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Chemistry Enhanced Scope Sequence. Stock Option Trading Strategy - Pictogrammeinfo. Pour about 60 mL of hot water into the graduated cylinder, They notice that density is a good indicator of boiling point name binary and ionic compounds.

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In one embodiment, a composition includes aluminum, molybdenum trioxide, potassium perchlorate, and a binder. In one embodiment, the binder may include a silicone material. The materials may be mixed with a solvent, such as xylene, de-aired, shaped and cured to provide a self-supporting structure. In one embodiment, one or more reinforcement members may be added to provide additional strength to the structure.

For example, a weave or mat of carbon fiber material may be added to the mixture prior to curing. In one embodiment, blade casting techniques may be used to form a structure. In another embodiment, a structure may be formed using 3-dimensional printing techniques. Synthesis and evaluation of energetic materials.

Over the years new generations of propellants and explosives are being developed. High performance and pollution prevention issues have become the subject of interest in recent years. Desired properties of these materials are a halogen-free, nitrogen and oxygen rich molecular composition with high density and a positive heat of formation.

The dinitramide anion is a new oxy anion of nitrogen and forms salts with variety of metal, organic and inorganic cations. It is unique among energetic materials in that it has no carbon or chlorine; its combustion products are not detrimental to the atmosphere. The present thesis is centered on the experimental results along with discussion of some of the most pertinent aspects related to the synthesis and characterization of few dinitramide salts.

The chemistry, mechanism and kinetics of the formation of dinitramide salts by nitration of deactivated amines are investigated. The evaluation of the thermal and spectral properties along with the adsorption and thermal decomposition characteristics of the dinitramide salts are also explored in this thesis.

Enhancing Reactivity in Structural Energetic Materials. In many structural energetic materials , only a small fraction of the metal oxidizes, and yet this provides a significant boost in the overall energy release of the system. Different methodologies to enhance this reactivity include alloying and geometric modifications of microstructure of the reactive material RM. In this presentation, we present the results of several years of systematic study of both chemical alloy and mechanical geometry effects on reactivity for systems with typical charge to case mass ratios.

Alloys of aluminum with magnesium and lithium are considered, as these are common alloys in aerospace applications. In terms of geometric modifications, we consider surface texturing, inclusion of dense additives, and inclusion of voids. In all modifications, a measurable influence on output is observed, and this influence is related to the fragment size distribution measured from the observed residue. Support from DTRA is gratefully acknowledged. Shock interactions with heterogeneous energetic materials.

The complex physical phenomenon of shock wave interaction with material heterogeneities has significant importance and nevertheless remains little understood. In many materials , the observed macroscale response to shock loading is governed by characteristics of the microstructure. Yet, the majority of computational studies aimed at predicting phenomena affected by these processes, such as the initiation and propagation of detonation waves in explosives or shock propagation in geological materials , employ continuum material and reactive burn model treatment.

In an effort to highlight the grain-scale processes that underlie the observable effects in an energetic system, a grain-scale model for hexanitrostilbene HNS has been developed. The measured microstructures were used to produce synthetic computational representations of the pore structure, and a density functional theory molecular dynamics derived equation of state EOS was used for the fully dense HNS matrix.

The explicit inclusion of the microstructure along with a fully dense EOS resulted in close agreement with historical shock compression experiments. More recent experiments on the dynamic reaction threshold were also reproduced by inclusion of a global kinetics model. The complete model was shown to reproduce accurately the expected response of this heterogeneous material to shock loading. Mesoscale simulations were shown to provide a clear insight into the nature of threshold behavior and are a way to understand complex physical phenomena.

The proposer requested funding for laser equipment that would be used to study engineered nanometric energetic materials consisting of nanometer metal particles, passivation layers and oxidizing binders Segregation and redistribution of end-of-process energetic materials.

A system recovering then recycling or reusing end-of-process energetic materials has been developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLNL. The system promotes separating energetic materials with high potential for reuse or recycling from those that have no further value. A feature of the system is a computerized electronic bulletin board for advertising the availability of surplus and recovered energetic materials and process chemicals to LLNL researchers, and for posting energetic materials , ''want ads.

Reactive thermal waves in energetic materials. Reactive thermal waves RTWs arise in several energetic material applications, including self-propagating high-temperature synthesis SHS , high explosive cookoff, and the detonation of heterogeneous explosives. In this paper I exmaine ideal RTWs, by which I mean that 1 material motion is neglected, 2 the state dependence of reaction is Arrhenius in the temperature, and 3 the reaction rate is modulated by an arbitrary mass-fraction-based reaction progress function.

Numerical simulations demonstrate that one's natural intuition, which is based mainly upon experience with inert materials and which leads one to expect diffusion processes to become relatively slow after a short time period, is invalid for high energy, state-sensitive reactive systems. Instead, theory predicts that RTWs can propagate at very high speeds.

This result agrees with estimates for detonating heterogeneous explosives, which indicate that RTWs must spread from hot-spot nucleation sites at rates comparable to the detonation speed in order to produce experimentally-observed reaction zone thicknesses. Using dimensionless scaling and further invoking the high activation energy approximation, I obtain an analytic formula for the steady plane RTW speed from numerical calculations.

I then compute the RTW speed for real explosives, and discuss aspects of their behavior. Europa Lander Material Selection Considerations. Tappan, Alexander S. Energetic materials EMs, explosives, pyrotechnics, propellants provide high-power output of high temperature reaction products.

These products can be solid, liquid, or gaseous during reaction or after the products have equilibrated with the surroundings. For example, high explosives typically consist of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen bonded within a single molecule, and produce almost exclusively gaseous products. Conversely, intermetallics consist of physical mixtures of metals and metalloids, and produce almost exclusively condensed products. Other materials such as pyrotechnics and propellants have intermediate behavior.

All energetic materials react in a self-propagating manner that after ignition, does not necessarily require energy input from the surroundings. Energetic material selection depends on numerous requirements specific to the needs of a system. High explosives are used for applications where high pressure gases are necessary for pushing or fracturing materials e. Propellants are used to produce moderate-pressure, high-temperature products without a shock wave.

Pyrotechnics are used to produce numerous effects including: high-temperature products, gases, light, smoke, sound, and others. Thermites are used to produce heat, high-temperature products, materials , and other effects that require condensed products. Intermetallics are used to produce high-temperature condensed products and materials , with very little gas production.

Numerous categories of energetic materials exist with overlapping definitions, effects, and properties. Energetic materials : crystallization, characterization and insensitive plastic bonded explosives. Heijden, Antoine E. Box , AH Apeldoorn Netherlands. The product quality of energetic materials is predominantly determined by the crystallization process applied to produce these materials. It has been demonstrated in the past that the higher the product quality of the solid energetic ingredients, the less sensitive a plastic bonded explosive containing these energetic materials becomes.

The application of submicron or nanometric energetic materials is generally considered to further decrease the sensitiveness of explosives. In order to assess the product quality of energetic materials , a range of analytical techniques is available.

Recent attempts within the Reduced-sensitivity RDX Round Robin R4 have provided the EM community a better insight into these analytical techniques and in some cases a correlation between product quality and shock initiation of plastic bonded explosives containing RS- RDX was identified, which would provide a possibility to discriminate between conventional and reduced sensitivity grades. Abstract Copyright [], Wiley Periodicals, Inc. This is Kuperman Ronald T. Checkai Michael Simini.

Stacy, S. Results show that a high PZT dielectric strength leads to faster. Reaction path of energetic materials using THOR code. The method of predicting reaction path, using THOR code, allows for isobar and isochor adiabatic combustion and CJ detonation regimes, the calculation of the composition and thermodynamic properties of reaction products of energetic materials.

The code allows the possibility of estimating various sets of reaction products, obtained successively by the decomposition of the original reacting compound, as a function of the released energy. Two case studies of thermal decomposition procedure were selected , calculated and discussed—pure Ammonium Nitrate and its based explosive ANFO, and Nitromethane—because their equivalence ratio is respectively lower, near and greater than the stoicheiometry. Predictions of reaction path are in good correlation with experimental values, proving the validity of proposed method.

