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Hi opt 2 betting

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Good work Gordon. As I tried to relate to the op by pm , rather subjectively, I admit: While counting is worthy at deciding when to Wong or ramp bets, it will be of negligible value after the wagers are placed. Those very occasional times where the micro count will dictate a variation from bs, will add very nearly nothing to the EV.

Thanks Gordon. If I can lower house edge by 0. Recommended online casinos. Joined: Oct 16, Threads: 44 Posts: October 19th, at PM permalink. Hi, I need someone to simulate below online video BJ game :- 1 Single deck 2 Peek rule 3 H17 4 No surrender but player allow to bet the insurance side bet 2 : 1 5 DAS, Double after split 6 Double on hard 10 or 11 only 7 Original hand split once to form 2 hands, NO resplit.

It is online casino video BJ game, player will be given bonus extra free credit when make deposit, however player have to meet the wagering requirement before allow to make withdrawal. Perhaps you can suggest a better bet size. I would like to know the difference between HE1 and HE2.

I can share with you how I make money from online BJ games or any other low house edge games. Cheers James. Joined: Jul 22, Threads: 27 Posts: October 20th, at AM permalink. Hi James, So you're looking to depth charge the SD game based on the fact that the site lets you vary your bets between the betting squares? Next, you didn't give any of the wagering requirements, so that you could figure out your return straight up on the game, and then your return if in fact the game with HI-OP II indices could get a positive expectation on box 3.

Lastly, for the people whom might simulate this for you I don't have any software currently to do the simulation you might want to be a bit more courteous? Posting a thread saying "hey someone simulate this for me" is a bit on the nose. Someone had to purchase the simulation software, then they have to set up the trial exactly as you're mentioning, run and examine the results. To me this is a bit more work than I'd be willing to do for someone randomly online, but some people do enjoy running them and reporting.

I'd just highly recommend you purchase simulation software yourself. It's really not 'that' expensive and at the end of the day it'll pay for itself x over if you're any serious about blackjack games. Playing it correctly means you've already won. As Hi Opt 2 can be used in multi-deck games this can be done by dividing your running count with the number of decks remaining.

Again a rough estimate will suffice. Hi Opt 2 also includes a separate count for aces remaining, which can also be incorporated into Hi Opt 1 if you wish. While this will add another layer of difficulty with yet another number to remember it will make this count far more powerful. What you are looking for are spots where the shoe is rich in aces and the count is high, so you can really push up your bets.

Like the Hi-Lo count the Hi Opt systems allow you to bet more when the deck is more favorable to the player or in other words when there are more 10s ready to be dealt out, making basic strategy more correct. Using Hi Opt 2 will give you a more precise count as the cards are valued on a scale, giving a high value to cards which are statistically the worst for the player, a medium vale for those which are poor, a non-value for cards which make little difference and low values for cards which are favorable, i.

Aces are removed from the count or given a 0 value as you should be operating a separate count for them. As noted earlier the Hi Opt 1 system works best on single deck games. These are hard to find in modern casinos, making the system somewhat redundant.

You can try to use it on multi-deck games although due to the inaccuracies which will affect the outcome you will be much better off trying either Hi Opt 2 or the Hi-Lo Count. The main problem with Hi Opt 2 is how complicated it can be to use when you are at the table. This is not a count system for new card counters, although if you do practice with it away from the casinos it can prove to be a very powerful count. Online Blackjack for Real Money. Again as your true count goes up so should your wagers.

Hi Opt System 1 and 2 — How the Hi Opt Systems Work Like the Hi-Lo count the Hi Opt systems allow you to bet more when the deck is more favorable to the player or in other words when there are more 10s ready to be dealt out, making basic strategy more correct.

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Hi-Opt II has much more work involved but it truly doesn't give you that much more of an edge. That small edge is golden when you are used to counting cards and trying to maximize the efficiency of your odds though. The major difference with Hi-Opt II is some cards are worth positive 2 or negative 2 count points per card. Another difference between the two systems is that you are counting the 7 and 2 point cards where the Hi-Opt I card counting system doesn't.

Both systems are balanced, meaning that when you start your count off at 0 at the beginning of the deck, you should have a final count of 0 at the end because the negative and positive counted scores cancel each other. As with all card counting strategies, Hi-Opt II begins with the memorization of basic strategy. Basic strategy is a list of the "correct" moves to make for every combination of dealer hands to your hands to give the greatest mathematical edge.

This edge will still not beat the house though, but this fine tunes your odds and lowers the house edge as low as possible. Next you implement your Hi-Opt II system and this will be the factor that beats the house edge when done successfully. The next part of the strategy is to memorize the table below to become a Hi-Opt II card counter.

This is one of the hardest systems because of all the different cards and count points to keep track of. In the Hi-Opt II count table below, each card drawn corresponds to a count point. You start your count off when the deck is shuffled and the first card is dealt. You not only need to watch what cards you have, you also need to count the cards that the dealer has and everyone else's cards on the table in order to get a good prediction of what cards are still left in the deck.

If you get a ten card, then subtract -2 points from your count and so on. When the entire deck is used up, your count should be 0 as Hi-Opt II is a balanced card counting system. It is ideal to bet when many of the smaller cards are gone. A lot of high valued cards mean that your odds improve and this is the whole purpose of card counting by using the Hi-Opt II system. Therefore when many small cards are played, your true count becomes a large positive number.

All of this means that the Hi Opt 2 method is a multi-level system. There are four simultaneous counts you must keep track of during a game, plus a true count conversion that must be made when playing multiple deck games. All those counts, though, make for a very accurate method of tracking player's advantage in a blackjack game. In the Hi Opt 2 system, 8's, 9's, and Aces are assigned values of 0, making them neutral cards. However, though they don't affect the running count, each of these cards must be tracked with a side count.

Here are all the values:. Hi Opt 2 isn't for the faint of heart. It's a very complicated system. You must not only keep a running count in your head and convert it to a true count on the fly in multi-deck games , but also keep side counts of the 8's, 9's, and Aces that have been dealt. Before even learning how to bet through the Hi Opt 2 system, you must familiarize yourself with the counts.

The best way to go about this is by taking a single deck of cards, going through it one card at a time, and practicing the counts. It may take several practice rounds before you master the running count, let alone the side counts. Hi Opt 2 is a balanced system, though, so after running through an entire deck the count should return to 0.


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