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An operative knowledge of concepts from linguistics, semiotics, psychoanalysis, and anthropology manifests in his work in the form of language games, symbolic codes, diagrams, and reticular structures that indicate that each work proposes a given set of relationships between its constitutive elements. An exhibition by Moraza is an interpretative challenge in. Structure is the system of unifying relations between the constituent parts and the constitutive whole, between the attributive properties of the parts to the whole and the emergent distributive properties of the whole to the parts.

It is what orchestrates the functioning of the parts of a whole and gives it meaning. Structure belongs to the order of the real; as a latent order, it shapes and constitutes what is. It is the latent information of being in its mode.

And it is the mode in which something is being in the real. What we are shown is always a system of evidences, but beneath them lies the logic of the. The syntax of these works is often structured upon the articulation and demonstration of the possibilities of formal variation of a paradigm, as we can discover in works as disparate as Suffrage salvage or A bruit secret I and II, or in installations and series such as Arules, Ecstasy, Status, Statue, or Republican Portraits.

A form or a concept comes together and is structured in Repercussaries or CHORD Analysis like the different parts of the body, through which the artist transfers a form into a function different from that which it usually represents in order to encourage a symbolic game that confronts spectators with their own beliefs and expectations.

Structure forms the background to the real, it is what we are not evidently shown and what requires a certain distance, discernment, recognition, and attention. Making the structure present, intelligible, requires an operation that is not quite abstraction but more like speculation. Structure is not the background of which the evidence is the surface. Skin is no less structural than the skeleton. Rather, it is a system of structural levels. Certain works by Juan Luis Moraza explore the reverse as a possibility for formal invention that also opens up other conceptual possibilities for the construction of different paths in interpreting his work.

In a certain sense, the inverse is a conscious expression of a rational game, insofar as the reverse is the expression of the unknown, of what is unseen but still known to be there, of the unconscious, of that which the body hides and contains beyond the forms that it shows us externally.

The kiss and sex are precisely acts in which the body awakens to the exploration and knowledge of the interior of another body, of the reverse that constitutes the very erogenous essence of desire. In Dividuals, the representation of the inside of the human skull is also the awakening of an imaginary of the reptilian brain found at the archaic beginnings of our genetic material. The vertical projection of the representation of a skeleton, an allusion. We do not see that we fail to see what we do not see, but this is the background that allows us to see.

The reverse reveals the surface that is shared by the model and its mold. Sensibility, consciousness, the mind, are our perceptual surfaces. Their preconscious and unconscious backgrounds are structural levels that are only expressed as reverse. The surface is accessible, it is what is shown to us; even the interior turns out to be surface, like a reversible shell.

Investigating the surface, disrupting it, ripping it, and piercing it reveals a further surface, which folds and multiplies into more surfaces. On the reverse side of the skin, on the back of the body of which it is said, and felt, that it is the body that speaks, the body that is lived in, the body that is felt in, the body that is existed in. The reverse does not cross the surface, it appreciates it as the axis from which the background of perception becomes visible.

By revealing the radical strangeness of the familiar, the reverse embraces the sinister. Each absence, each gap, each lack, appears with the same shape as the thing that causes it, as that which is lacking. As such, it conjures up the reverse of the absent. But the reverse is not the mirror image, it is the form; it does not concern symmetry but duplicity, a sketch. And in the wake of this transition, the reverse is not reversible; it is not possible to unsee what has been seen.

Calculating the reverse, provoking it, is a means of estrangements that can produce knowledge of the structure. This exhibition begins with a diagram. A map is a graphic representation, but a diagram is more than a representation: it establishes links, describes relationships, and explains how things work rather than merely describing a state of things.

More than a graphic representation, a diagram illuminates the relationships between the different parts of a given reality. Moraza presents the map of the museum rooms containing his work as an intersection of different concepts to reveal a structure underlying the distribution of the works throughout the exhibition. An exhibition is always a trajectory. Moraza reveals the intersection of discourses underlying that trajectory.

Topography thus reveals the underlying topology. The reading of this diagram accentuates the reversible nature of the themes, concepts, and works. It can be read either from top to bottom or bottom to top, from left to right or from right to left. Each work belongs to a subject, each subject to a theme, each theme to a concept.

Different colors link the themes, which are articulated in words that are also linguistic constructions, providing the diagram. Logic has established a cognitive hierarchy, from the lowest level of sensations to the highest level of reasoning. But each type of intelligence linguistic-verbal, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, musical, social, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalist calls for particular forms of somatosensory modeling and of thought.

Each type of intelligence generates its own particular knowledge, and each form of art heightens the communication among the different types of intelligence. Modeling processes are not just a way of summarizing or visualizing complex data, they also reveal the paleological layers that lie beneath all forms of thought. Diagrammatic modeling is a cognitive instrument that is key to thought processes, and particularly relevant in interdisciplinary operations of drawing or model making.