Cutting and machining energetic materials with a femtosecond laser. A femtosecond fs laser has been used as a tool for solving many problems involving access, machining, disassembly, inspection and avoidance of undesirable hazardous waste streams in systems containing energetic materials. Because of the unique properties of the interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with matter, the femtosecond laser can be used to safely cut these energetic materials in a precise manner without creating an unacceptable waste stream.

Many types of secondary high explosives HE and propellants have been cut with the laser for a variety of applications ranging from disassembly of aging conventional weapons demilitarization , inspection of energetic components of aging systems to creating unique shapes of HE for purposes of initiation and detonation physics studies.

Hundreds of samples of energetic materials have been cut with the fs laser without ignition and, in most cases, without changing the surface morphology of the cut surfaces. The laser has also been useful in cutting nonenergetic components in close proximity to energetic materials. The proposed work is motivated by our desire to better understand the fundamental dynamics and thermodynamics of Chemical physics of decomposition of energetic materials.

Problems and prospects. The review is concerned with analysis of the results obtained in the kinetic and mechanistic studies on decomposition of energetic materials explosives, powders and solid propellants. It is shown that the state-of-the art in this field is inadequate to the potential of modern chemical kinetics and chemical physics. Unsolved problems are outlined and ways of their solution are proposed. The needed equipment was ordered and installed, and assembled into a working SFG set up that has been tested on a model system consisting of a self assembled monolayer of alkane on gold.

The next step will be to finish integrating the carbon dioxide laser system and to begin looking at aluminum based energetic materials. New fluidized bed reactor for coating of energetic materials. The process of altering and changing the properties of the energetic materials by coating has been studied extensively by several scientific groups.

According to the desired application different coating techniques have been developed and applied to achieve satisfactory results. Among the already. Nanostructured energetic materials derived from sol-gel chemistry. Initiation and detonation properties are dramatically affected by an energetic material 's microstructural properties. Sol-gel chemistry allows intimacy of mixing to be controlled and dramatically improved over existing methodologies. One material goal is to create very high power energetic materials which also have high energy densities.

Using sol-gel chemistry we have made a nanostructured composite energetic material. Here a solid skeleton of fuel, based on resorcinol-formaldehyde, has nanocrystalline ammonium perchlorate, the oxidizer, trapped within its pores. At optimum stoichiometry it has approximately the energy density of HMX. Transmission electron microscopy indicated no ammonium perchlorate crystallites larger than 20 nm while near-edge soft x-ray absorption microscopy showed that nitrogen was uniformly distributed, at least on the scale of less than 80 nm.

Small-angle neutron scattering studies were conducted on the material. Those results were consistent with historical ones for this class of nanostructured materials. The average skeletal primary particle size was on the order of 2. Selection of low-risk design guidelines for energetic events. This paper recommends the establishment of specific design guidelines for protection against potential, but low-probability, energetic events.

These guidelines recognize the plant protective features incorporated to prevent such events, as well as the inherent capability of the plant to accommodate a certain level of energy release. Further, their application is recommended within the context of necessary standardized and agreed-upon acceptance criteria which are less restrictive than ASME code requirements.

The paper provides the background upon which the selection of the design is made, including the characterization of energetic events dependent on various core-design parameters, and including the necessity of a low-risk design balanced between prevention of accidents and the mitigation of consequences. Absorbed laser light at nrm can 5 excite the The rare-earth ion dysprosium Dy doped into a yttrium- aluminum -garnet YAG crystal was I determined.

Skateboard deck materials selection. The goal of this project was to identify the ideal material for a skateboard deck under in price, minimizing the weight. Both single material and hybrid solutions were explored. When further selecting to minimize weight, woods were found to be the best material. Titanium alloy-wood composites were explored to determine the optimal percentage composition of each material. Modeling of high energy laser ignition of energetic materials.

We present a model for simulating high energy laser heating and ignition of confined energetic materials. The model considers the effect of irradiating a steel plate with long laser pulses and continuous lasers of several kilowatts and the thermal response of well-characterized high explosives for ignition.

Since there is enough time for the thermal wave to propagate into the target and to create a region of hot spot in the high explosives, electron thermal diffusion of ultrashort femto- and picosecond lasing is ignored; instead, heat diffusion of absorbed laser energy in the solid target is modeled with thermal decomposition kinetic models of high explosives. Numerically simulated pulsed-laser heating of solid target and thermal explosion of cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine, triaminotrinitrobenzene, and octahydrotetranitrotetrazine are compared to experimental results.

The experimental and numerical results are in good agreement. A global increase in environmental pollution demands the development of new "cleaner" chemical processes. Among urgent improvements, the replacement of traditional hydrocarbon-derived toxic organic solvents with neoteric solvents less harmful for the environment is one of the most vital issues.

As a result of the favorable combination of their unique properties, ionic liquids ILs , dense gases, and supercritical fluids SCFs have gained considerable attention as suitable green chemistry media for the preparation and modification of important chemical compounds and materials. In particular, they have a significant potential in a specific and very important area of research associated with the manufacture and processing of high-energy materials HEMs.

These large-scale manufacturing processes, in which hazardous chemicals and extreme conditions are used, produce a huge amount of hard-to-dispose-of waste. Furthermore, they are risky to staff, and any improvements that would reduce the fire and explosion risks of the corresponding processes are highly desirable. Recent advances in the field of energetic oxygen-balanced and hypergolic ILs are summarized.

Significant attention is paid to the SCF-based micronization techniques, which improve the energetic performance of HEMs through an efficient control of the morphology and particle size distribution of the HEM fine particles, and to useful applications of SCFs in HEM processing that makes them less hazardous. KGaA, Weinheim. Environmentally benign destruction of waste energetic materials EMs.

Studies by the U. Army Corps of Engineers during involving various methods for the destruction of waste generated by pyrotechnic, explosive and propellant materials are described. Army triple-base propellant as the initial common standard for all destructor comparative testing. All three of these methods has special feed line restrictions requiring mechanical diminution and comminution of the energetic material which, for safety reasons, cannot be used with contaminated heterogeneous production wastes.

Supercritical fluid extraction with carbon dioxide, alkaline hydrolysis, electrolysis and fluid cutting with very high pressure water jets and liquid nitrogen are alternate technologies that were evaluated as pre-treatment for production wastes. Wet air oxidation and electrochemical reduction studies were conducted using the U. Wet air oxidation and hydrothermal oxidation studies were done using potassium dinitramide phase-stabilized nitrate as an oxidizer. All of these technologies are considered to be suitable for the environmentally benign destruction of pyrotechnic materials , including fireworks.

Criticality conditions of heterogeneous energetic materials under shock loading. Shock interaction with the microstructural heterogeneities of energetic materials can lead to the formation of locally heated regions known as hot spots. These hot spots are the potential sites where chemical reaction may be initiated. However, the ability of a hot spot to initiate chemical reaction depends on its size, shape and strength temperature. Previous study by Tarver et al.

Tarver et al. However, the meso-scale simulations show that the temperature distribution within a hot spot formed from processes such as void collapse is seldom constant. Also, the shape of a hot spot can be arbitrary. This work is an attempt towards development of a critical hot spot curve which is a function of loading strength, duration and void morphology. To achieve the aforementioned goal, mesoscale simulations are conducted on porous HMX material. The process is repeated for different loading conditions and void sizes.

The hot spots formed in the process are examined for criticality depending on whether they will ignite or not. The metamodel is used to obtain criticality curves and is compared with the critical hot spot curve of Tarver et al. Theoretical two-phase-flow analyses have recently been developed to describe the structure and stability of multi-phase deflagrations in porous energetic materials , in both confined and unconfined geometries.

The results of these studies are reviewed, with an emphasis on the fundamental differences that emerge with respect to the two types of geometries. In particular, pressure gradients are usually negligible in unconfined systems, whereas the confined problem is generally characterized by a significant gas-phase pressure difference, or overpressure, between the burned and unburned regions. It is also shown how asymptotic models that are suitable for analyzing stability may be derived based on the largeness of an overall activation-energy parameter.

