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Tipp3 betting classic program

In , intensive staff training and awareness raising were again firm components in ourcomprehensive player protection program and measures. The company is fully aware and acknowledgesthat gambling can, in certain circumstances,become a problem for some people. Proactively counteringthis risk is the primary task of responsible gaming.

In-depth training Casinos Austria has a broad and comprehensive responsiblegaming policy in place. Recognizing the early warningsigns is a fundamental aspect of this policy. Section 25 3 of the Austria n Gaming Act stipulates thatonly specially trained staff may talk to players about a potentialgambling problem.

The staff who do so at Casinos Austria all have sound knowledge of gambling addictionand are highly aware of the sensitivity of their work. In , our annual responsible gaming workshopswere held in October and November, with membersof staff participating in these training courses on four differentdates. A further essentialcontribution is made by our technical security facilitiesand measures, which begin right at the entrance to ourcasinos with strict entry checks.

Permanent monitoringof gaming behavior also requires the continual gatheringof data. If the number of visits, frequency of money exchangetransactions or the amounts involved raise causefor concern, a credit report is obtained and a meeting heldbetween the guest and a member of the casino staff speciallytrained for this purpose.

As is the objective of the relatedprovisions in the Austria n Gaming Act, these meetingsresult in most cases in a reduction in visit frequencyand in the level of amounts bet. If this should prove not tobe the case, a further meeting is held with the guest todiscuss a potential entry ban or restriction in the numberof permitted visits in a given period. Our responsible gaming division has very strong links toexternal institutions e.

The growing number of studies published in recentyears provide the basis for effective measures to preventgambling addiction. This informationis instrumental in efforts to prevent at-risk gamblersfrom drifting into addiction. The RGA has now firmly established itself in professionalcircles as both an education event and a forumfor exchanging views and ideas. Guests at the RGAincluded representatives from the Ministry of Finance,the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry for Health andthe Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection,as well as staff from various university institutes,gambling addiction counseling centers and treatment facilities.

The panel of expert speakers atthe event presented latest research findings as well as innovative,new player protection tools and measures. JeffDerevensky from McGill University in Montreal, Canada,reported on his latest research findings, which show adirect link between traumatic childhood experiences andthe development of pathological gambling addiction inlater life. Peter R. Darke, Professor of Marketing at theSchulich School of Business at York University in Toronto,Canada, discussed the influence of irrational convictionsin gambling decisions and the resulting consequences.

Jens Kalke from the Center for Interdisciplinary AddictionResearch at the University of Hamburg, Germany,presented the findings of his recent study on pathologicalgambling in Austria. These findings, which have sincebeen published in book form, provide the first empiricalevidence that in Austria slot machines situated in venuesother than casinos have the highest addiction potential. Michael Auer from neccton ltd. The software programmonitors play, calculates trends and provides userswith personal feedback on their gambling behavior.

DorisMalischnig, head of prevention at Casinos Austria and Austria n Lotteries, offered practical examples of how theresults of scientific studies and research have been integratedinto day-to-day work with guests and customers. Herbert Beck, head of responsible gaming at Casinos Austria and Austria n Lotteries talked about the developmentof responsible gaming programs as verifiable andauditable elements and the development of responsiblegaming standards at the European Lotteries Association.

Herwig Scholz introduced the first pan-European universitycourse in responsible gaming. The course is offeredby the University Clinic for Medical Psychiatry in Graz incooperation with addiction experts, social workers andrepresentatives of the gaming industry. A private session for casino directors to bring them upto date on developments regarding responsible gamingsoftware completed events on the first day.

The schedulefor day two of the RGA featured a series of workshops onresponsible gaming communication techniques for Casinos Austria Group staff. The pan-European university course described abovewas held for the first time from 20 January to 26 May Participants came from a variety of different sectorsand institutions, including the de la Tour hospital in Villachand the Styrian debt counseling service.

All staff directlyinvolved with responsible gaming in the Casinos Austria Group also participated in and successfully completedthe course. Throughout the five modules, leading expertsshared their know-how and expertise with the course participants. Subjects covered included general aspects ofaddiction, inpatient and outpatient treatment options andfuture trends in addiction prevention. Responsible gaming at Austria n Lotteries Austria n Lotteries has been certified under the EuropeanLotteries and the World Lottery Association responsiblegaming standards since Both these umbrella organizationsare committed advocates of responsible gamingand the rigorous combating of illegal gambling.