It is the natural mode of production, in keeping with the complex cognitive process of the human species. Sensory operations involve motor operations, adding folds of organic and functional complexity; the organism itself, and its consciousness, become elements of observation, and mental folds generate patterns of behavior and of perception.

Neither the organism nor the unconscious are structured as. In this way, the exhibition is also an invitation to introspection. The diagram is the connection between structure and image. Modeling operations investigate the disclosing of underlying orders and relationships; and at the same time they allow the bodily interconnection of elements from different origins.

The logic of diagrammatic modeling is in harmony with the logic of the modeling of human intelligence, of imagination, memory, emotions. Our symbolic and imaginary universe is structured as a diagrammatic system of semantic and functional constellations. It is said that knowledge does not occupy space.

Nevertheless, for Juan Luis Moraza knowledge not only occupies space but also time. One expression of this association of knowledge with the time and the spatial situation of objects is a work such as Horologos, in which a series of pedestals was turned into so many clocks whose moving hands point to various abstract concepts.

From aesthetics and art history to anthropology to psychoanalysis and politics, his works juxtapose contexts and references and are often accompanied by texts and diagrams that explore a critical self-analysis that presents and represents them. There is an obvious encyclopedic dimension in many of those works.

And as we know, the Encyclopedia is a tool of knowledge that the Enlightenment put at the service of the citizenry; its particular form of structuring access to knowledge was and still is… a republican notion. The experience of art is a cognitive integration model, on several levels: 1.

It entails the integration of the observing agent with the cognitive process and with observation itself. The fantasy of science is observation without observer; practical knowledge is knowledge without observation. The knowledge of art is observation with an observer. Up against alienation, art is a model of connecting excellence.

It entails the integration of sensitive experience with intelligible knowledge. It entails an intersensory cognitive integration. Every form of art integrates all sensory experiences, showing what cognitive biology and neurology now acknowledge: there is. The profusion of an imaginary related to a paradigm reveals unexpected associations of ideas, and it also stimulates a critical perception of a political and anthropological issue through the constitution of an archive.

The use of the archive as support for the expression and structure of a project is also, for Juan Luis Moraza, a way of exploring what could be the construction of a collective awareness of the questions inherent not only to his work but also to a society. It integrates all possible types of information in a nonexclusive way—empirical data, sensory, emotional, conceptual, symbolic, contextual information… This integration also invokes something of the real, which is both beyond and before representation, thus including lack, or the hole in knowledge.

The experience of art nonexclusively integrates all possible forms of human knowledge in an interdisciplinary experience. This does not mean that art transversally cuts across all forms of knowledge transdisciplinarity , or that it employs them without disciplinary responsibilities indisciplinarity , or that it can smoothly negotiate all types of knowledge multidisciplinarity , but rather that its tools and productions, as physical modeling, are at the cognitive heart of any cognitive operation.

It partakes of the cognitive experiences of the history of humanity, present in the works, which form a genuine memory of human cognition that includes the forms of cognition that predate the birth of science. In each era, artists have assimilated the knowledge required to offer sufficiently complex and rich images of the world. And the underlying mythological, philosophical, anthropological, and psychological knowledge can be deduced from the experience of art in each epoch.

Art itself behaves like a singular interdisciplinary conversation. Dispositif pour transformer des peintures abstraites en drapeaux, Motor with engraved brass plaque and cloth. In pectos, ciertos modos. El nuevo del proyecto. Knopf, , p. Sabine Women, El resultado es chronopor ello logical constraints. The colectivo. Por primera vez un artista una exposiat thepara Louvre David fue siempre un publicista deby la David Su imagen El orden workers its feet.

JuanJohn de Salisbury the organ of the [ Norton, , pp. Promise tics, New York: Schocken, At the foundation of well-founded sin fundamentos. Este concepto permitirte dom for your work within institution. Things Bruno Public. LatourAtmospheres and Peter Weibel, of Democracy exh.

You de Antoniospaces Canova, otro gran publicista monumental de mentioned Davidrevolucionaria. Desde el inicio XIX, los legitimacy that was to be monumentos se rodean de conveyed escaleras ythrough accesos,the y loexhibique es tion importante, and its devices. Porque, dice, ha llenado sponsible for que the worst decadence of modern art,cotidiawhich, monumentos introducen elementos de la vida to his eyes, consisted precisely of those theatrical na en el espacio intermedio del pedestal, que no se procesabe si dures of virtual access.

Welos areresponsables now living indethe of this los ciudadanos son su epigones propio destino, process. This social self-representation been etc. Estos perchance ingredientes to establecen inscribe a name, un paso or hacia deposit el aespectador laurel wreath.

The idea that the people decide, that the fate of citizens is in their own hands, etc. Just as the means of production determine the product in industrial and material terms, the owners and managers of the means of opinion production have the power of inducement in societies based on citizen participation; they are the legitimized de facto power.