From an analysis of such models, it is shown that the effects of porosity and two-phase flow are generally destabilizing, suggesting that degraded propellants, which exhibit greater porosity than their pristine counterparts, may be more readily subject to combustion instability and nonsteady deflagration. Materials selection in mechanical design. A novel materials-selection procedure has been developed and implemented in software.

The procedure makes use of Materials Selection Charts: a new way of displaying material property data; and performance indices: combinations of material properties which govern performance. Optimisation methods are employed for simultaneous selection of both material and shape. Application of physical and energetic approach to estimation and selection of atmospheric protection systems for energetic devices. Full Text Available The air basin of cities is subjected to considerable pollution, including waste gases generated during the production of thermal and electric energy by power plants.

However, power plants are an indispensable element of the life support system on urban areas and they can not be taken out of the city, that means minimizing losses, both material and energy. Therefore, the problem of the correct choice of structural elements and operating characteristics of the process and a system for reducing air pollution is becoming very important.

The paper analyzes the most well-known and practical scientific approaches to the selection of optimal measures to reduce air pollution, their advantages and disadvantages are revealed. The authors have singled out the physical and energetic approach as the most acceptable one.

The approach is based on the theory of dispersed systems stability, the analysis of the main provisions which allowed us to systematize the parameters of properties, energy parameters and stability of gaseous pollutants formed during the operation of power plants and to construct a scheme for the transformation of gaseous pollutants for the process of reducing air pollution has been performed.

At the same time, stability is the resultant criterion characterizing the gaseous pollutants behavior. Herein we present the preparation and characterization of three new bispyrazolyl-based energetic compounds with great potential as explosive materials. Three-dimensional simulations of void collapse in energetic materials. The collapse of voids in porous energetic materials leads to hot-spot formation and reaction initiation.

This work advances the current knowledge of the dynamics of void collapse and hot-spot formation using 3D reactive void collapse simulations in HMX. Four different void shapes, i. For all four shapes, collapse generates complex three-dimensional 3D baroclinic vortical structures. The hot spots are collocated with regions of intense vorticity. The differences in the vortical structures for the different void shapes are shown to significantly impact the relative sensitivity of the voids.

Voids of high surface area generate hot spots of greater intensity; intricate, highly contorted vortical structures lead to hot spots of corresponding tortuosity and therefore enhanced growth rates of reaction fronts. In addition, all 3D voids are shown to be more sensitive than their two-dimensional 2D counterparts.

The results provide physical insights into hot-spot formation and growth and point to the limitations of 2D analyses of hot-spot formation. Energetic materials EMs are substances with a high amount of stored energy and the ability to release that energy at a rapid rate. Nanothermites and green organic energetics are two classes of EMs which have gained significant interest as they each have desirable properties over traditional explosives.

These systems also possess downfalls, which…. Food environments select microorganisms based on selfish energetic behavior. Full Text Available Nutrient richness, and specifically the abundance of mono- and disaccharides that characterize several food matrixes, such as milk and grape juice, has allowed the speciation of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts with a high fermentation capacity instead of energetically favorable respiratory metabolism.

Energetic materials i. Direct measurement of the complex mechanical, thermal, and chemical response of energetic materials is critical for improving computational models and enabling predictive capabilities. Many of the physical phenomena of interest in energetic materials cover time and length scales spanning several orders of magnitude.

Examples include chemical interactions in the reaction zone, the distribution and evolution of temperature fields, mesoscale deformation in heterogeneous systems, and phase transitions. This is particularly true for spontaneous phenomena, like thermal cook-off.

The ability for MaRIE to capture multiple length scales and stochastic phenomena can significantly advance our understanding of energetic materials and yield more realistic, predictive models. Incidents caused by fire and combat operations can heat energetic materials that may lead to thermal explosion and result in structural damage and casualty. Some explosives may thermally explode at fairly low temperatures energetic materials to thermal insults.

The One Dimensional Time to Explosion ODTX system at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has been used for decades to measure times to explosion, threshold thermal explosion temperature, and determine kinetic parameters of energetic materials. Samples of different configurations pressed part, powder, paste, and liquid can be tested in the system. The ODTX testing can also provide useful data for assessing the thermal explosion violence of energetic materials.

Recent ODTX experimental data are reported in the paper. Selection of materials for ETF. Repeated operation of a long burning, ignited plasma in ETF implies high exposure to an intense source of energetic particles and high energy Designing ETF and FED will provide many insights into reactor relevant design issues related to materials performance, particularly in components outside the first wall.

This paper focuses primarily on how exposure to the plasma and radiation damage to materials infuence the design lifetime of particular components, including the first wall, armor, and TF coils. Also discussed are radiaton exposure limits for repair welding of the torus and for electrical materials used in RF and diagnostics.

Stabilized super-thermite colloids: A new generation of advanced highly energetic materials. Yet, full exploitation of super-thermites in highly energetic systems has not been achieved. This manuscript reports on the sustainable fabrication of colloidal Fe2O3 and CuO nanoparticles for thermite applications. XRD diffractograms demonstrated highly crystalline materials. SEM micrographs demonstrated a great tendency of the developed oxides to aggregate over drying process.

The effective integration and dispersion of mono-dispersed colloidal thermite particles into energetic systems are vital for enhanced performance. Aluminum is of interest as highly energetic metal fuel. In this paper, synthesized Fe2O3 and CuO nanoparticles were re-dispersed in isopropyl alcohol IPA with aluminum nanoparticles using ultrasonic prope homogenizer.

The colloidal thermite peraticles can be intgegrated into highly energetic system for subsequent nanocomposite development. Thanks to stabilization of colloidal CuO nanoparticles in IPA which could offer intimate mixing between oxidizer and metal fuel. The stabilization mechanism of CuO in IPA was correlated to steric stabilization with solvent molecules. This approach eliminated nanoparticle drying and the re-dispersion of dry aggregates into energetic materials.

This manuscript shaded the light on the real development of colloidal thermite mixtures and their integration into highly energetic systems. This review presents a concept, which assumes that thermal decomposition processes play a major role in defining the sensitivity of organic energetic materials to detonation initiation.

As a science and engineering community we are still far away from having a comprehensive molecular detonation initiation theory in a widely agreed upon form. However, recent advances in experimental and theoretical methods allow for a constructive and rigorous approach to design and test the theory or at least some of its fundamental building blocks. In this review, we analyzed a set of select experimental and theoretical articles, which were augmented by our own first principles modeling and simulations, to reveal new trends in energetic materials and to refine known existing correlations between their structures, properties, and functions.

Our consideration is intentionally limited to the processes of thermally stimulated chemical reactions at the earliest stage of decomposition of molecules and materials containing defects. Full Text Available This review presents a concept, which assumes that thermal decomposition processes play a major role in defining the sensitivity of organic energetic materials to detonation initiation. Materials selection for cutting tools.

The selection of proper tool steel for a given application is a difficult task. So; the most important selection factors in choosing cutting tool materials are based on their tool material requirements, cutting tool design and service conditions which is mainly considered as functional requirements. The processability requirements concerns in heat treat ability of the material tool. The classification of these tool materials were discussed with their properties requirement and percent of alloying element which is added to give best properties with a little increase in cost that highly appear in comparison of the selection.

The cutting tool materials were evaluated based on two cases; The first was in case of rough surface; the high speed steels is the best material and the other was the ceramic material is the highest performance in cutting of soft or high rate of metal removal. Materials Selection for Aerospace Systems. A systematic design-oriented, five-step approach to material selection is described: 1 establishing design requirements, 2 material screening, 3 ranking, 4 researching specific candidates and 5 applying specific cultural constraints to the selection process.

At the core of this approach is the definition performance indices i. These material selection charts, which plot one property against another, are introduced and shown to provide a powerful graphical environment wherein one can apply and analyze quantitative selection criteria, such as those captured in performance indices, and make trade-offs between conflicting objectives.

Finding a material with a high value of these indices maximizes the performance of the component. Two specific examples pertaining to aerospace engine blades and pressure vessels are examined, both at room temperature and elevated temperature where time-dependent effects are important to demonstrate the methodology.

Finally, a brief discussion is presented on managing the data needed for materials selection , including collection, analysis, deployment, and maintenance issues. The experimental setup is depicted in Figure 4. The results obtained from this and Papers of 5.