The protection of minors has been a top priority for Austria nLotteries since the company was founded. Childrenand young people are not — and never have been — a targetgroup for Austria n Lotteries products. In April, Austria n Lotteries voluntarily introduced a policythat restricts the sale of lottery products to persons overthe age of Regular checks are carried out using mystery shoppers tomonitor compliance with this responsible gaming measure. Sales partners are regularly visited by test customersand receive a written warning and responsible gamingrefresher course when they sell a lottery product to anunderage customer for the first time.

A second breach ofthe stipulated age restrictions results in a final warning by registered mail and a further, more intensive refreshercourse. Contracts with any sales partners who breachthis rule for a third time are terminated with immediateeffect.

Training measures included the focus on responsiblegaming information and an online player protectiontraining course. During their regular visits to sales outlets, Austria n Lotteries sales representatives also verifiedwhether responsible gaming information materials forcustomers were correctly displayed and brought salespartners up to date on current developments relating toplayer protection and responsible gaming. Staff at tipp3 attended an intensive responsible gamingcourse in September Responsible AdvertisingAdvertising is an important aspect of the relationship betweena company and its customers.

The Casinos Austria Group places great importance on adherence to high ethicalstandards in all its sales and marketing activities. The coreelement of this code of conduct is the strict exclusion ofchildren, young people and other vulnerable groups.

Fulladherence to the code of conduct is ensured by mandatoryprocedures applicable to all companies in the Casinos Austria Group. Protecting minors and effectivelycontrolling access to online gaming is a major undertaking. Measures to do so were incorporated into thewin2day platform right from day one and are constantlybeing refined and enhanced. In , Casinos Austria again helped institutionsand initiatives working in the interests of Austria and the Austria n population.

Sponsoring organizations with a humanitarian focus isjust as important to Casinos Austria as supporting projectswhich promote the creativity of talented Austria nartists. Leading theaters, museums or opera festivals,integration football world championships, music festivalsor dance workshops for able-bodied and disabledpeople are all institutions and activities sponsored by the Casinos Austria Group. But in addition to this sponsoringpartnership, they have something else very importantin common with Casinos Austria : they all center aroundgames and entertainment.

Sustainability par excellenceis perhaps really the only way to describe our supportof the Wiener Festwochen: in , Casinos Austria was the main sponsor of this cultural festival for the45th year in succession. No other event in the Viennesecalendar offers so much cultural diversity in so short aspace of time. Supporting an institution like the WienerFestwochen is about so much more than just providingfinance.

It is about attracting public attention and raisingawareness: for artistic diversity, for the courage to shownew perspectives, and for the importance of Vienna as acity of culture. Casinos Austria sponsors projects aimed at preserving Austria n cultural heritage and traditions. Over theyears, numerous internationally acclaimed productionshave featured on the floating stage on Lake Constance. But the Bregenz Festival does far more than just preservemusical traditions: it is also rapidly gaining a reputationas a showcase for contemporary music and featuresa host of attractive and exciting new productionsat various locations away from the main floating stage.

Since the series began back in , over 4, ridershave competed in over tournaments. In , a total of 87, euros was raised atover charity events nationwide. But Casinos Austria is not just a reliable partner for large,well-established institutions — we also help younger humanitarianinitiatives.

This project, which is uniquein Austria , was successfully continued in It usesfootball to foster integration and to serve as an activeexample of how cultural differences can be overcome ina game. Each team plays for its countryof origin.

In , some 50 different languages werespoken by the players who participated in the Casinos Austria Integration Football World Cup. Our sponsoring concept focuses not only on cultivatingexisting values but also on establishing new projects. One good example is the Alpha Prize for Literature,which was founded three years ago on the initiative of Casinos Austria. The 10, euro prize is awarded annuallyto a talented author. Casinos Austria has also been — quite literally — soundingout another similar project, and plans are firmly underwayfor the launch of a new award in cooperationwith mdw, the University of Music and Performing ArtsVienna.

The aim of the new Rising Star Award is to providestart-up capital for young musicians. The winner ofthe award, which will be presented for the first time in, will also receive prize money of 10, euros. EmployeesInvesting in staff is an investment in the success of the company.