The paradoxes of democracy begin in the gulf that separates the public sphere and publicity. Instead, without losing any of its status, privileges, and institutions, it has become part of a staging of indiscernibility that entails a plundering of the symbolic capital of art in the name of it overcoming itself. Howard T. Odum, Environment, Power, and Society, Diagram of a power network for a satellite system.

Loop control improves by adding the representative flow dotted line , which is partially controlled by the boss. So what1. I think that are the same curved surface. Porque context. La de arte existe como the subjectenincuanto representation. Pluto Press, , p. Encrucijadas 9 del laberinto, Barcelona, Gedisa, , p. Botella de Klein.

En tanto queidea conjunto, se constituye convention oneaporta of thealgo themes yourque work? Y en JLM:modo Perhaps not algo as convention, as opportunity. Overall,lait permite asistir de una a procesos becomes something that adds to the contains. Studying painting brought me into contact with los medios expresivos. El arte conceptual y el minimaliscontemporary anden this discovery, at themisma age ofde sevmo me hicieronart, poner crisis la naturaleza la enteen, led me to a deep and radical inquiry into means pintura, sus procedimientos, sus condiciones materiales expression.

Conceptual and minimalism led de melos to yofcontextuales Taking desde the otraessence perspectiva. Eshistorical cuando empiezo a preocuparme. Human 37 Zoo, p. De esapoints consciencia provienethat mi was not altogether or hyperrealized in its more uso consciente y norealized acomplejado de los pedestales. Things II, , Seen p. Engels: 20 Collected Works, vol. As does the use of exhibition and contextualization mechanisms, not as conventional elements but as crucial devices for thinking about convention, particularly modern convention.

JF: Your way of working with frames and pedestals seems to suggest a poetics of fragmentation. Even now, frames are the expression of the individuality of the collector who displays his right to own the work, which often runs contrary to the formal and conceptual nature of that same work… And just as frames are exogenous to the works, so are pedestals, particularly when their function is to monumentalize the work.

The classic republican portraits were busts, often resting on columns. This fragmentation and dispersal of frames, this proliferation of pedestals, or the failure to include them in situations where they would be expected: Are these strategies that you use to question this tradition of monumentality or to discuss the conventions of an exhibition?

This systemic sensibility simultaneously regards individual things and their contexts. We no longer believe in the dull gray outlines of a dreary, colorless dialectic of evolution, aimed at forming a harmonious whole out of heterogeneous bits by rounding off their rough edges. Citizens are subjects deterritorialized from their own existential integrity and reterritorialized in the context of the res publica.

Frames and pedestals are essentially part of the logic of republican monumentality. At the same time, unified frames confirmed collections overall as a hospitable, diverse context in that they could accommodate all of that heterogeneity.

In the classic republican tradition, pedestals were also architectural elements whose homogeneity made them capable of containing all possible diversity. The collection existed before the birth of art. Juan Luis Moraza, Dispositivos de dis continuidad. The role of devices of discontinuity is precisely to resolve the paradox between the continuity of a context, the discontinuity of an extraction, and the new continuity of a new context. In existential terms, there is nothing natural about belonging to a culture.

The res publica is the result of a cultural contract that is never complete. As Sigmund Freud demonstrated, culture is a sort of contract whereby we surrender part of our freedom in exchange for the security of cohabitation and comprehension.

But this contract always leaves out the parts of the individual that are insoluble in culture, that are probably too wild and too strange, and that are the stuff of dreams, of ghosts, and of the arts… Cultural malaise consists of this contextual imbalance of the subject who is decontextualized from their private experience and.

The State was despotic and against individual freedom, but it was weak and its jurisdiction was very narrow. The liberal State, on the other hand, weighed very lightly on European individuals, but it controlled almost all aspects of life. A part of this whole, therefore, can have an operation that is not the operation of the whole, as a soldier in an army has an activity that does not belong to the whole army.

However, this whole does have an operation that is not proper to its parts but to the whole—for example, an assault of the entire army. Likewise the movement of a boat is a combined operation of the crew rowing the boat.

There is also a kind of whole that has not only a unity of order but of composition, or of conjunction, or even of continuity, and according to this unity a thing is one absolutely; and therefore there is no operation of the part that does not belong to the whole. For in things all of one piece the motion of the whole and of the part is the same. Similarly in composites and in conjoined things, the operation of a part is principally that of the whole.

For this reason it is necessary that such a consideration of both the whole and its parts should belong to the same science. It does not, however, pertain to the same science to consider the whole, which has solely the unity of order, and the parts of this whole. Abstract Flag Too late to do justice, too soon to make history , Encaustic on wood, x 52 x 42 cm. We could say that this interest in limits and devices of discontinuity plays a dual role in my work: it is a way of thinking about art for life, and about life for art; about the subject within society, and society internalized within the subject.