The review of material research designed for energetic use has been done. The special emphasis have been put on the steels and alloys with desirable mechanical and corrosion properties in high temperature and pressure conditions. The methods for testing and non-destructive diagnostics of materials and welded joints have been also presented and discussed.

On the base of thermal reactors with high fission materials reproduction world atomic power engineering development supplying higher power and requiring smaller speed of raw uranium mining, than in the variant with fast reactors, is possible. Studies on compatibility of energetic materials by thermal methods. Full Text Available The chemical compatibility of explosives, pyrotechnics and propellants with those materials is studied to evaluate potential hazards when in contact with other materials during production, storage and handling.

The test methods and well defined criteria are the most important elements when a compatibility study is being accomplished. In this paper, the compatibility of two very important high explosives used in ammunition, RDX Cyclo-1,3,5-trimethylene-2,4,6-trinitramine and HMX Cyclotetramethylene tetranitramine was studied with the materials : fluoroelastomer Viton and powdered aluminum Al, using DSC and VST methods. Existing thermal reactors are energy production scale limited because of low portion of raw uranium usage.

Fast reactors are limited by reprocessing need of huge mass of raw uranium at the initial stage of development. The possibility of development of thermal reactors with high fission materials reproduction, which solves the problem, is discussed here. Neutron losses are decreased, uranium-thorium fuel with artificial fission materials equilibrium regime is used, additional in-core and out-core neutron sources are used for supplying of high fission materials reproduction.

Liquid salt reactors can use dynamic loading regime for this purpose. Preferable construction is channel type reactor with heavy water moderator. Good materials for fuel element shells and channel walls are zirconium alloys enriched by 90Zr. Reactors with additional neutron sources obtain full usage of raw uranium with small additional energy expenses. The impulse thrust Papers of 4. The research on the materials commonly used in electric power stations and energetics have been summarized in the course of the seminar.

Especially a different kinds of steels have been investigated from the view point of their desirable mechanical and corrosion properties. During a reaction the GA generates nucleation sites that promote the formation of bubbles. As the reaction wave passes, the gas pockets Results from tests run in relative high humidity environments show a decreased ability of iodine to effectively neutralize.

Spallation products induced by energetic neutrons in plastic detector material. He, Li and Be particles which are produced in nuclear interactions of the neutrons with the target elements C, N and O of the plastic detector material are measured. Preliminary angle and range distributions and isotropic abundances of the secondary particles are discussed. These carbon-fiber casing warheads are a solution Effects of void anisotropy on the ignition and growth rates of energetic materials.

Initiation of heterogeneous energetic materials is thought to occur at hot spots; reaction fronts propagate from sites of such hot spots into the surrounding material resulting in complete consumption of the material. Heterogeneous materials , such as plastic bonded explosives PBXs and pressed materials contain numerous voids, defects and interfaces at which hot spots can occur.

Amongst the various mechanisms of hot spot formation, void collapse is considered to be the predominant one in the high strain rate loading conditions. It is established in the past the shape of the voids has a significant effect on the initiation behavior of energetic materials.

In particular, void aspect ratio and orientations play an important role in this regard. This work aims to quantify the effects of void aspect ratio and orientation on the ignition and growth rates of chemical reaction from the hot spot. A wide range of aspect ratio and orientations is considered to establish a correlation between the ignition and growth rates and the void morphology. The ignition and growth rates are obtained from high fidelity reactive meso-scale simulations.

The void morphology is shown to have a significant effect on the ignition and growth rates of HMX. Spectrally selective solar energy materials. The performance and properties of spectrally selective materials are considered and, in particular, the selective absorption of solar radiation by free electrons is discussed, both in a homogeneous material in which these electrons are strongly scattered, and in a composite material consisting of small metal particles in a dielectric host.

Such materials can be used as selective absorbers if they are deposited as a thin film onto a metal substrate, the latter providing the required low emittance. This method can yield Ni films with a considerable carbon concentration.

The carbon concentration can be varied over a wide range by adjusting the partial methane pressure. The associated experimental techniques are discussed. As the carbon concentration increases, the structure of the films changes from a Ni phase in which carbon is dissolved, via an intermediate Ni 3 C phase into an amorphous carbon phase with a high electrical resistivity in which small nickel particles are embedded. Both mechanisms of selective absorption by free electrons are observed and are found to be well described by rather simple models.

The best selectivity is obtained at high carbon concentrations where the films consist of nickel particles in carbon. Depending on the film thickness and the substrate material , the solar absorptance varies between 0. Since the films are found to be stable at 0 C in vacuum, it appears that these films are good candidates for application in photothermal solar energy conversion at temperature levels around 0 C and higher. Plasma synthesis of hard materials with energetic ions.

Recent developments in plasma synthesis of hard materials using metal plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition are described. We have produced and characterized a variety of films including doped and undoped DLC diamond-like carbon and metal carbides. By using multiple plasma sources operated either synchronously or asynchronously, different metal plasma species can be either blended or linked so as to form mixed-composition films or multilayer structures, and by control of the depositing ion energy, interfaces can be made sharp or graded and the film morphology and microstructure can be widely tailored.

Plasma compositional uniformity is important to produce homogeneous films, and therefore effective mixing of plasma streams produced by the filtered cathodic vacuum arcs is very important. Specific systems described here include amorphic diamond, and TiC.

We outline the deposition technique employed in this investigation, and summarize the results of the characterization of the films. Theoretical study of energetic interactions between high temperature molten materials and a low temperature fluid. Analytical models are developed to predict the hydrodynamical transients resulting from the energetic interactions between a high temperature molten material and a low temperature liquid coolant.

Initially, the molten material at high temperature and pressure is separated from the low temperature fluid by a solid metal barrier. Upon contact between the molten material and solid barrier, thermal attack occurs eventually resulting in a loss of barrier integrity.

Subsequently, the molten material is injected into the liquid pool resulting in energetic interactions. The analytical models integrate a wide variety of potentially mutually-interacting transport phenomena which dominate the transient process into a deterministic scheme to predict the hydrodynamic transient process into a deterministic scheme to predict the hydrodynamic transient process.

The model calculations are compared with the existing experimental results to show its engineering accuracy and adequacy in predicting such energetic interactions. Two models are formulated to bracket the transport of molten material to the rupture site for the reactor system.

The stratified model minimized the rate of transport of material to the break location while the dispersed model maximized such transport. These two models are applied to a reference pressure tube reactor to evaluate the pressure transients and the potential structural damages as a result of a postulated severe primary coolant blockage in a power channel. Unreacted equation of states of typical energetic materials under static compression: A review.

The unreacted equation of state EOS of energetic materials is an important thermodynamic relationship to characterize their high pressure behaviors and has practical importance. The EOS determined from hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic compressions are discussed and compared. The theoretical results based on ab initio calculations are summarized and compared with the experimental data.

The Baer-Nunziato multiphase reactive theory for a granulated bed of energetic material is extended to allow for dynamic damage processes, that generate new surfaces as well as porosity. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is employed to constrain the constitutive forms of the mass, momentum, and energy exchange functions as well as those for the mechanical damage model ensuring that the models will be dissipative. The focus here is on the constitutive forms of the exchange functions. The mechanical constitutive modeling is discussed in a companion paper.

The mechanical damage model provides dynamic surface area and porosity information needed by the exchange functions to compute combustion rates and interphase momentum and energy exchange rates. The models are implemented in the CTH shock physics code and used to simulate delayed detonations due to impacts in a bed of granulated energetic material and an undamaged cylindrical sample.

Waste package materials selection process. As part of this effort, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LLNL is responsible for testing materials and developing models for the materials to be used in the waste package. This paper is aimed at presenting the selection process for materials needed in fabricating the different components of the waste package. Morimoto, Y.

It is a remarkable feature of the apparatus that energetic ion implantation is carried out at around K to study reactions of energetic ions with matrix by suppressing the reactions of thermalized ions. Using this apparatus, TDS experiments for pyrolytic graphite implanted with energetic D 2 ions at and K were carried out.

Two deuterium and CD x desorption processes were observed in the temperature range from to K. In addition, a new deuterium desorption process was observed for the deuterium-implanted sample at K. This has never been observed for deuterium-implanted graphite implanted at temperatures higher than room temperature.

