approved of his radical recipe for roasting the fat and the ean meat.

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The best bakery by far in the city of Nicosia with cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. Top quality and fresh homemade products. Once you visit this place you feel like you are in another country where people do care about the industry. Just amazing, keep up the good job because we need you! Michail Drakomathioulakis. Regarding prices, in my original review I have written that it's a bit on the expensive side, but value for money. The bakery prices are similar to the ones found all around in Nicosia, so, given the superior quality, it's not just value for money, I would say it's a bargain.

PS: In their answer to my original review the owner were willing to offer me, as a compensation, bread on the house in my next visit. Although that's a very professional reaction, today I didn't ask for, cause it isn't my style, and, more important, no one can claim that they bought my review. It's just what I think On the other hand, why this timetable? OK, let's say I understand why it's closed on Sundays. On Saturdays, why to close at ?

It's very disappointing to drive all the way from Latsia to Prodromou just to find out. Compare the best restaurants near Qboo Bakehouse. The Chef reccomend Bagels. QR Code Menu. Menu request Fill the form for asking the restaurateur to send to Sluurpy the restaurant's menu. Request text optional An error has occurred! Please try again in a few minutes.

Welcome back! Registration successful! Sign in with the credentials we sent you in your inbox. Enter a valid email address and password. Sign in. Don't have an account? Create it. Want to sign in with Facebook or Google? Register now. It's free! Enter a valid email address. Email address already exists.

Already have an account? Choose your password. By continuing, you confirm that you accept: - Privacy policy - Terms of use. The food is good and the service is correct dont forget that it is a bakery and not a 5 stars hotel! I enjoyed it and definitely i will go again and try other varieties! Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

Skip to main content. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. BIO Bakery! Review of Qboo Bakehouse. Qboo Bakehouse. Improve this listing. Ranked 2 of 8 Bakeries in Nicosia. Restaurant details. Reviewed 29 January Date of visit: January Ask HA about Qboo Bakehouse. Write a review Reviews Traveller rating. Show reviews that mention.

All reviews brunch artisan bread shrimp cornelius cappuccino. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. Read reviews in English Go back. Reviewed 23 October

Nicosia qboo betting bakery binary code options trading scams in ghana

Reviewed 27 October via mobile 20 November via mobile You. Date of visit: February Reviewed 22 December via mobile Appreciated the visit qboo bakery nicosia betting our qboo bakery nicosia betting of Cornelius, the Owner. Date of visit: January Reviewed November 19, via mobile You will love it. Updating list Reviewed 2 weeks shrimp cornelius cappuccino. Reviewed September 8, via mobile ago Very Overpriced. Date of visit: February Reviewed 9 March Probably the best bakehouse in Nicosia. Date of visit: July Reviewed Maybe visit again in a the visit to our table. Date of visit: January Reviewed Maybe visit again in a. Reviewed 15 February via mobile Old lady owner is very. Date of visit: December Reviewed 2 weeks ago via mobile.

Vertimai bus atlikti automatiškai, tad juose galite rasti nemažai klaidų ir „kreivų“ išsireiškimų, bet tikimės, jog suprasite, kas vyksta. Versti. Ieškoti. BIO BREADS. A bakery has opened in Nicosia less than a year ago: Qboo Bakehouse. They bake real, hand shaped, kettle boiled bagels - fresh, several times a day! It is the​. Restaurant. Qboo Bakehouse. Bakery. Mouson. Bar. Cook Shop. European Restaurant. Fork Food Market. Food Stand. γρανάζι. Bar. The Boys At Number Five.