The Republican Portraits deal with this paradox of the gap between subject and citizen. They intentionally adopt the imagery, the materiality, and even the architectural contextualization of the portrait genre, but the singularity of the subject is absorbed into the generic nature of the tools.

JF: Some works dating from the second half of the twentieth century challenge the museum, creating a museum within the museum as a critique of the institution and of its systems of presentation. Marcel Broodthaers is one of the main examples; Michael Asher too But your approach to the question of the museum is very different.

Because you connect the exhibition and museological device to aspects such as the body, discourses, alterity Do you feel like an exponent of institutional critique, or is your work more like a story that makes itself known but continues along its own path? But I cannot conceive of the institution as something that is external to the subject who criticizes it.

It would be very difficult to establish a critique of language other than through language itself. So if you pretend to be outside your own culture so that you can criticize it, you are evading your connivance or involvement with the thing you are criticizing. This evasion is the blind spot of all ideologies, because it is precisely that thing that we do not see, and that we do not see that we do not see.

I think that one of the tasks of art is to make us conscious of things that are operating at a preconscious level. Norton, , p. It is through this dynamic that institutions change, and quickly. Scoundrels would unquestionably contribute to improving laws if they studied how to get around them while remaining safe and sound. Y al mismo tiempofoundation, el museo esand un lugar instituido or foundation of virtud a certain respect, is a play on en the buena medida en de los gestosthere transgresores de the constitution entity of the subject in hisfundarelalos artistas.

Entreoflothe instituido —respeto a cierto tionship social. Particularly when museum hasdebeen unisjuego de amigos y enemigos. Una other words, manzana artistic. New 38 York: John Weber Gallery, , p. There was critique in it, but also celebration.

I think coexistence is inconceivable without conventions, just as communication does not exist without common codes. It is difficult to imagine a republic of psychopaths, or a republic of psychotics in which citizens do not share any conventions or common interests. This republic would be a genuinely strange place, and we can probably assume that it would be the freest place in the world.

But it would be an infernal republic without conversation, without comprehension, without social ties, a place in which nothing could be shared. In our republic without conventions, however, there would be no possible system of equivalences, in which a cow is equivalent to three lambs, for example.

In other words, there would be no system of correspondences. Without a relatively stable established system, social life is not possible. If institutional critique seeks to overhaul institutions so that they accommodate our peculiarities, it cannot go as far as to place these peculiarities above the possibility of social ties. Without the interiorization of these commitments, if each citizen is a Louis XIV, any system of government is more or les covertly an insufferable panmonarchy, a depublic.

JF: There is a contradiction in your republic regarding the artistic paradigm associated with the republic, which would ordinarily be a classical or a neoclassical paradigm. Its artistic representations are closer to the classicist, monumentalizing model of republican ideals, while baroque languages are characteristic of the enemies of the republic, of a type of art produced under the rule of the aristocracy or of the church.

In your work, the. It is a decentered and deterritorializing apparatus of rule that progressively incorporates the entire global realm within its open, expanding frontiers. The distinct national colors of the imperialist map of the world have merged and blended in the imperial global rainbow.

This means that the institution of society is always self-institution, but a self-institution that does not know itself as such and does not want to know itself as such. What you cada de porvenir, aesthetics de progreso. In other words, the immetica que se produce en la Contrarreforma.

On lado, the other hand, toda we have all al conceptualismo. These two lines of development—which dominate all the aesthetics of the last three hundred years at the very least, although we could go back further still—are entirely complementary. The elements to be abolished are those that are exploited. We see it clearly in the example of the capital of a Romanesque column.

The entire building is very pure in terms of its structural transparency and hygiene, with clean proportions and no decorative details… except in the preserve of the capitals of the columns, which contain everything that the building is denying—everything that is too human: abominations, monstrosities, and obscenities.

The Romanesque capital would be Catholic, and the pre-Romanesque building would be Protestant. On one hand, the capital functions as a kind of attractor that acknowledges, explores, and dramatizes all the things that the people care about… but entering the temple requires citizens to relinquish all of that. These two logics function simultaneously. It is evident, therefore, that we must begin by asking, Who is the citizen, and what is the meaning of the term?

The Directory or the Fight for Appearances The new bourgeoisie mocks those who did not learn anything and disguises themselves in the fashion of the aristocracy. And function replaced experience. Ethics and aesthetics mutually reinforce each other in a game in which style and ideology are autonomous. And Neoclassicism and Romanticism are not so far apart either: they are often coetaneous, as are the logic of liberalism and that of the romantic genius.

JLM: One of the consequences of the academization of modernism is that anything that is not modernism is considered a precursor to postmodernity. The appropriation of Gothic remains in Romanticism,. No matter where you look, no matter what excuse you give, all you hear are citations, facts, sentences, exhibitions are trials, the texts are a defense, the reproductions are exhibits, proof.