The selection of low-risk design guidelines for energetic events. This paper recommends the establishment of specific design guidelines for protection against potential, but low probability, energetic events. These guidelines recognize the plant protective features incorporated to prevents such events, as well as the inherent capability of the plant to accommodate a certain level of energy release. Further, their application is recommended within the context of necessary standardized and agreed upon acceptance criteria which are less restrictive than ASME code requirements.

Energetic materials research and development activities at Sandia National Laboratories supported under DP programs. Phillips Ronald T. Checkai Roman G. Kuperman Michael Simini The temperatures at which the capsules undergo transformation are in accordance with the results in DSC Frontal polymerization within a microvascular. Jiba, M. Olivier, I. Snyman, F. Mostert and T. Nowadays many numerical methods and programs are being used for carrying out thermodynamic calculations of the detonation parameters of condensed explosives, for example a BKW Fortran Mader, , Ruby Cowperthwaite and Zwisler, TIGER Heterogeneous energetic materials like pressed explosives have complicated microstructure and contain various forms of heterogeneities such as pores, micro-cracks, energetic crystals etc.

It is widely accepted that the presence of these heterogeneities can affect the sensitivity of these materials under shock load. Chemical reaction may trigger at the hot spot regions depending on the hot spot temperature and the duration over which the temperature can be maintained before phenomenon like heat conduction, rarefaction waves withdraws energy from it.

There are different mechanisms which can lead to the formation of hot spots including void collapse. The current work is focused towards the sensitivity characterization of two HMX based pressed energetic materials using flyer plate mesoscale simulations. The aim of the current work is to develop mesoscale numerical framework which can perform simulations by replicating the laboratory based flyer plate experiments.

The sensitivity characterization is aimed towards obtaining James initiation threshold curve and comparing it with the experimental results. Molten salt destruction as an alternative to open burning of energetic material wastes. We have modified the unit described in the earlier references to inject energetic waste material continuously into the unit. We have also destroyed a liquid gun propellant comprising hydroxyl ammonium nitrate, triethanolammonium nitrate and water.

Our experiments have demonstrated that energetic materials can be safely and effectively treated by MSD. We have also investigated the issue of steam explosions in molten salt units, both experimentally and theoretically, and concluded that steam explosions can be avoided under proper design and operating conditions.

This paper describes an experiment designed to study the reaction characteristics of energetic materials with low porosity under explosive loading. Shock-induced chemical reactions are recorded by high-speed video through a narrow observation window. Related shock parameters are calculated based on experimental data, and differences in energy release are discussed.

As propagation distance increases, the energy release gradually decreases. Porosity increased the failure distance due to higher shock temperature. The viability and performance characterization of nano scale energetic materials on a semiconductor bridge SCB.

The move from conventional energetic composites to nano scale energetic mixtures nano energetics has shown dramatic improvement in energy release rate and sensitivity to ignition. A possible application of nano energetics is on a semiconductor bridge SCB. An SCB typically requires a tenth of the energy input as compared to a bridge wire design with the same no-fire and is capable of igniting in tens of microseconds.

For very low energy applications, SCBs can be manufactured to extremely small sizes and it is necessary to find materials with particle sizes that are even smaller to function. Reactive particles of comparable size to the bridge can lead to problems with ignition reliability for small bridges. Nano- energetic composites and the use of SCBs have been significantly studied individually, however, the process of combining nano energetics with an SCB has not been investigated extensively and is the focus of this work.

Goals of this study are to determine if nano energetics can be used with SCBs to further reduce the minimum energy required and improve reliability. The threshold energy was calculated and compared to previous data using conventional materials such as zirconium potassium chlorate ZPC , mercuric 5-Nitrotetrazol DXN-1 and titanium sub-hydride potassium per-chlorate TSPP.

Binder limit testing was conducted to. To investigate the mechanical and other condensed phase properties of energetic materials using atomistic simulation techniques, the COMPASS force field has been expanded to include high-energy nitro functional groups Laser-shocked energetic materials with metal additives: evaluation of detonation performance.

A focused, nanosecond-pulsed laser with sufficient energy to exceed the breakdown threshold of a material generates a laser-induced plasma with high peak temperatures, pressures, and shock velocities. Depending on the laser parameters and material properties, nanograms to micrograms of material is ablated, atomized, ionized and excited in the laser-induced plasma. The subsequent shock wave expansion into the air above the sample has been monitored using high-speed schlieren imaging in a recently developed technique, laser-induced air shock from energetic materials LASEM.

The LASEM results show that reducing the amount of hydrogen present in B formulations increases the resulting detonation velocities. The quest for greater chemical energy storage in energetic materials : Grounding expectations. This fact has stimulated research on alternative chemical energy storage schemes in various U. These efforts have examined a wide range of phenomena such as free radical stabilization, metallic hydrogen, metastable helium, polynitrogens, extended molecular solids, nanothermites, and others.

In spite of the substantial research investments, significant improvements in energetic material performance have not been forthcoming. This paper discusses the lessons learned in the various HEDM programs, the different degrees of freedom in which to store energy in materials , and the fundamental limitations and orders of magnitude of the energies involved. The discussion focuses almost exclusively on the topic of energy density and only mentions in passing other equally important properties of explosives and propellants such as gas generation and reaction rate.

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For example, they could undergo a cyberattack and hackers could rig games in some way. Luckily, that almost never happens nowadays. All reputable online casinos use state-of-the-art technologies that make sure nobody can tamper with the games. Online blackjack is for the most part not rigged, by the way — at least not in the way most people mean. At slotomania, rigged blackjack shoe you can start playing your favorite slot rigged blackjack shoe games with crazy graphics, top of the line sound effects, and hundreds of variations to choose from.

Visit the raging bull online casino website. Click the can roulette tables be rigged signup button to open an account can roulette tables be rigged with the casino. Choose a username and password for your account. Provide all the required personal details on the form available. Click submit to open the account. For instance, i live in the u.

With regards the computer models, they basically have a certain percentage payout and the mac. There have also been a number of allegations over the years of online poker sites being rigged by allowing another player or observer to see everyone's cards and to be able to pass this information. A live blackjack game can just not be rigged by the casino authorities because its results are based on actual gaming activity.

To start playing live blackjack, you only have to register any of our recommended live blackjack casinos. With a house edge that can range between anything from 0. The odds are also in the dealer's favour. There are plenty of blackjack variations to choose from.

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If you are a fan of dice games, we can recommend considering the following Bitcoin betting sites. Regulated and operated by the Government of Curacao, it is a safe and secure online gambling website. Pros: Large number of software providers Well-established Great reputation Provably fair games Up to 15 payment options Generous bonus up to?

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Since then, version 1 has finally been released, so it's possible my knowledge here is a bit stale. What I remember about the pack is that it implements seasons, kind of like Stardew Valley, but waiting that long for crops to grow in Minecraft doesn't really work well, unless you completely overhaul stuff like TFC does. Also, it seemed quite strange to have zombies and skeletons wandering around a world that was a farming simulator, so I considered playing on peaceful, but then found that I coudln't although I can't remember why now, most likely I was given quests for rotten flesh, etc.

I did really like the NPCs. It seems that aspect of Farming Valley worked pretty well in Minecraft, but everything else felt just a bit off. Maybe I just needed to play it longer to get the feel of it. I don't know. I did really enjoy the music taken directly from Stardew Valley with permission from ConcernedApe.

Even though I'm not a Stardew Valley fan, the music is 10x better than Minecraft music. All in all, I feel like "Life in the Village" is a lot closer to how a village-based modpack should work, and Farming Valley was a partially completed re-imagining of that.

If you are looking for something more similar to Vanilla, I'd definitely look at the 1. Some of the kitchen sink packs could be pretty good also, since you can basically play them like Vanilla, and then choose to step into mods only when you are ready for them. After reading your post, I remembered this pack I played a while ago and had fun with: Skytouched. It seems perfect for the "Thematic packs category.