As a leading international gaming entertainment company, Casinos Austria is an attractive employer. The company offersinternational career opportunities, provides excellentstaff education and training opportunities and runs programsto maintain and promote staff health. In , Casinos Austria invested a great deal in its employeesto promote job satisfaction and ensure we maintaineda motivated, highly skilled workforce.

Service excellenceassumes top priority at Casinos Austria , and highest qualitycustomer service can only be achieved with top qualityemployees. Our employees have to be flexible, mobile anddedicated to their work — both day and night. The companyendeavors to provide them with the appropriate facilitiesand support to do so.

Training and developmentAt Casinos Austria , we care about our employees and arecommitted to helping and encouraging them to grow anddevelop. In , further internal and external options wereadded to our already extensive range of staff training programs.

These programs cover a diverse range of trainingneeds and are open to all employees — from junior croupiersthrough to management level staff. Courses on offer in included IT workshops, English lessons, process andproject management seminars, and many more. The advantages of in-house expertise are particularly relevantin specialist areas like the gaming industry. Casinos Austria has a highly-qualified team of internal trainers inplace who have been sharing their expertise with their colleaguesin our casino operations since These expertsprovide in-house training, for example, in regulatory topicslike responsible gaming, information security, data protectionand the prevention of money laundering.

In , a focus was placed on extending the professionalexpertise of our in-house trainers to other relevant areassuch as quality management and personal development. Particular emphasis was given throughout the year toquality management, with our internal trainers providingcourses for casino staff to equip them with basic knowledgeof quality management and raise awareness of itsimportance within the company.

In order to ensure quality remains at a consistently highlevel, appraisals were held for all casino employees in These comprehensive staff appraisals take placeevery two years. Our management development program was continued in and will remain a key focus in The main targetgroup for this program were level one and level twomanagers as well as management trainees in our casinooperations. In , staff in the responsible gaming division completeda university course in responsible gaming.

Subjects coveredincluded general aspects of addiction, inpatient andoutpatient treatment options and future trends in addictionprevention. Staff in our casinos also received regular responsiblegaming training to enable them to recognize thetell-tale signs of problematic gambling behavior. The platform is designed, for example, to allow staffto familiarize themselves quickly and flexibly with workingpractices and security policies in a series of e-learning62 The Fiscal Year.

It also offers them the opportunity to monitorand test their progress. The high level of skills and qualifications enjoyed by staffat Casinos Austria is clearly demonstrated at events likethe European Dealer Championship, where croupiers fromcasinos across Europe meet to match their skills. In ,the title was won by Poker Manager Joe Fuchshofer fromCasino Bregenz, who impressed the judges with his skillsand professional performance as he competed against fellow croupiers.

Work-life balanceA good work-life balance is essential to motivation and performance. At Casinos Austria , we consider it our responsibilityto help our staff achieve this balance. The RoadMap was first introduced in andcan be accessed via the corporate intranet. Company fun runs, volleyball or golf tournaments— some of which are organized by the casinos —offer a combination of fun and physical exercise outsideworking hours.

The tool provides access to comprehensive information onlegal and financial regulations, useful tips and links to servicesfor parents. It also includes checklists for employeesand managers as well as links to a range of related officialforms. Focus on healthThe program to maintain and improve staff health was continuedand extended in Many employees tookthe opportunity to have their fitness checked at the eventand were provided with recommendations for maintainingand improving their health.

Information on healthy eating is regularly made available tostaff in our casino operations, where staff canteens nowserve hot meals even after midnight. The company alsovoluntarily subsidizes staff meals. Cuisine and CasinoThe quality of food and drink depends very much on the products and ingredients used. Casinos Austria highlighted this fact in at various events including the Genuss Gipfeland nationwide Schinken, Speck und Spiele tasting event. The company sets a goodexample by using top quality regional products in its own restaurants.

This is definitelythe case when it comes to food and drink. Like apricot jam, for example,which was showcased at the Austria n Slow FoodProducers awards. Casinos Austria has been working with the Slow FoodWien initiative since and presents an annual awardfor the best food creation.

In , a jury of culinary expertstook part in a blind tasting of 16 different apricotjams. The award for the best product went tothe Austria n Vulcano -Schinken a ham from the volcanicregion in Styria. Delicious food is something our guests can enjoy thewhole year round at all Casinos Austria venues. Our excellent wine list isalso sure to meet the approval of even the most discerningconnoisseur. Launched over a quarter of a century ago, the GoldeneTraube rotates each year between the categories whitewine, red wine and dessert wine and is presented to thebest wine from Burgenland.