Are the works crimes? Or what crimes are the works supposed to exorcise? RomanesqueCada posmoderno. Tu obra plantea la posiblidadJF:deYou manifestar started working un estilo. Your work contemplates the manifestaciones autorales que se encuentran en tu trabajo. Cadasensibility apuesta deofestilo es siempre una vacuna why thelapostmodern discussion came about. Si cada disciplina se change.

LaIts racionalidad de la modernidad forgetting. A realization that some things had been abandoned too quickly. It was no longer about defending eclecticism in the traditional sense of the word but about recognizing fuzziness, precision. On the other hand, you tend to be more eclectic when you are younger, and this leads us directly to the question of style.

I can only understand style as a process of singularity in the way of doing things. If you decide to become an impressionist or a minimalist, you are enlisting in something that has already been created. Following a style is the opposite of creating a style. The generation of a new style probably always begins with an attempt at imitation. Genetic change occurs in the singularities of genetic expression.

The impossibility of repetition gives rise to a singularity that means styles inevitably change. Every attempt at repetition involves a new context and a new impossibility, which ends up generating a new singularity. Power diagrams representing the three stages of history marked by Toynbee: a period of excessive power, b period of constant power, and c period of damaged power.

Because mi I am not an who Y si algo caracteriza precisamente trabajo es artist una cierta works withuna oneespecie material, or one medium, or aparte single diversidad, de no-estilo que por otra es idea, or one meansdeofciertos expression. And that nes Y eseof deseo, inconsciente siempre, es lo this que desire, always unconscious, is what stops multiplicity detiene la multiplicidad, la diversidad de lathe locura que hay andcada diversity of the madness resides within every en persona.

En ese deliriothat del estar siendo humano, person. Por es cierto que mi stable; functions ansentido attractor. This is why is true obra esitmuy diversalike en el expresivo de laitpalabra. Esos pocos and a certain repertoire of structural resources.

InYother camemuchas of age momento muy destituyente. Unand momento destituyente un tive moment. AndlosI think there are a lot of advantages to momento donde sistemas institucionales en crisis perthis. I think this is why instituting nerse. Destiny 35 has chosen the working-class as the seat of Truth!

La banderaconvention. York: [ed. Rinehart, cast. Derecho internacional , p. Ver disparar scape. Esa esaccuracy. Y por tanto con respecto a la of color. Se trataba de suspender ings. Juan Luis Moraza, Drapeau Bandera abstracta, abstraite, , , y su its and negativo negative. So far, you de cielo y works tierra. I think theempieza same thing happens ywith una determinada manera, y eso con Ornamento ley Lo que place themesalongside each other. JuanJuan estatua.

LuisLuis Moraza Moraza, cat. This en el exhibition que las nuevas is obviously familias de not obras retrospective; reinterpretan it does o hacen not give an account of the pastelbut it recognizes que cambien. Transforman pasado, lo mismothe quepossibilsucede ity it.

Yo creotouching que eso mismo con las jecting a new attribution byen placing them alongpor esothem nuncatohe tenido problema hacerlas convivir, side newla works that can complete the series. Oneal was a series el uso de ornamento. Inalthat series,estaba thouornamental. The tidisgregada y al mismo tiempo he utilizado tle, Ecstasy, Status, Statue, evoked the common origin—a en muchas ocasiones.

En aquella serie, miles of of art modelos itself. While, un lugar y un asunto al mismo tiempo, y eso te ha llevado in principle, each exhibition is anuevos. Many of the things that have que asisten sus actividades? I seeincluso it as a algunas productive collaboration. In an archive, each entry, each ya museum con el museo.

When cada autor ocupa, la intensidad y la its honestidad para we say that the relationship artist ofrecer lo mejor. Lo entiendo munication among the diff erent parts. En Not cierto eso ityseguramente or copresence, notdiferencia a relationship based onuna museo stable es lo que radicalmente hierarchy, butEn a transformative I do not de un archivo.

And un museo ni creo que lo intente. Asumo elor compromiso compartido ty. When work alongside another, curator del arte enplacing toda suone problematicidad. Y desde eseacomprotransforms them. It iscomo as though theno curator punctured tos de los que a veces, artista, eres consciente.

What do youythink, as a curator? An exhibition comisario? Revolutionary conservative. Revolucionario and y tradicional. For example, in relation parodia rituales,from de convenciones, de situaciones sociato the plana you mentioned, I understand what les que floor vinculan las personas con la vida en sociedad. It offdistancia ers information about the process cosaswas y una inevitable con respecto a ellas. As a reproceso de pensamiento pero within no prescribir un recorrido.

Watches relojes and y cristal engraved grabado, glass, dimensiones variable dimensions variables. Funciona como una especie de espejo de lic. That —distintos grados de aplauso, de ternura, abucheos, turns themcada intopor mere staging. They are no longer authenetc. Parenizing In , this work ce que themselves. Sin embargo, no of interactivity. Esa connection. Innocence, of cit. JF: Something that is becoming increasingly noticeable in museums, from natural history museums and archaeological museums to art museums, is a distortion of the change in the status of the spectator that began when artists in the twentieth century transformed the museum and the exhibition room into a workspace for themselves and for the spectator, who became an accomplice and a participant in the artistic process.