It's pretty niche, but I thought it did some neat things, and did them well. I was one of the first people to try it after the developers posted on Reddit, and really enjoyed it, but was quite annoyed by the broken English in the questbook. I decided to help out with the translation, and so I should be credited somewhere, I think. I haven't downloaded it again since my quest book translation stuff went in, so I should do that. I just have too many packs that I'm playing right now, haha.

The authors of the pack have really put in a lot of effort, but I think it's a little bit hard for them to reach an international audience. The post they initially made to Reddit was a bit confusing, and only a handful of people myself included investigated it any further. The initial audience to the pack was Chinese, and from what I saw, they helped a bunch by filing bug reports, but then pretty much quit playing before the developers really had a chance to get all the fixes in.

Regrowth was an awesome experience with a couple friends. Definitely one of the best progressions I've ever had with a mod pack. Didn't seem to have a real real end goal though so we just kinda petered out once we'd fancied up the island and done some of the end game things from like Botania. I suggest you check out Per Fabrica Ad Astra. I had good fun playing it a few years ago. It's a TFC based pack. Here are 8 lesser known packs that deserve some attention. I don't think I saw this pack in your list but thought it was unique enough that I'd at least suggest it.

If you want to see some examples of how it is used, this might help. When it comes to Minecraft mod packs, it generally means that instead of the dev trying to carefully pick mods that either tell a story or make compelling gameplay, they just throw in everything, and let the player do whatever they want.

Generally, I feel like Kitchen sink-style packs are best suited for laughs with friends. Create a server, and invite a bunch of friends without doing any real planning. Each person kind of goes their own way and does their own thing, and then you call your friend over to your base to show off the cool stuff you found, and so forth. There's no structure.

You may only play the pack for a weekend or two. There's usually not really an "ending" to the pack, so when you decide to take the server down and try something new, you don't have to worry about that one friend who says "But I haven't finished it!

I've been playing Brass a lot recently. I played the 1. I really enjoyed the Incendium datapack in 0. I'm planning to do an update on this post fairly soon, and it will certainly be in the update. Probably has been pointed out already, but Crash Landing is a 1. Not 1. Anyways, great list! I'm planning to make a new version of this post soon. I'll make sure to update it when I do.

Keep in mind, I did it on popularity. If I was going by modpacks that I enjoyed the most, I would have included the following:. But, I also realize that not everyone has the same opinions as me. Exoria absolutely deserves to be on this list.

More people need to play it, it is one of very few modpacks out there that really commits to having a proper storyline. It is in the second section. I just couldn't put it in the "most popular" section, because frankly, it just isn't. Once I have more time, I'm going to start writing lengthy reviews of the packs that I've played deep into, and when I do Exoria, I'll have plenty of very good things to say about it.

It definitely is an underappreciated pack. I assume he must be using curseforge categories, and excepting categories that were captured in a previous entry. Otherwise it doesn't make sense to put sevtech in exploration over expert, and arguably it doesn't make sense to put e2e in expert at all. No, I wasn't using curseforge categories. I honestly forgot that they had them, and now that I know, I wouldn't go with them anyway.

I wanted categories that people ask for, and what I'd recommend for those categories. Both of these are fair critiques. I always see people saying that they wish there were more exploration packs, and people are generally sick of expert packs, and that is honestly what pushed it over the edge.

If you are looking for exploration, it's a really great choice. To me, E2E seems like it is "expert themed. Also, quark and Random Things give so many overpowered items that stuff that normally takes a long time eg travel are far easier than normal.

Even if you decide that it doesn't technically qualify as expert, I'd argue that it still has the same feel. Well I think that's the problem, Sevtech is a quintessential expert pack with some exploration elements. Someone who is sick of expert packs would hate it.

I guess it is fair enough considering you mentioned expert in the description for it though. Of course, it's not the same as the original SevTech:Ages, but I seem to remember my experience with that pack was also a lot of exploration, even more, actually, since the nearest Darklands biome was m from spawn. I spent hours building 2-wide paths with my shovel that my horse could travel, and tunnels through mountains.

I never got that far in the original, and I'm not quite there in AotS although I am very close, I finally have my smeltery controller. I know that especially in age 4, it feels like a tech-heavy expert pack. Id just say that there are better packs in terms of making you explore. The Witcher Modpack encourages exploration and adventure, fighting enemies and dimension hopping. Ok, those are good to know. I haven't actually played Heavenns of Sorcery, just watched a few episodes of others playing it on Youtube.

I didn't get very far, and hadn't seen any of the other dimensions, and the post announcing the pack 2 months ago doesn't mention exploration either. I edited my description now to mention that it has a lot of exploration, because I really have no reason to doubt you. Regarding "The Witcher Modpack", I can't find anything on it. I see a pack with that name on Technic's site, but it has 4 likes, and is probably not it. On curseforge, there's a 1. Going back to Heavens of Sorcery, I didn't put it in the top section mostly because I don't think it's popular enough, at least not yet.

Maybe a month from now I'd feel different. This is actually an idea I have for the other subreddit. I'm wondering if I should make a new post every 3 months. A couple weeks before the post, I'd make a poll asking what people think should be moved up one section, or moved down one section.

Obviously I can't play every pack, so something like this is going to be necessary at some point. I try to keep up with new packs as much as possible, but I obviously can't play every pack, and I don't trust the Curseforge download numbers for a second they honestly make no sense to me. This is part of the reason I made the new subreddit.

I'm thinking that I'll make new posts on a regular basis maybe once every 3 months about the current hot packs, and I'll make a survey a couple weeks in advance asking which packs should move up and which should move down. It really makes you appreciate slime boots with a long sword for getting around quickly and efficiently.

It's there. Search for "gregblock". It's the very first one in the "other" section. It isn't popular enough to include in the first 2 sections. I thought it was a good pack, the little bit that I played of it. I think that the huge successes of Omnifactory and FTB Interactions have made it largely irrelevant, though. You might want to consider replacing GregBlock with Gregicality Skyblock Edition, it's a version of GregBlock that's still being maintained and being updated.

I did some research into it, and it is definitely a fork of GregBlock. I wouldn't say it is regarded as the continuation of the project, or at least not an official continuation. I've never seen anyone discuss it before, but I added it anyway. Personally, I like "expert" packs just because they help me keep focus.

When I first played kitchen sink packs, I always felt lost. I know most mods in any kitchen sink pack now, so the lost issue is no longer a problem, but I have to be in the right mood for them. Watching a Let's Play video for a pack before you do it yourself is a really good way to help with motivation.

When you see what is possible, it helps you figure out what you want to do when you sit down to play for a couple hours, instead of just getting in the game and standing around. But, if you like working together, maybe you should pick a really challenging pack, then split the tasks and work on them together.

If you did something like FTB:Interactions, you could still all be working on your own mod, yet what you accomplish would be feeding into what the others are doing as well. Direwolf20 has a really good let's play series going on FTB Interactions, so it would be good to watch it for inspiration.

ChosenArchitect has completed series on both Valhelsia 2 and AOF-3, and he does very little tech in them, so if you wanted vanilla-like experiences, those may be good to watch. I highly recommend the Yao Pack. Can't wait until "Omnifactory I don't really know which of the two would be higher.

All are beautiful mods with a lot of textures and models, so they tend to be quite expensive for memory usage. I've played both, and I feel like they are both kind of on the line between medium and high. Do you think they should be reversed? Not sure how much of it was because I didn't have optifine on MC Eternal or if it's because I have a really bad pc.

On top of that, I wanted to try FTB Interactions but you listing it as high memory usage made me not want to give it a try anymore so thought I might as well ask why it's listed higher up. I've played all three on my laptop, and I didn't have FPS issues with any of them, but I generally play without shaders my laptop is just not quite good enough for them. FPS issues are very different than memory usage. Generally they are caused by one mod behaving badly or because of crazy terrain amplified worlds.

Memory usage is usually different. If the pack is very slow to load, that's usually because requires a ton of memory. If you allocate too little memory, sometimes you can have massive lag spikes due to either paging or garbage collection.

Sometimes allocating too much memory can make garbage collection spikes bad also. You can even have packs crash if you don't allocate enough memory. I'm not that good with computers and this helps me understand. So memory usuage only affects loading in the game but not fps then? For example, If I'm moving around a lot and some chunks might take longer to load because it has more things going on?