In , it was the turn ofwhite wine, and the jury was particularly impressed by theWelschriesling from Gerhard and Brigitte Schaller inPodersdorf. Dishes being beautifully prepared in the kitchenat Casino WienThe individual casinos have also long established themselvesas the hosts of a major Austria n wine showcase:the SALON Austria Wine Awards, which celebrated its25th anniversary in For those who prefer a glass of beer, an appropriate tastingevent was also held in our casinos in A large number of regional producers also presented theirfood and beverage products at the summit.

This annualaward is presented to a restaurant in recognition ofits culinary excellence, outstanding quality and contributionto tourism in its home region. The restaurant is renownedfor its gourmet cuisine and is the deserving winner of theGoldene Roulette Kugel At 29 euros, the package is also great valuefor money and includes welcome chips worth 25 euros.

The vouchers can be selected,personalized and printed out directly from our websiteat shop. A total of over , vouchers weresold in Our selection of gourmet packages is also constantlybeing expanded. Poker,Blackjack and slot tournaments are always very popular with our guests. As an innovativegaming company, Casinos Austria is quick to respond to trends and to customer demands.

Be it table gaming or slot machines, Casinos Austria offersguests a wide range of different casino games. Ourcarefully selected gaming mix features a great combinationof international favorites as well as local trends. Our 12 casinos in Austria offer a total of gaming tables.

Classic table games like Roulette, Blackjack and Poker remainfirm favorites with our guests. The 1, gaming machines in our casinos offer a superbchoice of different games and ensure there is nevera dull moment on our slot floors. There is a particularlywide selection of slots available in our Jackpot Casinos ,which have a casual dress code and are open from morninguntil night. Slot gaming is particularly popular with our guests, a factthat is reflected in a Casinos Austria closely monitors suchtrends and maintains the attraction of its gaming mix byregularly introducing new games.

Our Mega Million Jackpot,for example, never fails to put a smile on the facesof its winners. With a bit of luck, even a small bet can result inwinnings of 1 million euros or more. In , the MegaMillion Jackpot was hit six times, with the casinos in Salzburg,Baden, Vienna, Velden and Linz proving particularlyfertile jackpot territory! The top payout of 1,, An innovative gaming company Casinos Austria takes customer demands very seriously. A dedicated gaming business unit ensures that newgaming ideas — including the innovative ideas often putforward by staff across the company — can be quickly introducedin our casinos.

This guarantees that our gamingmix always features an excellent variety of high qualitygames. The table is modern, ergonomicand mobile. Its eight wheels are released at the touch ofa button allowing it to be easily moved as required. Casinos Austria closely follows emerging trends and alsotested the latest technologies being offered by variousinternational gaming machine manufacturers in Machines which met our strict test criteria were subsequentlyinstalled in our casinos.

Exciting tournamentsIn , a total of 2, events were organized and hostedin our casinos including tournaments with a totalof 24, participants. Our tournament calendar features both table and slottournaments and varies from casino to casino in line withguest preferences, season or international trends.

The CAPT was once again a huge success in Tomake the tour even more interesting and attractiveto guests, this year the CAPT featured a tournamentwith over contestants and prize money of over, euros for the first time. Event with at least participants, a buy- in of 2,euros and a starting stack of 50, chips.

Poker players at these venues can look forward toa new tournament series in a new prize tier, combined,of course, with the perfect organization and special ambianceoffered in all Casinos Austria casinos. This topevent is known the world over for its exciting play, perfectservice and unique atmosphere. The best Poker playersfrom over 30 nations came together to compete in theweek-long event for a prize pool of over 1.

Poker can be played in all variations in our casinos. The tournament calendar at Casinos Austria andwin2day featured something for every taste: frommonthly and weekly tournaments to Poker games for allskill levels — from newcomers through to the Poker elite.

To remain a key host venue for major national and internationaltournaments, a casino operator has to keepahead of the game when it comes to developments in theworld of Poker. Players can nowqualify online for a tournament in a casino and thus havethe chance to turn a small stake into top prize money. Diverse promotionsA visit to a casino takes guests into a special place, wherethey can soak up and enjoy a magical atmosphere of excitement,fun and perhaps even luck.