The museum became a studio where artists work and where the ephemeral can occur. In this space, the spectator can become part of a process in which the ephemeral, as Harald Szeemann said, is the goal of a new type of museum, one that could accommodate the type of art produced from the sixties and seventies onward. It happens that this spectator participation, this introduction of the spectator into the artistic process, has now become a way of keeping spectators occupied and entertained in the museum, taking them away from the conditions of interpretation and keeping them busy with various devices reading devices, or devices that offer other types of interaction, such as looking at a digital image of the work they have in front of them These are all exercises in redundancy that keep the spectator at a distance from interpretation.

The contemporary museum is in the paradoxical situation of attempting to bring spectators closer to the work using devices that drive them away from it, that take away the possibility of interpretation. The contemporary museum often replaces knowledge with information.

And to know is to interpret. JLM: Everything you are saying has to with the radical asymmetry that comes about in these types of mechanisms, between the programmer and the user, between the administration and the citizen…, which becomes even more enormous when acting in real time. This was precisely the feeling I had when I prepared that exhibition, Interpasividad , which explored some of the paradoxes of interactivity.

The formalization that predetermines modes of interaction 2. Now, this is the knowledge—which may also be called knowledge of death, a topic to which we shall return—that contemporary society and contemporary man object to and reject. Great art thereby becomes impossible, at best marginal, without re-creative participation on the part of the public.

Justalogic wasmiborn from cuando the French Revolution. Because it is not tuye to unaartlegitimidad popular al tiempo que bloquea just about visitorpopular. Como dices, son los artistas, tined be erased and written over. You tan present two works,deone to ticipantes. In another these a three-dielectorales con unaofserie deworks, urnas. En otra de estas impossible. In many vez a ways hacerthe reverencias, rise of theastate humillarse, was the descent a arrodillarse of the world y a saludar from freedom humildemente.

Claro, los impuestos suelen about quite thecio opposite. You are part thever tribe mos con respecto los impuestos tieneofque conbecause el juicio you paysobre tribute. The sociales. Requiere of state. EncrucijaFigures of das Thinkable, the del laberintop. He querido so that confrontar administrators al especdecide on expenditure.

Dentroordepreviews la estrecha sults. Your use of language is an unusual way of employing a social convention, which is something that also comes through in other discourses that can be found in the exhibition. Is the correspondence between verbal discourse and social convention in your work a reference to the relationship between the individual and social convention?

JLM: I think that the point of intersection is the logic of representation, and representation itself is conventional to a large extent. There would be many nuances, but that is essentially how it works. We can feel that we share forms of representation and forms of language only because there has been a constituent process by which this correspondence has.

Pelota, Even so,conthe la parlamentaria. Pero lo son. Their meanings Una palabra point emborronada to paths that are es un open camino to things, oculto that pormake la maleza. Anagrama, A smudged , word p. To put it categorically, subjectivity is the product of a creation, which may be either social—in which case we would talk about a conventional, normalized subjectivity—or personal—in which case we would talk about a singular, authorial subjectivity. From this perspective, a republic can only be comprised of authors: the republic as a creation can only be the work of authors as subjects.

The task of the artist and of the spectator is precisely to surprise themselves in new ways through the practice of the artwork, through the elaboration. The subject would then be a consequence of the works; the work makes the author, as I have heard many artists say. But it does so in terms of a dismissal of identity.

Only through the practice of the artwork, of many artworks, and of a great deal of time, you surprise yourself on detecting something of your realist desire, of your utmost singularity. And to return to the subject of style: style is the exact opposite of stylistic identity.

The same applies to us as citizens. Rather, they are created through what is real in ties based on desires that are not always understood by the subjects themselves. A convention— even in the sense of a gathering and conversation—is the space where intersubjectivity is negotiated in political terms.

And it is also the space where, in subjective terms, subjectivity is constituted in the dismissal of identities. Although it seems paradoxical, convention is also the space of dialogue, given that dialogue interrupts logos,. Scorched Papel abrasado, Paper, Papel de lijaapplied Sandpaper aplicado onsobre paper,papel, 28 x 20 28 cm x 20 cm Papel Scorched abrasado, Paper, Papel Sandpaper de lijaapplied aplicado onsobre paper,papel, 25 x 26 25 cm x 26 cm.

Es history of no citizenship. Objects dado fuerza nosdramatizations han debilitado. Das Ding. Entreand esteaction. Jacques-Alain Miller, Miller. Interviews, Es el D. LosPolitics a. La matters asamblea ofno concern; se da bajo una esfera c. Noaccepted se limita instead; a un parlamento que habla e.