I have no idea if you will be able to play Interactions. I gave it 8 GB when I played, but it may be fine with less. How much memory does your machine have? For some reason, there are still places that sell computers with only 8 GB memory total. I don't understand why. People with those computers are going to have difficulty running many modpacks. I was thinking mostly of them when I added that section. When I went to buy a laptop, I didn't put much into the video card, but I insisted on lots of memory, so it has 32 GB memory.

I've never allocated more than 12 to Minecraft, so it was possibly overkill, but I like to leave my browser windows running at the same time I play, so having lots of memory makes that possible. When terrain generates, it kills the server. If you are connecting to a remote server, then you don't need to worry about this, because your system is running the client only.

But if you are playing single player, then even though you only have one window open, you have two programs running, both the server and the client. The server is going to take all available CPU clock cycles, and things will be rough. When chunks are loaded, you may get a bit of stuttering, but not usually. At some point 1. Vanilla was changed to load chunks on a separate thread. When it works correctly, it is done in the background only when your cpu has nothing else to do, and you don't even notice.

But sometimes your CPU may overestimate how much it can do at once, so it can still cause a few stutters. Tick rate is an issues that servers can have. Usually when it gets bad, it's because of entities. Maybe someone has thousands of sugarcane lying on the ground. Or maybe it's just too many animals. E2E is actually really bad here because it has the Animania mod. Those animals use a huge amount of memory on the server and require a lot of CPU cycles to control. The E2E server I played on would cull animals on a regular basis, and it still struggled.

FPS is the last thing, and it is usually limited almost entirely by your video card. After a frame has been fully simulated and all the data has transferred from the server to the client, it is time for the client to render it to the screen. In most games, the simulating part is easy, and the fps is simply from the video card. But in Minecraft, it is so much more complicated. I've seen situations where the graphics card can render frames in the first half of a a second, but then completely get stuck for the second half of the second because the simulation is taking too long.

As a result, your F3 screen shows fps, but in actuality, it feels like 2 fps. I find the best way to see how your video card really runs is to sit in one place and just stare in one direction, and wait until your fps stabilizes. That is the best way to judge how your video card is doing. Sometimes it never stabilizes, though. It's honestly very hard to diagnose fps problems.

I have 16gb ram, ik , gtx and always allocate 8gb regardless of the modpack as that seems to be the sweet spot for me. Yeah I usually play single player but recently got a server to play MC Eternal and damn playing on a server made a huge difference when it came to exploring. I haven't played these, but I've heard good things about Infitech 2 and Fear the Night.

Could be worth adding to the GregTech section, idk. MCA: TFE seemed to more or less fit that criteria to an extent but I don't see it mentioned and was wondering what some of you pro's thoughts are on that modpack in here if you have experience with it? Thank you so much for any replies and help! I do appreciate it since it can be very confusing to navigate all this as a newbie c:.

Is that related to the "Minecraft Comes Alive" mod? I did a search for "MCA" on this sub, and the top post that it turned up is this one , where apparently I replied and said "what is MCA", and it was the top and only reply. In any case, I know a lot of modpacks, but I haven't heard of that one.

I used to play packs from the Technic Launcher exclusively, but that was a long time ago. Over the past couple years, the only times I've used the Technic Launcher was to get old packs 1. The fact that this is a 1. I know that to author a pack on FTB, Curseforge, or AT Launcher, you essentially have to have the rights to use every mod in your modpack, granted by the author of each mod.

Technic on the other hand has never enforced any similar rule. So, if a 1. Of course, that doesn't mean that it's not a good pack. Maybe if enough people get upset about Overwolf joining forces with both FTB and Curseforge, it will give players a reason to come back to Technic. Of course, you didn't ask about the launcher, you asked about the pack. The link you have says virtually nothing about the pack, so I am going entirely by your description.

I still don't have a good feel for whether it is a kitchen-sink pack just a bunch of mods thrown together , or a heavily gated pack with lots of customization through mods like CraftTweaker and Recurrent Complex. In either case, there are definitely plenty of packs that have magic and tech.

It's actually a lot harder to find packs that only have one or the other. Even Galacticraft and Abyssalcraft contain a decent number of bosses also. Putting all that together, SevTech is probably a good choice if you want something that is heavy gated and difficult. MC Eternal is better if you want something that is more of a kitchen sink pack.

Hopefully that helps. If not, you could consider making a new post in this subreddit with your question. Maybe someone else has more knowledge of the pack, and could help you better than I can. Yes, your pack is related to the MCA mod, it includes that mod, and must feature it. You may want to check it out. It's not in my list because when I made the list in October, I think it had just come out, and I didn't know much about it then.

Since then, it has already become quite popular. The pack you mentioned also has Minecolonies in it. If you run that query with it, you get this list of modpacks. I don't recognize any of those packs, but there is a decent number of them. You could sort by number of downloads the button in the top left , and then pick one near the top that interests you, and try it out, and it might be decent. I'm very much a Minecraft newbie but have played videogames extensively throughout my entire life so I only used what terms kinda made sense as far as I could attacht to my knowledge of gaming genre tropes and mechanics, so thank you for all the info and deliberation!

After consideration and reading through everything you said thoroughly aswell as the different modpacks you mentioned MC Eternal is what we'll be going with for our server, my GF and I had had a previous run on it on a private server of ours but upon reflection it was more that it was only the two of us that kinda made the experience blergh and one bug for me on Thaumcraft that completely halted my progression in its tracks after hours of working on that mod left me feeling very unmotivated to keep going.

Thank you for the deliberation on the history of the launchers and different teams as well btw! If anything I at least may have brought some more attention to a potentially good modding team That being MCA for people to check out? Who knows but thank you so much for the info and help, we all truly appreciate it in my friend circle to get this entire "project" going!

Cheers and I hope you find yourself in good health and I wish you happy holidays or just a wonderful end to a terribly crappy year in case you don't celebrate anything! Outside of Minecraft, I have heard the term many, many times, and it seems like the average person who speaks English as their primary language should know what it means.

Even those who don't speak English natively should understand. Of course, for those who don't know, they can use Google , or even look it up in the wiki. It's still a judgment call. I think with all those resources available, it isn't necessary. Yeah, hard disagree. Now the phrase "Everything but the kitchen sink", sure, known like crazy. But if you said "I've got a kitchen sink car" compared to "my car has everything but the kitchen sink" I think most people wouldn't have a clue what you're talking about with the first.

Sure, anyone can look it up, but adding " Everything but the kitchen sink, a pack that has it all " literally anywhere would save anyone that trouble, seems like a small price to pay. I think of it primarily as an exploration pack because of how many mods include other dimensions, and I believe you are forced to visit them to advance. Even the name of the pack indicates you'll be doing lots of dungeon exploring and planet exploring. TBH, I haven't really played it.

I watched the first few episodes of DW20's let's play, and that's it. I really should check it out at some point. Packs that are magic and magic only are pretty rare. In fact, they are about as rare as packs that tech and only tech. There are big magic mods in many of those packs, so if the four magic-only packs I mentioned aren't good enough, there's still plenty of other options.

I don't even know what to say to this. I'm not even going to go through the effort of listing them. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Offer a link to The Beast. Offer a post to The Beast. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

About This sub-reddit was originally created for discussion around the FTB launcher. Rules and Guidelines We reserve the right to ban users and remove posts on a case by case basis depending on if they break any of these rules. Only post content relating to Modded Minecraft or Minecraft mods.

Be kind to everyone and try to help out as best you can. Do not expose any exploits that may break the game or mod s balance using either a bug within a mod s or a combination of mods. Do not expose any bugs here. Send them straight to the mod's developers or post to the appropriate bug trackers includes mods and launchers.

Do not spam this includes memes, low-effort posts, and reposts. Keep "Drama" posts at a minimum. It will only be allowed if a healthy discussion can come out of it. Posts and links for money and donations will be removed unless for registered charities and the mods are provided proof that all the money will be given to the organization s. This includes Patreon and referral links.

Content creators must follow these new rules. All submissions must include relevant flair. For examples see here. Click here to get to the Wiki! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Quest book is pretty basic, but everything fits together really well.