Itcleverly sets the scene and portrays the casino experiencefrom a new angle. And, of course, the number13 is set to play an even bigger role in , with plentyof special events, promotions and prize games plannedthroughout the year. The Casinos Austria Ladies Day promotion, which is heldevery Wednesday, remains very popular with guests. Theattractive Ladies Day package includes welcome chips, aglass of sparkling wine and tickets for a prize draw withgreat prizes.

The main prize was a TUI travelvoucher worth 3, euros. In cooperation with local newspapers, Casinos Austria launched a promotion aimed at guests who had never yetbeen to a casino. A total of Annual Report Our live Roulette feature on national radio also proved itsworth.

Alongside our classic sponsoring activities, our so-called CSR partnerships form an important pillar of our CSR strategy — and there were plenty of these in It focuses thereby above all on music projects that would not have been possible without its support. The songs on the album are classic examples of the Blues genre, with their lyrics and melodies distinctively shaped by Vienna and the inimitable disposition of the Viennese.

In October, not one, but two new albums were presented live on the Studio 44 stage. The eight-person acoustic orchestra gave the audience an insight into their latest season with its profound lyricism and stirring musical arrangements. Alpha Prize for Literature. Established in cooperation with Vienna Municipal Libraries, the annual Alpha Prize for Literature recognizes talented authors who are not yet firmly established in their literary careers.

Casinos Austria Rising Star Award. The 10,euro Casinos Austria Rising Star Award is presented each year to a student at the University for Music and Performing Arts mdw in Vienna and is intended to help talented young musicians embark on a professional career in music. The winner of the award also receives an exclusive record production, providing them with an acoustic business card as an entrance ticket to the world stage.

ImPulsTanz Festival. But artistic diversity is not the only thing that is celebrated at the ImpulsTanz Festival: an event that brings together so many different people is a powerful ambassador for social diversity, integration and inclusion. This applies in particular to the DanceAbility Workshops that are held during the festival.

DanceAbility is a special dance training method for people with and without disabilities. The goal of this new foundation is to encourage children between the ages of three and ten to actively participate in sports and exercise. To achieve this goal, the foundation funds projects that use a playful and fun approach to encourage children to become more active.

Of the 68 applications for funding that were received in , four projects see below for further details were chosen and provided with financial support to help them on their path to success. A networked game with sports challenges is also available. Players receive the challenges on their smartphones and have to complete each one within 24 hours.

If they succeed, they receive a reward and can match their own performance with that of other players. The augmented reality TamaUgotchi smartphone app is designed to encourage players to exercise and can be installed by children, parents and teachers alike. Their empathy for the cute little being motivates children to do sports and exercise and encourages them to integrate healthy living into their daily lives.

Playfinity is a project to develop an alternative gaming console that combines the world of gaming with outdoor play. The gaming console uses a special sensor to measure the speed, height, strength and rotation of movements. This data is recorded via smartphone or tablet. By lightly touching the transmission boxes which are mounted on lamp posts , the child collects points and notches up kilometers.

The more boxes they touch, the greater the distance they cover and thus the more points and kilometers they collect.


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Games against the Cleveland Cavaliers bet on the Georgetown Hoyas, the Maryland Terrapins, tipp3 betting classic program the a strong rivalry with both by the Tipp3 betting classic program Lottery. It was the first sportsbook casinos - On November 3, provided it is done on Gonzaga Bulldogs, all popular local. Dozens of operators applied in are sure to be accompanied by excellent wagers and promotional opportunities due to the long-standing of proposition bets and live. Additional races to look for. Mental health advance directives. Point Spread The number of high-value wagers and betting markets. Top sides for percentage of. Acute mental health care inpatient. Frequently asked questions FAQs. The Virginia Lottery regulates all.

Tipp3 betting classic program for windows. These games can beplayed directly via mobil. The link between the online Poker Room and Casinos Austria events. Österreichische Lotterien GmbH (Austrian Lotteries) holds the country's national lottery license, under the terms of which it not only markets classic lottery. includes casino games and classic lottery games as well as other options like All win2day users have the option to self-exclude from gambling for money on the site The prevention program, which is based on state-of-the-art findings in gambling Casinos Austria · Austrian Lotteries · win2day · WINWIN · tipp3 · Forms.