I think art gives the thing, the res, a chance. The thing of art is both a recognition of the power of the object and a recognition of the representiality implicit in the object. All the extensions and reciprocities of the object and with the object are heightened in the work of art. Tools, instruments, and utensils are traces of human labor, but they are also artifacts that create, inhabit, and transform the human subject. They are thus social implements in a relationship in which society itself is a product of implements.

All that exists can be seen as and turned into a tool. Function is imaginary; it is not objects but the rules of action that we accept as proof of meaning: hard or soft, tangible or intangible, bodily or sensory, emotional or ideological But also, a tool is always between the desire of its creator and the eagerness of its user. Which is why the fragility and humanity of those plans can be glimpsed beneath their functional harshness. Juan Luis Moraza, Diagrama.

En lasensibility. Esa The Republican Portraits to an earlier work, metonimia del utensilio es un refer desplazamiento de lo real en Chemical Weddings, which is in the de Alvear collo imaginario que hace presente algoHelga del sujeto. Algo cierlection and is alsode included this presente exhibition.

I think managed mienta y del sujeto. En este mismo sentido, los Retratos enof a senator, a monarch, a president of de thepresencia. We could say that this work makes a connection between the tools and the working class and the revolutionary aesthetic, the republican aesthetic. The Republican Crowns are halos and devices of distinction.

From laurel wreaths—remnants of the sacred nature of trees—to mural crowns—which represented the perimeter of the empire—crowns have become epitomes of the monarchy. Military, triumphal, or civic, placed upon the heads of gods, pharaohs, sportsmen, emperors, popes, aristocrats, military officers, heroic citizens, or the dead, crowns set up a hierarchy of levels that interrupts the social continuum.

The idea of the Republican Crowns came from the incongruity of a circle of distinction within a sphere of equality. How the ordinary ceases to be so through distinction. Different modalities began to occur to me. JF: In the middle of the exhibition, there is an archive where visitors can examine documents related to your work.

How do you see the presence of this archive in the exhibition? Are you challenging the museum to present its archives as an exhibition? JLM: Following a very contemporary discourse, this museum is dealing with the question of the archive, even with certain archival aesthetics that at times reject the very idea of the archive. But as you mentioned, I prefer to call them museums rather than archives.

The main difference probably lies in the relationships among the. Because Pero,ascomo moredices, and en more mi caso interacpretions occur among its parts, thearchivos. Precisamente of manyde things that could not inelthe exhibition. Protologia, 25 y 29 vol.

Soulclimes Pedestals of Worlds , Bronze 30 x 35 x 30 cm each , dripping water installation. I consider the demographic question to be crucial because it is at the very heart of the constitution of society. And what you say is true, so much so that we can look back through history and see that it is not a new issue. I gradually became aware that the logic of population growth has been the logic of economic growth virtually since Neolithic times, in an enduring structural connection between production and reproduction.

So demography is an instrument of capitalism that was born in the Neolithic. The age-old nature of this entente between production and. It forms a disposable industrial reserve army. Images of Creation, Procreation and Contraception , Enbeen las serie del important political goals andahondar instruments.

A partir deHow? La idea de asamblea 5. Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel, eds. Theha French peso, por ejemplo. One of the problems that museums face is how to broaden and 6. Y luego propio cambio de la obra the organization museum. When museums began que almacenar y conservar objetos. Es importante que los disponibilicen ity. It is important that museums make theiresarchives sus archivos en red. Otra manera de plantear el archivo modo en for objects, andcon fetishes. In othen ocasiones, limita aaquedar a la espera del er words, the desire to allow a larger audience to access investigador.

JF: Artists are now using archives and other documentation systems as a medium for their work, following in the footsteps of the pioneer and barometer Harald Szeemann,6 who in organized an exhibition featuring the objects amassed by his grandfather: the history of a Hungarian barber intersecting with the history of Central Europe.

As theorists of the new history and history of mentalities movements were already arguing, the exhibition showed that every person is an archive and also a museum. Aware of this, many artists resisted the established museum and created their own, their own ways of working with references, documents, records, images, text, and display devices. And I think this is the case with you and with your work in this exhibition.

JLM: I am amused by the idea—also genealogical— that there is a close link between collecting and colonialism. In some sense, everyone is a collector, and in some sense each person colonizes the world, colonizes the past, colonizes experience. The acknowledgment of the singularity of every individual is intrinsic to democratic legitimacy, and this implies a certain politics of biography.

I think that this idea is very strong in the contemporary museum: the acknowledgment of singularity through the idea that every individual is a biographical universe in him- or herself, full of experiences that can be appealing and valuable to others, etc. And this leads us to the questions of the universalization of metric systems and of the humanization or singularization of standards of units of measurement. The history of globalized units of measurement is central to the republican age of the Encyclopedia.