Still, it's extremely popular. Rebirth of the Night - Another combat focused pack with mob raids every 9th night. Generally considered better than RLCraft, but not yet as popular. Makes interesting use of hopping bonsai pots Modern Skyblock 3: Departed - Skyblock pack Focusing on Sky Resources 2 Awakening - Sky of Diamonds - Light and fun skyblock with unconventional progression, where you start with diamond blocks. Material Energy 5: Pre-generated world, story based pack with lots of collection quest Compact Claustrophobia - you live in tiny compact cubes and make everything possible with poop, midgame is complex and a bit tedious Volcano Block - Quick pack with lots of fun stuff, like skipping potatos on lava lakes to cook them.

Has many underrated mods Lapito's Galacticraft - Focuses on space exploration Levitated - You start in the End including texture overhaul , then go to the nether, then overworld. Lots of things give you levitation. Craft to Exile [Dissonance] 1. Your goal is to fix the constant recipe shifts Farming Valley 1. Short, but still requires lots of automation All Of Fabric 2 - quest-based kitchen sink pack on fabric, latest version is a bit buggy, and I'm not sure they intend to fix it Enigmatica 5 - In development pack, still short on content 1.

Compitum Magia - Heavy magic pack with infernal mobs, tough as nails, etc. Celestial Journey - successor to Divine Journey, goal is infinity ingots, lots of automation required, difficult 1. Divine Journey - lots of magic mods, lots of automation, huge time sink. Crash Landing - Pre-built map, thirst is real on a dry planet, game is automatically set to hardcore mode. Regrowth - Planet is nearly dead, up to the player to turn it green again.

The Revolution - A hardcore questing pack centered on Reika's mods. TechnodeFirmaCraft - older version of the current 1. You start with 5 lives. Invasion 1. Sink Into Madness 1. Journey to the Core - HQM challenge pack where you begin in a small cave on the overworld and slowly move further down dimension by dimension until you reach the core. Test Pack Please Ignore 1. Sky Factory 1, 2, and 2. Not the Bees: A skyblock pack with quests based around bees.

Break Out! Mass Production: A story-driven tech pack focused on automating. Automaton: A pack with quests focused on Immersive Engineering and Mekanism, with recipe tweaks. Ultimate Alchemy: A skyblock with heavily tweaked recipes, focused on making the end item, True Clay.

AstroBlock: A questing pack focused around space and rockets. All the Mods: Slice of Pi 1. McEternal Lite - version of MC Eternal with a few of the heavier mods removed Credits: Here are posts made in the past that are somewhat similar to this one: My original post December - contains longer descriptions of each pack, but a bit outdated now.

The Answer to "What pack should I play" December , unknown author - Almost everything from the low-end computer section comes from this post. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Honestly, this is exactly what I think we need more of -- niche packs. I will look into that! It's also a very good modpack. I knew about this pack, but just had forgotten about it.

Are there still ways to get R1 and R2? It would be a shame if those were no longer available. What is "good" about the pack: Sometimes you want to just be overpowered, and go out and slash lots of mobs with Sweeping Edge weapons and watch your levels go up, and this pack delivers The Lyconite's mob stuff is ridiculous in a funny way at times Ridiculous one-shot deaths early can be funny - you may hate this, but it's a legitimate selling point, especially to teenagers and kids What I dislike: The community.

Have you looked at the discord? Oh my gosh. It is the worst Discord community I have ever seen. Lack of progression other than leveling - I like tech, and this pack has none. I can't complain too much here, that's not the point of the pack Over too fast - Like you said, it doesn't take too long to get overpowered. Every time I played, people would get to this point and quit because there's just not much else to do once you have great abilities and armor.

RotN has tiered dimensions, and that really helps extend how long you can play before it is no longer fun If you are looking for a balanced combat pack, there's absolutely no question RotN is far better. RotN is already featured, and I already said that it is generally considered the better pack. Nicely done!

Couple minor quibbles: Test Pack Please Ignore 1. Unfortunately, there are very few popular packs that really qualify as low. It's how I use it. Build the biggest contraption you can to show off, then move on to something else Expert or gated packs are the ones with the real meat. These packs are most fun when you really want to invest a lot of time and then accomplish something that makes you feel proud I am almost always wanting something in the latter group, but then I found that I disliked some heavily gated packs, and really enjoyed a few kitchen sink packs including MC Eternal.

So far I like it. I also added it to the list now. Minor note, it's pretty much done for now until betweenland releases a new version and all bugs I've known of are mixed though I noticed I need to update the description on curseforge Also might be good to note that you are only in the betweenlands and never leave it :.

I love your channel, and that's how I found out about it! Create isn't on 1. It should have been there originally, it was only left out by mistake. Here's the ones I know about: Age of Engineering 1. This was my favorite pack until Omnifacotry came out. My favorite aspect of this pack is that you are constantly unlocking ways to previous tier items cheaper, and it is really rewarding.

Engineer's Life - This one didn't make my list because I don't know too much about it, but it was quite popular for a short time, then disappeared into obscurity Omnifactory - Can be played on Peaceful, which is perfect in my opinion for a tech-focused pack.

It is centered around GregTech, and all other mods have been highly tailored to fit in perfectly with GregTech. The quest book is excellent at teaching you GregTech , AE2, and PackagedAuto, and once you get just a little bit in, you have nearly unlimited ore without ever mining again, so you can focus just on learning GT.

As I mentioned before, this is my current favorite modpack. Q-Tech - 1. It introduced me to several new mods I hadn't seen before Silent's Mechanisms and Powah are the main ones , and has a lot of need for automation, but doesn't really give the best tools for it Drawers aren't included, so you have to use bins.

It was fun using Refined Storage and XNet together to automate stuff, but I still felt the pack was somewhat lacking. I also spent far more time than I would like doing tedious tasks, like moving digital miners around and babysitting blaze farms. I can't complain too much, though, it's really the only tech-themed modpack on 1. Manufactio - Designed to look and feel like Factorio, using Immersive Engineering, and custom mods for research.

It looks really cool, but I haven't gotten very deep into it. Re-Create - brand new pack, so I don't think anyone knows much about it yet, the focus is on making enormous multiblocks by automating golems and MineColony citizens. TechNodeFirmaCraft 1. EDIT: I moved it up to the top section. For now, I've narrowed down my choices to Rustic Waters, Exoria and Poetica or TFC reloaded : I have very fond memories of the classic TFC, so Poetica would've been my first pick, but according to the description it might be lacking the relaxed, peaceful atmosphere the original had.

Thanks, and my apologies if this isn't quite the place for such questions. Rustic Waters and Exoria both appeal to me because they seem to be lovingly crafted That is definitely true for Exoria, and from what I hear it is true for Rustic Waters yet I haven't had a chance to play it myself yet. It was simply an oversight. I've added it now. And separately, thanks for the inclusion of my own pack :.

Would love a new version, even just a 1. I wish the mods would pin it. For the record, I think you are the first person to have noticed. Which ones would you add? Which ones would you remove? With that in mind, which packs do you think are discussed here more than the ones I have listed?

I guess that really does make it kind of hard to categorize. Something to do with the new render system, I'm looking into it. As this is the first release for 1. MichaelHillcox released this Feb 7, Very basic port to 1. I always update but sometimes I take a while, I have life you know :P. Also, a note on use of the mod on servers: I want to make this very clear, I DO NOT support using this mod on servers, if you create an issue and I see you've tried to join a server, I will close the issue.

This mod is only maintained because I personally use it for myself, on my own worlds. Do not break other servers rules, they are there because the owners want you to play a specific way, respect that or plan on a different server. MichaelHillcox released this Feb 19, MichaelHillcox released this Jan 1, This is a minor update to 1.

Hopefully with less bugs! If you find any bugs let me know here , if you want to suggest any new features then suggest them here. MichaelHillcox released this Sep 26, Skip to content. Releases Tags. Latest release. This commit was signed with a verified signature. MichaelHillcox Michael Hillcox. Choose a tag to compare.

Search for a tag. Quck port to 1. Changed Improved Gui Flow so you don't have to keep opening the Gui when pressing cancel. Assets 3. Source code zip. Source code tar.

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