Standardization always takes place at the expense of sacrificing singularities. Universality and singularity are in a sense the two sides of modernity, and they are inextricably linked in the development of the modern experience. Imagine the situation today in which the small print of contracts, the small print of the law, could be considered a kind of sign of how contemporary the law is in relation to an unequivocal order.

As legislation, let eso implica, por no de la jurisprudencia. Que exisalone moreleysensitive to singularities, it ta unacase ley law, parabecomes unos y otra para otros permite unos loses itsdeuniversality, the political dangers that thisy niveles desigualdadwith brutales.

A base de matizaciones entails. There are two numental demeasurement la medida del tiempo y consiste en conjuntos series that address the logic of measurements. Pensaba que lasa reglas personal as well as a vote. Soenit tu notrabajo. Es, all en human beings, I am irrenunciable a speaking being; language todo caso, una parte que poseo comopermehumaatespor me,e Iestar do not chose it. But I un lugarand central. I have argued over this with Por psychogamos, analfabeto, por decirlo de alguna manera.

On the other hand, although artists are not illiterate, our works are illiterate even when they contain texts, because they escape the logic of meaning. Download the app educalingo. Meaning of "martingala" in the Spanish dictionary. The first definition of martingale in the dictionary of the real academy of the Spanish language is artifice or cunning to deceive someone, or for another purpose.

Another meaning of martingale in the dictionary is throw in the game of the mountain, which consists of simultaneously aiming at three of the cards of the albur and the rooster against the rest. Martingale is also each of the leggings worn by the men-at-arms under the Quijotes. Synonyms and antonyms of martingala in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms.

Examples of use in the Spanish literature, quotes and news about martingala. Por simplicidad, supondremos que una martingala es una cadena de Markov, aunque en realidad no es necesario Michael J. Evans, Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, Van K. Tharp, Alexander Elder, Kai Lai Chung,

His increasing interest in the crisis of representation is the thematic core of this exhibition, which is organized around two distinct but interconnected axes: representativity—linked to aspects of symbolic and monumental institution—and representiality—linked to subjectivity and bodily presence.

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Danske spil live betting arbitrage Because Pero,ascomo moredices, and en more mi caso interacpretions occur among its parts, thearchivos. Aware of this, many artists resisted demostracion del teorema de dalembert betting established museum and created their own, their own ways of working with references, documents, records, images, text, and display devices. While artworks represent value, a public collection represents social heritage material, technical, emotional, intellectual, symbolic. The notion of republic situates a constellation of intersections, where that which is pending meets what is to come, that which is necessary meets the impossible, the common meets the individually owned, and the local meets the planetary. From this perspective, a republic can only be comprised of authors: the republic as a creation can only be the work of authors as subjects. In existential terms, there is nothing natural about belonging to a culture.
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Cargado por M. Compartir este documento Compartir o incrustar documentos Opciones para compartir Compartir en Facebook, abre una nueva ventana Facebook. Denunciar este documento. Marcar por contenido inapropiado. Descargar ahora. Carrusel anterior Carrusel siguiente. Buscar dentro del documento. LEMA 2. LEMA 4. Basta observar que Ifl cumple la condicin del Lema 4.

LEMA 5. Luis Enrique. Nigel MH Adrian Manobanda. Daya Sarrias. Angel Mieles Segura. Eduard David Herrera Cespedes. Jose Miguel Perez Orjuela. Jessi Hoyos. Alan Dutch Schaeffer. Santhier Mosquera Ampudia. Rigoberto Que Rosado. Luis Gianelli. Kathy Angeles Robles Enriquez. Bolo Cambisaca. Nancy Palacios Ullaguari. Wilber Ramos Cart. Taypi Asencio. Yesica Tatiana. Julieth Gonzalez.

Juan Pablo Ortega. Edgar Ivan. Popular en Belief. Cuestionario Adopciones Caro Herrera. Israel Ramirez. Juan Vargas Ferrer. Julieth McrSoldiers. Nuvia Tatiana Morales. A short summary of this paper. Supondremos que cualesquiera dos puntos distintos, tienen vecindades que no se intersectan. Los conceptos precedentes se ilustran en la Figura 1, donde tenemos dos funciones de coordenadas compatibles, es decir, con funciones de cambio de coordenadas diferenciables.

Llamamos vectores tangentes de T M x a los vectores tangentes a M en x. Figura 2: Espacio Tangente. Las coordenadas locales en T M sonde la siguiente forma q 1 ,. De esto se sigue el siguiente teorema. Este tipo de sistema nunca depende de las velocidades o de cualquier otra derivada de r con respecto del tiempo.

En orden de llevar los coeficientes a cero, debemos transformar el principio en una forma que incluya los desplazamientos virtuales de q i , las cuales son independientes. Las variables q j pueden ser cualquier sistema de coordenadas usado para describir el movimiento del sistema.

Como lo definimos, el potencial V no depende de velocidades generalizadas. Related Papers.


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